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MMA, The essentials of Mixed Martial Arts By Edgar Kruyning, Martijn de Jong
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This book contains more than 700 pictures of 100 unique techniques and covers more than 200 pages including the history and competition strategy of MMA. MMA Legends Bas Rutten & Rampage Jackson,... More > World Champion Marloes Coenen and GLORY LHW World Champion Gokhan Saki all recommend this book. MMA Legend Renzo Gracie: "The Essentials of MMA is a must have for all fighters". About the authors: Martijn de Jong is a BJJ, Karate and Jiu Jitsu black belt with more than 26 years experience. He also studied Judo, Thaiboxing, Wrestling and Shooto extensively. After his active MMA career he started teaching and produced multiple world champions like Marloes Coenen, Alistair Overeem, Siyar Bahadurzada and more. Edgar Kruyning holds the most degrees in black belts in the world. All together he has over 43 degrees in Ju-Jutsu, Judo, Aikido, Yoseikan Budo, Iaido, Aikibudo, Kobudo and Karate. Edgar also has his own Grappling, kickboxing and MMA team. Like for updates!< Less
The MMA Digest's Mixed Martial Arts Trivia Book By theMMAdigest . com
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A 1001 question trivia book on the sport of mixed martial arts. Challenging and fun questions for new fans and experts. Multiple Choice, "Who Am I?" and "Who Said This?" features.
Mixed Martial Arts-The Basics of Jujitsu & MMA ---AAA+++ By Eric Cruise
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Jujitsu is a name used for Japanese martial arts techniques. The meaning of this word is the “art of softness” or “way of yielding”. Jujitsu came from Japan as a way of... More > defeat of an opponent without using any weapons. Since hitting the opponent didn’t do much justice, they would be attacked with pins and throws. This worked against the attacker’s energy. There are different ways that people do jujitsu. Some of the techniques used include, holds, throwing, trapping, biting, gouging, striking and kicking. At one time, there were self-defense schools that taught their students how to use weapons, but that is no longer the case. Jujitsu is practiced all over the world, including being used in sport form. It has been used in the Olympic Games competitions. Other methods of combat with jujitsu include: • Striking (kicking and punching) • Throwing (body throws) • Restraining (pinning, wrestling) • Defense moves (evading, blocking, escaping)< Less
Become an MMA Fighter By Gerald Hanks
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Pick your fighting styles, learn nutrition and training, get fights, and learn the business -- all in this book by sports writer Gerald Hanks. He interviewed UFC fighters and managers to create this... More > revealing, powerful step by step guide to becoming an MMA fighter.< Less
The Basics of Jujitsu and Mma By Jonathon Tyson
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Our course – ‘Mixed Martial Arts: The basics of Jujitsu and MMA’ is the ultimate guide to learning your own unique style of self defense. Tuition and classes are ineffective and... More > amateurish, not to mention sometimes even unaffordable. Only a tiny percentage of members ever go on to succeed. Although practice is crucial there is no substitute for a sound understanding of the secret strategies and techniques we teach. Our course will show you exactly how to practice and what to do in order to develop your skills in an ultra-fast fashion. Our book helps hone your skills, and in it you’ll learn about: - Four methods of combat that are used in jujitsu, guaranteed to floor your opponent. - What kind of actions go along with the methods. Kata competitions. - Five main sectors of the arts of jujitsu training, what they stand for, and what they mean to you. - And much, much more!< Less
How to be a Boxing/MMA Manager By Troy Rose
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your all-in-one package on the boxing/mixed martial arts management business
Hwarang Warrior Combat MMA Manual By Lyndon Johnson
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Hwarang Warrior Marital Arts Academy Combat Mixed Martial Art Program Manual. Taekwondo, Hapkido-Juijitsu, Kempo, Kickboxing, Kali-Silat, Filipino Combatives, Combat Arnis, Modern Arnis
Andre's MMA Adult Yellow Belt Book By Jermaine Andre
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The MMA techniques to earn Yellow Belt ranking from Jermaine Andre'.
Dragon Impact Bad Boy MMA Catalog By Alex Weller
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Fall 2009 Bad Boy MMA Products available through Dragon Impact
Kettlebell Conditioning for MMA and Other Fight Sports By Scott Shetler Forward by Donovan Craig
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A highly effective program using traditional kettlebell training methods for conditioning in MMA, grappling, boxing, wrestling and other combative sports and disciplines.