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A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages By Henry Charles Lea
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A very well researched history of the rise of the inquisition in the Middle Ages. Lea asks the questions about where the church started this infamous group and what reasons they had for condemning so... More > many innocent people. The started trials and the evidences brought forth in these initial proceedings are presented as well for us to always remember what horrors some people lived through.< Less
Egypt In The Middle Ages By STANLEY LANE-POOLE
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STANLEY LANE-POOLE Egypt in the Middle Ages Stanley Lane-Poole, born on December 18, 1845, studied Arabic under his great-uncle, Lane, the Orientalist, and, before going up to Oxford for his degree,... More > began his "Catalogue of Oriental Coins in the British Museum," which appeared in fourteen volumes between 1875 and 1892, and founded his reputation as the first living authority on Arabic numismatics. In 1883, 1896, and 1897 he was at Cairo officially employed by the British Government upon the Mohammedan antiquities, and published his treatise on "The Art of the Saracens in Egypt" in 1886, in which year he visited Stockholm, Helsingfors, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Constantinople to examine their Oriental collections. He has written histories of the "Moors in Spain," "Turkey," "The Barbary Corsairs," and "Mediæval India," which have run to many editions; and biographies of Saladin, Babar, Aurangzib; of Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, and Sir Harry Parkes.< Less
Middle Aged American Tao By scavinold
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A novel of our times. Riddled, as all our lives are, with menial tasks and purposeless drives, this tale casts a different light upon our reasons.Aside from the cheating wives, self-crippling Adonis,... More > urine-phobic land baron, outpatient psych patients next door, wonderfully erotic intimacy, and a drug addict son tied up in the basement, this is a story about Alex. Recently early retired, he wakes one morning from a dream of developing a new Tai Chi form, and from that moment on nothing else matters. Patterns set up from early childhood loom. With years of Taoism and Tai Chi, we perceive through Alex a fresh take on the madness of our lives, and silliness of our convictions.< Less
Famous Men of the Middle Ages By John H. Haaren & A. B. Poland
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Heroes of the Middle Ages By Eva March Tappan
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Curious Myths of the Middle Ages By Sabine Baring-Gould
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Contains: The Wandering Jew, Prestor John, The Divining Rod, The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, William Tell, The Dog Gellert, Tailed Men, Antichrist and Pope Joan, The Man in the Moon, The Mountain of... More > Venus, Fatality of Numbers, S. Patrick's Purgatory, The Terrestrial Paradise, S. George, S. Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins, The Legend of the Cross, Schamir, The Piper of Hameln, Bishop Hatto, Melusina, The Fortunate Isles, Swan Maidens, The Knight of the Swan, The Sangreal, Theophilus< Less
The Waning of the Middle Ages By J Huizinga
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A study of the forms of life, thought and art in France and the Netherlands in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
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The first of June 1310, in Paris, the heart of medieval culture, to the mill the Saint-Antoine, after the burning of 54 Templars sentenced for heresy, Margherite la Porete was burnt alive as heretic... More > together with his book "The miroir des simples âmes" (the mirror of simple souls), of which the Church ordered the destruction............. The originality of the "Mirror" is to devise a new form of self-consciousness, inconceivable for a woman in this dark period, which inevitably will lead to individual freedom, characteristic of modern culture. Marguerite proclaim with force and not give up his ideas, thereby sacrificing his own life at stake. St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 – August 20, 1153) wrote: “Fides suadenda non imponenda” (Faith must be persuaded and not imposed).< Less
The Muses of a Middle Aged Woman By Jackie Cecil
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Written in journal form you will find transparent “muses” or thoughts on the authors past choices. In these retraced memories as the author seeks emotional healing for herself, her desire... More > shifts to share that growth with others. Over and over her muses push the readers to face their wounds and to destroy the devils within themselves. From the 1st Muse to the 70th Muse one can feel the author’s growth from a wounded soul to coaching others over the finish line.< Less
Act Your Age: A Coming of (Middle) Age Memoir By Priscilla Lindsey Biddle
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Act your age! From her mother's admonition in childhood, a middle aged, twice-married mother of four and a product of the Deep South makes her way through a meandering inner journey towards a quiet... More > epiphany revealing what her mother's words really mean. This rite of passage at the age of fifty unfolds through 12 narratives that will evoke both laughter and tears. Each chapter is an independent reflection on the daily anecdotes all of us live each day in the course of growing up and growing older. Reading the narratives may be like going through a shoe box of old photoyou find in the attic, not arranged in any seeming order, but, creating a logic of their own. Memorable characters like rise from the narrator's Southern Gothic roots. The narrator, prides herself in being an introspective and competent adult, but her naivete demonstrates that being an adult is really a state of mind, and finding truth is like entertaining company with chipped china.< Less

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