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Seeking A Settled Heart: The 16th Century Diray Of Puritan Richard Rogers By John Cowart & & Dr. M.M. Knappen, Editors
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E-BOOK EDITION: The diary of Richard Rogers, a Puritan minister in the time of the first Queen Elizabeth, resonates with features of my own life. Rogers lived between 1550 and 1618; his extant diary... More > covers from February 28, 1587 to August 26, 1590. This present text is based on materials transcribed by Dr. M.M. Knappen. When I first encountered the Diary Of Richard Rogers, the man’s search for God moved me to seek the Lord myself with more intensity and less pretense. The diary of this good and godly man inspired me in my own spiritual walk. That’s what spiritual diaries are supposed to do. —— John Cowart< Less
Diary Of Samuel Ward: A Translator Of The 1611 King James bible By John Cowart & & Dr, M.M. Knappen, Editors
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: Samuel Ward, a moderate Puritan, lived from 1577 to 1643. His life spanned from the reign of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, through that of King James. and into the days of Charles... More > I. Surviving pages of his diary run from May 11, 1595 to July 1, 1632. He served the Second Cambridge Company Translation Committee, comprised of the finest biblical and linguistic scholars of his day, to produce the 1611 King James Bible, the world’s most popular book. Ward walked a thin line between Puritan and Established Church factions. While perusing his academic career at Cambridge, he preached solid Puritan sermons yet rose to become the royal chaplain for King James, head of the Established Church. Ward’s diary reveals that while he cared deeply about larger academic, political and church polity matters, his main concern was his own walk with Christ. He wrote to remind himself of his daily sins and faults, and also to remind himself of God’s many blessings to him.< Less
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Randall M. Rueff & Sears 7x35mm Binoculars on 8-19-2011 A.D. By Randall M. Rueff
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Randall M. Rueff & Sears 7x35mm Binoculars on 8-19-2011 A.D. 10 Pages. 10 iSight Photographs.
FM 23-9 Rifle, 5.56-MM, XM16E1 1966 By United States. Army
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FM 23-9 Rifle, 5.56-MM, XM16E1 1966-07-16 "The rifle, XM16E1 (fig. 1), is a 5.56-mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, shoulder weapon. It is designed for either semiautomatic or full... More > automatic fire through the use of a selector lever."< Less
TM 9-718A 90-mm Gun Tank M47 1952 By United States. Army
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TM 9-718A 90-mm Gun Tank M47 1952-01-09 "The 90-mm gun tank M47 is a heavily-armored, full-track-laying, low-silhouette, combat vehicle, mounting a 90-mm gun T119E1 (figs. 1 through 8). One cal.... More > .30 machine gun M1919A4 is installed in a flexible ball mount in the bow (fig. 13) and a cal. .50 machine gun M2, HE or a cal. .30 machine gun is mounted coaxially with the 90-mm gun in the combination gun mount (fig. 39). One cal. .50 machine gun M2, HB with a pintle mount is installed in a pintle stand on the turret roof (fig. 5). This vehicle carries a crew of five vehicle commander, driver, assistant driver (also, cal. .30 gunner), loader, and gunner."< Less
Shoe buttons, Liberty Laces & Insulated staples: 153 years of M.M. Rhodes & Sons Company, Taunton, Mass. By Marc N. Belanger
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An overview of ongoing efforts to document and preserve the remarkable M.M. Rhodes & Sons Company complex in Taunton, Massachusetts, which closed in 2014 after 153 years of operation by the... More > Rhodes family. Originally presented at the New England IA Conference in Holden, Massachusetts on March 7, 2015 and again at the SIA National Conference in Albany, New York on May 30, 2015. Adapted for print version October 2015.< Less
FM 23-8 U.S. Rifle 7.62-MM, M14 1959 By United States. Department of the Army
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FM 23-8 U.S. Rifle 7.62-MM, M14 1959-12 Changes from 1962-08-15. "This manual is a guide for commanders and instructors in presenting instruction and training in the mechanical operation of the... More > M14 rifle. It includes a detailed description of the rifle and its general characteristics; procedures for detailed disassembly and assembly; an explanation of functioning; a discussion of the types of stoppages and the immediate action applied to reduce them; a description of the ammunition used; and instructions on the care, cleaning, and handling of both the weapon and ammunition."< Less
Gavin and Bernard Lyall’s Operation Warboard Wargaming World War II Battles in 20-25mm Scale By John Curry et al.
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Donald Featherstone said, ‘there have been few wargaming books written as well as Operation Warboard. Gavin Lyall applied his established writing talents to create a wargaming book that in... More > places seemed more like a thriller than a book about a marvelous and engaging hobby'. The book was written for wargaming World War II battles in 20-25mm, with rules that were straightforward, fast and comprehensive. The book also had the innovation of including extensive notes about the thinking behind the rules. The player’s notes discussed the abstractions and generalisations that informed the design decisions, most of which are still issues that rule-writers for this period still contend with. This reprint of the 1976 classic includes a new foreword by Bernard Lyall and new optional rules. The History of Wargaming Project aims to reprint classic wargaming material and make it available to a new generation of wargamers.< Less
Reloading 7.62x51mm Military Brass: Target Loads By Stephen Redgwell
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Cartridge specifications. Preparing cases for reloading - swaging primer pockets, case trimming. Differences between commercial and military brass. Pressure changes caused by changing case brands.... More > Volume differences before and after firing. Using water to measure case volume. Pictures. Load data - 147, 135, 155, 168, 175 and 178 grain bullets from Berger, Hornady and Sierra. 10 powders tested. Range notes. Best load and target pictures for every weight. Quick reference definitions. Powder burn rates. More! Completely illustrated.< Less

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