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In the Middle- A head technician's guide to all things middle management By Kelly Lynn Cronin
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A comprehensive guide to being a lead veterinary technician.
Beginning, Middle and End: How to Be a Managing Translator and Deal Effectively With Your Projects By Luísa Matos, Rui Sousa, Teresa Sousa
eBook (PDF): $8.86
The idea for this e-book came about when three professionals with different experiences in the translation area began sharing ideas and expertise. The career paths of Luísa Matos, Rui Sousa... More > and Teresa Sousa share various points in common and they are well-versed in the area of translation project management, through their work as project managers in translation companies and now as freelance translators. We hope that this e-book will be useful to readers who want to improve their general and specific knowledge, thus contributing to greater efficiency and productivity in their professional lives.< Less
Craigslist for Heroes, Rogues, and Middle Management: Buying and Selling When Crowds Are the Product By Christopher Lotito
eBook (ePub): $3.99
"Put succinctly: 'Craigslist is the website where when you ignore the economy, the invisible hand slaps you.' This is a book about crowds. It’s about things that crowds do when you give... More > them a blank listing box and no moderation, it’s about the data that they generate, and how we can use that data to increase profits, to increase organizational knowledge, and to pull buyers, sellers, and everything else out of those faceless crowds." (~Christopher Lotito, Author) (About the Book:)If you've been looking for ways to maximize your sales on Craigslist, to sell your own home, your own car, or any other product, if you've been looking for a job, for ways to increase your connections, to "build your database," you've found your guide in this book. A little marketing, a lot of business experience, a few technical secrets, and a host of real life examples, this is certainly the most comprehensive guide to Craigslist ever published.< Less
Middle School 101 By Paul Rallion
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Middle School 101, 101 Tips for Teachers. These teaching techniques have worked for the author over the years. It can help new middle school teachers with techniques and ideas, or it can help veteran... More > middle school teachers adopt, modify or reflect on their current practice. These tips are an extensive self-reflection of his teaching experience, teaching methods, and collaboration with other teachers. Middle School 101 will help improve in the following areas: - How to Start the Semester, so you have a more successful school year. - Delivery of Instruction, to help students learn in the best way possible. - Classroom Procedures, offers tools to make your work more efficient. - Classroom Management, which is fundamental for student learning. - Parent Conferences, to help you get parents on your side to improve student performance. - Outside the Classroom, to help you reduce teacher burnout. - Beyond a Teacher’s Job, to help your hard-earned money work more efficiently for you.< Less
Working In the Middle East By Ernest Aiton
eBook (ePub): $12.09
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A guide to living and working in the Middle East from the perspective of a man who has spent most of his life as an engineer working in the oil industry, power industry and civil construction... More > management.< Less
Caught in the middle Back in the day By Tristina Green
Paperback: $6.68
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Everyone has a story and for Cleo Ta'Saunte and Trust their story starts here. Cleo is the bossy yet over protective older sister to Ta'saunte (Tae Tae) who manages to get into a lot of trouble.... More > Their home life is great compared to their cousin Trust's life. Trust life was a living hell thanks to her abusive mother but she always had her cousins the rely on when things got hard. All three of them however were always caught in the middle of something. The story starts here back in the day.< Less
Sync My World: The Middle Man & the Middle Way SK SK By Rodney St.Michael
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Why do you have autism, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder? Why are you gay or lesbian? Find out the astrophysical cause of these conditions, and learn how to manage conflict among these Five... More > Elements to improve your life! Part 3 of 3 in a series.< Less
Life Along the Middle Broad River By Patti Evans-Shumate & Rebecca Bruce
Paperback: $5.59
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A story of the families that and settlements that occupied the area now known as the Lake Russell Wildlife Management Area near Toccoa GA, before it was 'purchased' by the US government in the 1930's.
Life Along the Middle Broad River (hard cover) By Patti Shumate & Rebecca Bruce
Hardcover: $17.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
The stories of the communities and families who lived in what is now the Lake Russell Wildlife Management Area near Toccoa GA before it was 'purchased' by the government in the 1930's.
Kandee’s Crush: An Unforgettable Tale of Being Caught In the Middle By Tamia Gore-Felton
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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When a phone call at work throws Kandee for a loop, thoughts of her childhood flood her memory bank. As she gets lost in a dream from the past; reality is slowly sneaking up on her. Kandee Blue... More > comes to the realization that men are nothing but headaches at an early age. After a life changing event brings her to her knees, she’s left to manage a household. Around the same time, a new guy at school catches her eye, and she develops a talent for eavesdropping, that she’ll soon regret. Even though Kandee has never been the type of girl to worry about her appearance, she has a change of heart after her older cousin Trudy moves in. While adjusting to the transitions that have taken place, her head remains in the clouds as she falls hard for the new guy and continues to follow in Trudy’s sneaky footsteps. After being crushed so many times; will Kandee be able to live happily after-or- will all of the turmoil from her past turn her into a lonely and bitter old maid?< Less