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Practical Mind Reading: A Course of Lessons on Thought Transference, Telepathy, Mental-Currents, Mental-Rapport, Etc By William Walker Atkinson
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Followers of the New Thought movement of a century ago vehemently believed in the concept of "mind over matter," and one of the most influential thinkers of this early "New Age"... More > philosophy here offers the latest (as of the turn of the 20th century) scientific investigations and proofs for the elusive marvel of mind reading, full instruction for tapping into the "Nerve Currents" that course through your brain and into the brains of others, and complete directions for parlor demonstrations and sensational feats that will astound your friends.< Less
The Mind of an Outcast By Diego Alfaro
Paperback: $8.00
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This book is about Dieism. It is a "religion" I created, when transferring from Atheist to Agnostic, I read pretty much every religious book you could believe, in an attempt to save myself... More > from addiction, and, nothing helped. So what do you do when nothing else works? You go out and do it yourself. Which is EXACTLY what I did.< Less
The Battle For The Mind By Raphael Nelson
Paperback: $6.95
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Never before have we, especially our children, been bombarded with technology and other phenomena which attract and hold for hours, the interest of those who are engaged with them. Over the years,... More > technology has advanced from the simple radio, to the television, and in more recent times, the iPod and even cell phones on which games and other sources of entertainment are accessible. These instruments are great inventions, and in some social strata are considered luxurious. Nevertheless, while they may be beneficial for pleasure and even beneficial for the quick transference of information, solemnly, they are also great evils which fuel the ongoing battle for our minds and the minds of our children. In many instances they fuel the battle for the mind through the attachment to the ears of the listener.< Less
Mind Split By Ross Richdale
Paperback: $15.50
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The bees that attack a group of students at a graduation party are far from ordinary. Every student is stung once in the neck, except Madison who is stung twice. When she wakes up she finds she is... More > in a new strange place called Buckoway but still remembers Earth. Her friends have no memories of home. Buckoway is a strange hybrid of modern and old civilizations. There is electricity but no motor vehicles, aircraft or firearms. It is as if something wanted to recreate a simple society but with modern health and living facilities With wagonmasters Hamish and Sean Madison she sets out to find the reason she has been transferred to this new world. Madison awakes again to find herself back on Earth and again with her friends. They, however, have no memory of this Buckoway. There are two versions of her friends. She alone seems to travel back and forth between her two existences whenever she awakens. She attempts to find the reason for this strange situation. < Less
MIND and LOVE: The Human Experience By Lloyd Fell
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This refreshingly new explanation of the way our minds work in everyday experience combines the latest social neuroscience with the new-paradigm biology of Maturana and Varela. It reveals blindspots... More > that spoil our lives, e.g., the mistaken ideas that meaning is transferable, that decisions come from conscious awareness, or that knowledge is a commodity. The biological significance of love and the value of embracing uncertainty and respecting the unknown point to a very hopeful vision for our future.< Less
Improve Your Life with a Calm Mind By Vu Tran
Paperback: $7.99
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This book offers a fresh look at the teaching of Human and Universal Energy® (HUE). The readers can have a general understanding of the HUE method that includes the technique of meditation and... More > the process of opening Chakras 100% to obtain the ability of receiving and transferring Universal Energy. Based on the principle of the HUE method, everything exists as energy. The readers can follow the concepts of this Energetic Model to discover the connections between cells, human consciousness and energy. By applying the concept of “Positive Thinking will bring Positive Result” as taught in the HUE method, we can see how a person can transform the negative energy to positive energy. Therefore, you can create a positive “ripple effect” with this level of consciousness in your home, your office, your society and your world. From this perspective, you can improve your life with a calm mind.< Less
Cold To The Touch By Courtney E. Michel
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The note simply read, Charlie did it… he had to… and now she’s gone forever. It was housed in a sturdy metal box with a newspaper, a porcelain doll and a bloody knife buried... More > eight feet below the ground, only reintroduced into the world when Nicole Willis and her family begin digging the basement for their new home, thrusting them head-long into a seventy-two year old mystery. Now, Nicole must delve deeply into the fractured mind of stroke victim in order to unravel the clandestine motives of what her husband’s family covered up all those years ago. But the reality of how small town lives intertwine, like a writhing mass of snakes, slipping and gliding seamlessly over one another until you can’t tell one from the next, continuously shields her from seeking out the one person with all the answers. Instead, she peels back layer after layer of veiled lies and cryptic half-truths in a race against time, convinced now that when they opened that box they let something or someone out.< Less
The Awakening of an Alien Superbeing By J. I. Stuart
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The Klylii needed help - fast, and the sought it from an unusual source; Mark John Richards out walking his dog was encouraged aboard their vast starship to help disable a faulty machine. However one... More > mistake followed another until his task was finally complete but unfortunately for Mark those mistakes were to prove fatal. What could the Klylii do to help save the man who had so heroically saved their ship and themselves from disaster? The answer lay back on Earth where Mark and his wife Janet were to travel far and wide in many different guises suffering much tragedy and celebrating many triumphs before the truth could be told; a truth so wild that Janet refused to believe it and only her two children ever came to know the whole incredible tale.< Less
Daedalus Rimes - Essence By Howard W. Lewis
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This is the story of Teela, an alien conscript who has had the memories of a dying human transferred into her mind. Her assignment is to communicate with this hostile species in the hopes of... More > negotiating an alliance in a galactic war that will either save or destroy Earth. Teela soon discovers that she received more than just the human’s memories. The success of her mission will ultimately depend on her ability to moderate the stubborn and unrelenting essence of Daedalus Rimes.< Less
Beside an Open Window By Huckleberry Hax
Paperback: $12.08
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Thirty years after his girlfriend persuaded him to get a brain scan with her, Jason Harlan wakes up in the metaverse to discover he's been dead for thirty years. But where exactly is Rachel Petstoof,... More > now that her own death has triggered his activation? And who has the millions that Jason managed to accrue in his singing career? And what happened to him in the two years between his scan and the car crash in which he died? In a thought-provoking portrait of a future in which the digital dead work and play alongside the living, 'Beside an Open Window' probes the nature of consciousness, of the sensory word we inhabit and the nature of human relationships.< Less

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