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Miriam's Healing By Cynthia Davis
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Miriam's Healing, by Cynthia Davis is Biblical fiction that tells the story of Miriam, sister to Moses. Miriam is an eyewitness to Moses’ return to Egypt, no longer as prince, but as prophet of... More > God. Can she accept her brother’s new role or will jealousy consume her?< Less
Miriam's War By Molly Cutpurse
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Mrs Miriam Baxter, an ordinary London housewife apart from being an ex convict, is devoted entirely to her family, which consists of her two children, parents and three sisters. She would call... More > herself unremarkable. However, it was her determination and courage which took her and her family through the Second World War. In Miriam's War, there are no hints of heightened suspense, no clues as to where her story could veer to; it just is.< Less
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One thing that is peculiar about these three women is that they were people of God who either made mistakes or sinned against God; and they became known for their mistakes or/and sins. Miriam was a... More > prophetess. However, one day, she (with Aaron) spoke against Moses. Martha herself was a woman who loved Jesus Christ to the extent of welcoming her into her house. But Martha, instead of becoming interested in the Words and Teaching of Jesus Christ, became so much committed with too much serving, maybe trying to get Jesus Christ and His Disciples happy and comfortable; and she missed the better part of being or staying with Jesus Christ. Sapphira was a Christian woman, who allowed the devil to get her, because of greed and love money. And she went ahead to lie to Apostle Peter, unknown to her that she was lying to God.< Less
Miriam's Presence at Christmas By Molly Cutpurse
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Miriam's Presence at Christmas covers the last days of 2009 at the old house that Miriam, Roy and Rafa used to own. It is now Christmas and Miriam's now middle-aged youngest daughter, Florence and... More > her two adult daughters, Faith and Betty are preparing for Christmas amid one of the worst snowstorms to befall London in recent years. There are incidences aplenty; Rafa to be visited in a care home, a disaster or two, headstrong children, a husband who needs to be divorced and old and long memories are stirred. But as Faith, heavily pregnant with her third child comes to realise, the spirit of Miriam (real or imaginary?) is not so far away.< Less
Miriam’s Last Year By Molly Cutpurse
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Miriam is now eighty-seven and after Roy’s death, still lives in the large vicarage in Wanstead with Rafa alongside Rafa, Florence and her twin girls, Faith and Betty. It is now a time of... More > reflection, the promise of a great, great grandchild, and long conversations about the events and conditions that shaped her life. Yet even as her body moves inexorably into extreme old age, events continue around her that proves that even wheelchair bound, her clear and sound mind, alongside her remarkable memory, can still dispense positive advice and be more than useful to those who are charged with caring for her. Miriam’s Last Year also sees Rafa Barker in her twilight years when she too has become alone once more, abandoned by her one and only daughter over a shameful event from which she cannot face. A time when, surrounded by her close family and friend, she too takes a reflective sad look back on a lifetime of service and love as she cares for Miriam during her final days.< Less
Miriam: From Grass to Grace By Olusegun Issac
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MIRIAM is a transformation account. It is the story of the refinement of a plain village girl from raw to high quality, from crude to top grade purity. Her latent potential in the worship of God was... More > discovered early by a dedicated and gifted missionary who proceeded to mould the ordinary lump of clay into a refined piece of vessel most fit for the use of the Master, an icon to her generation. *** “This is a well written book. It cannot but catch your imagination with its commendable picturesque that takes the reader along page by page often leaving an air of suspense and expectation in you. Yet, the book through and through is written with amazing simplicity.” The Most Revd G. L. Lasebikan, Ph.D *** “MIRIAM is another thriller from the stable of the master story-teller for Jesus. The book is a chronicle of a young convert’s journey of faith to fame with its challenges and triumphs, a must read for the baby and mature Christian,” Deacon Olumide Idowu< Less
Miriam’s Family Blitz By Molly Cutpurse
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On the 7 September 1940, the London Blitz began in ernest. This was when the Nazi Luftwaffe machine switched from daylight raids on military targets to heavy bomber raids at night focusing on large... More > cities. Miriam’s Family Blitz, already broadly conceived in, Miriam’s War by the same author, places her family’s first fifteen days of the London Blitz under a magnifying glass. A period in which the mundane lives of her close family and friends in the East End found themselves experiencing front-line warfare for the first time, undergoing the inconvenient blackout, general restrictions and rationing. From the family’s once relatively quiet life, and with Miriam, released from Holloway prison only one year previously, the intense and very real fear of invasion, gassing, destruction and death occupies almost their every thought.< Less
Miriam's Golden Years By Molly Cutpurse
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Miriam’s Golden Years takes us from 1963 until the nineteen nineties. A period when she bore the many deaths of her family and friends with dignity, but is more than pleased to welcome the... More > beginning of her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great nephews and nieces, despite all their singular problems. Equally remarkable, as the rest of her life had been, Miriam finds herself wrestling with the problems of social and political violence, the rise of female emancipation, decimalisation and the acceptance of becoming elderly while still caring deeply for her extended family and her beloved husband, Roy. She has now gone beyond a matriarchal figure. She is host to memories long forgotten, a contributor to a decent way of life fast disappearing and part of a proud East End dynasty that her descendants will never forget.< Less
Miriam's Early Years By Molly Cutpurse
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Miriam’s Early Years tells the beginnings of her Edwardian, East London family. From her welcome birth to her newly married parents in the summer of 1907, we follow her through her early... More > childhood, her schooling, the Great War, and the births of her three sisters, Emily, Sarah and Penelope. Upon reaching the gay twenties, she meets, Ray, her first husband, and gives birth to Peter. Then, with World War Two approaching, darkness settles over her once happy life. When the electrical accident occurs, her life disintegrates until the fateful Saturday when two policemen knock at her door...< Less
Girls, pictures of Miriam By GS International
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Gallery with pictures of Miriam and her sexy body. Nothing is left to the imagination.

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