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Bad Publicity By Bob Stanhope
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This is the twelfth of a series of novels that revolve around JP Parker a 100 year old retired New York City private detective from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. This time, after surprisingly getting a... More > second chance to play Minor League baseball in 1954, Parker’s opportunity is interrupted by a murder and he is immediately drawn into the case. Meanwhile, his biographer, Freddy, is surprisingly pulled into a contemporary mystery of his own. The young writer is soon over his head, not only with his case, but also with complicated relationships with three very different women. As Parker relates his frustration of never completely solving the old crime, his writing partner dangerously (and secretly) spirals into a murder mystery of his own. What ties the two ostensibly separate cases together? What seemingly unrelated clue has to wait over 50 years to be revealed? In both cases Parker and Freddy are not only dragged into murder, but also frightening combinations of spies, international finance, and terrorism.< Less
Time Goes By Like Pouring Rain By Mark Fogarty
Paperback: $19.99
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If you like rock and roll, baseball and beautiful women, Sheridan City, NJ is heaven on earth! The Inner Jersey city has a thriving club scene, a perceptive weekly rock newspaper, and a minor league... More > baseball team that plays in an old stadium by the Third River. One passionate summer, a rock writer follows the ups and downs of the Holy Fools, a band destined for immortality but not popular success. But who is to say what success really means? In a Friday night rock club like the One Four Five or the Barn, the Fools, fronted by the sexy Mink and the alluring Arya, are everything you can hope for. In part two of Time Goes By Like Pouring Rain, a Sheridan City native haunts the jazz clubs of the city where a mysterious singer named Carrie performs in a glamorous disarray. Slowly his vision turns to the fate of his neighbors, newcomers to the city, who show him how Sheridan City can be the stage to illuminate the greatness of America.< Less
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Thought you knew everything about Gloria, Randy’s wife in part two of the trilogy? You were wrong. You didn’t know she once played bass for a Kabuki rock band. You didn’t know she... More > was married once before, to the doomed singer Leonardo. You didn’t know about her involvement with Arya, Sheridan City’s generational dreamgirl. You didn’t know that Jaco Pastorius once gave her his bass. What you do know is she is passionate and devoted to all she loves, including her wayward cousin Flora. You will also meet Plato, a former musician on the Sheridan City scene, now a drunken hanger on who is also in love with Arya, and see his chance for redemption. And since Arya is the glue that holds Sheridan City and this trilogy together, you will hear her speak in her own vibrant voice instead of seeing her through the eyes of her countless admirers. And one of these characters will end up with the keys to a minor league baseball stadium that holds many amazing memories.< Less
Feeding a Monster By Veronica Loving
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Veronica had no idea she reared a monster and nourished it to full strength. She devoted her life to the monster only to have it turn on her in the worst way. The monster was her husband and his... More > betrayal crippled a family. In her stunning new auto-biography, “Feeding a Monster”, first time author Veronica Loving digs deep within and reveals her innermost thoughts to tell an unbelievable story. While pregnant she started dating a minor league baseball player she eventually married and had two more children with as well as adopting a young male family member in need of a good home. Baseball never panned out, but even still, from the outside looking in, all was well. What Veronica didn’t know was that her husband was a monster in disguise. A monster she fed and allowed to manifest into its true being. Criminal consequences were minimal, but the act itself has changed the course of an entire family by division, because bloodlines sometimes blind us from seeing the truth.< Less
The Legend of British-Israel By C.T. Dimont
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The movement bearing this name is so called because it maintains the theory that the British people are the descendants of the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel, commonly referred to as the Lost Ten... More > Tribes. At first sight it might be considered a waste of time to deal with the strange arguments on which it is based. But it is becoming plain that where they are accepted certain quite definite results follow. The British-Israelite believes that the Old Testament promises that Israel - that is, Britain - is to possess the earth. He therefore, as I shall show later by quotations from British Israel publications, opposes the League of Nations and other peace movements. What has been hitherto a comparatively harmless fad now threatens to become a minor heresy. It is therefore worthwhile to pay some attention to the allegations on which it rests. – C.T. DIMONT FREE PDF. For printed copy:< Less

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Rabbit Run Rabbit Run By Debby Morber
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