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Trail Mix By L J Newlin
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Included in this book are four short stories, each unique in story themes. The first story “Saving the Land of Zafer” is a fantasy, set in the early 1950’s, about a brother and... More > sister who must travel to a mythical land to save a queen from an evil curse. The second story “Kova” is done in an “Outer Limits” style. Anna’s tragedy manifests as stigmata. Karl’s loyal dog turns on him to leave him blind in one eye. They both end up in an institution. Here the reader finds that a nothing is what it purports to be. The third story “Forever & Ever, Amen” came out of an exercise from Stephen King’s book “On Writing”. This is my rendition of a relationship that has gone horribly wrong or otherwise affectionately known as 'the psycho wife.' The fourth, but not the least of the stories, “The Incident at Green Valley Lake,” is a story of three adolescents who encounter UFO’s, aliens, and their own fears in the quiet little town they call home.< Less
How to Raise and Train Your Mixed Breed Puppy or Dog With Good Behavior By Vince Stead
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1. The Characteristics of a Mixed Breed Puppy or Dog 2. How to Stop Your Mixed Breed From Jumping Up on People 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Mixed Breed Puppy 4. What You Should Know... More > About Puppy Teeth 5. How to Crate Train Your Mixed Breed 6. When Your Mixed Breed Makes Potty Mistakes 7. How to Teach your Mixed Breed to Fetch 8. Make it Easier and Healthier for Feeding Your Mixed Breed 9. When Your Mixed Breed Has Separation Anxiety and How to Deal With It 10. When Your Mixed Breed Is Afraid of Loud Noises 11. How to Build A Whelping Box for a Mixed Breed or Any Other Breed of Dog And more.................< Less
Find Ling Ling By Eric Mix
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"Find Ling Ling" is a beautifully illustrated picture story about the true life of a beloved pet duck who stuggles to fit in with a family of geese and the humerous results of her efforts.... More > There are over 60 pages of brilliant photo paintings alive with color, animals and nature. It will fill your heart with joy.< Less
Upside Dogs By Sarah Ernhart
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This is the first calendar available for purchase from the award-winning pet photographer, Sarah Beth. It features an delightful mix of upside down dogs (upside-dogs).
The Dog's Breakfast By Jayne Strutt
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A varied tragic/comedic view of life in diverse moods. From the depths of despair to the heights of delight. Something to appeal to everyone who will resonate in sympathy with life's ups and downs.... More > Most moods portrayed in poetic mode with matching illustrations to add colour and meaning. What a mix! It could be called a 'Dog's Breakfast' of verse and positively 'food for thought!'< Less
The Dog Liberator By Gisele Veilleux
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Mission Statement: Prevent Border Collies and Mixes who are well-balanced family dogs from being surrendered to a shelter or a pound. Foster Collies in a home environment to prevent the usual trauma... More > associated when sensitive and intelligent dogs, like the herding breed, are placed in a shelter, pound or rescue. Evaluate the dog's temperament so it can be matched and re-homed. Alleviate canine social issues by consulting with professional animal behaviorists. Address any medical needs, ensure that dogs are fully vetted, spayed & neutered. Work on basic training, including crate training, barking, and basic commands before adoption. Solicit volunteers to transport and foster. Redirect quality adopters to other breeds and local rescues. Prevent well-balanced dogs from being euthanized.< Less
Mens is Dogs By Michael A. Pierce
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This book was created as part of Michael A. Pierce's September 2008 exhibition at GCCR gallery at the Gay Community Center of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. The title of the book (as well as the... More > installation), Mens is Dogs, is based on a ridiculous line from a RuPaul song. In an extended monologue RuPaul’s character describes how she was jilted by her lover, and rants, “Don’t mess with mens. Don’t mess with mens, cause mens are dogs.” The book includes some images of pieces made for the show; source photos from the web and men’s magazines; and the book closes with a playlist of music selected to be played during the run of the show. But much of the book consists of text of the lyrics for a mix of pop songs juxtaposed with random text from stories from gay men’s magazines. The reader can choose to relate these seemingly disconnected elements or not.< Less
Dog in the Bushes By Sean Q. Beeching
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Herewith the second installment of stellar essays by Mr. Beeching. In this second outing Mr.Beeching extends the range and intensity of his observations. The sublime and the uncanny mix in a... More > delirious taxonomy (at least for those of us not accustomed to the language of lichens), as that sempiternal micro-duality which the lichen is, leads to ruminations on history, fate, destiny and the manifold mystery of that bit of bio which is two bios in one. Spiraling simultaneously inward and outward, Mr. Beeching’s ruminations on light, color, life, and death move now dolorous, now near-ecstatic. Always enmeshing the personal singularity of one man passing through nature (and hence necessarily twenty first century culture) the author also pursues the more general forms of history and psychology and the oscillations that the two are prone to produce…just as, not coincidentally, the two-fold lichen.< Less
The Adventures of A Dog and A Good Dog Too By Alfred Elwes
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This charming tale tells the story of Job, a lowly dog of mixed parentage who battles against adversity to become a highly respected and very important citizen of Caneville. Job encounters canine... More > ruffians, famine and flood, but nothing can daunt his indomitable spirit. He is an heroic little character who more than once risks his own life to save others. Written in the Victorian era, the simple morality contained within this book (that Goodness and Fidelity will always be rewarded) is unchanging and immensely satisfying. The beautifully descriptive language of the period, together with exquisite illustrations, make this an enchanting little book to be read over and over again. Alfred Elwes was born in Woolwich, Kent in 1819. A noted childrens’ author, he also translated French and Italian literature in English. He was a Doctor of Philosophy and for a time was Professor of English at Leghorn University in Tuscany.< Less
Zoltan Duanklin - Rescue Dog By Rachel Bricklin
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Stories from the first year and a half of life with my adorable rescue puppy.