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Monad By Andrew-Thomas Corbett
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Hair Mythos in Dark Mannerism.Monad is a conceptual hair art series depicting the evolution of a soul from the material plain to the spiritual. Out of darkness to the light of spirit, the monad, the... More > innovative hair structures symbolise the transient mental structures that block our vision of our true divinity.< Less
Data Entry Bible For Beginners - Your Guide To An At Home Career In Data Entry By Richard Monad
eBook (PDF): $9.38
This is nothing like an average typing job. There would be no way to bring in this much money doing it the old fashioned way. Doing it my way you can make good money for yourself. I will teach you... More > the exact steps I take and resources that I use to make over $800 a day automatically. Once I set it up, it continues to make money day after day, month after month. I spent over 5 years learning, reading, and doing. I made a lot of expensive mistakes, and what's so great is you will be able to just skip to the part where the money comes in and not have to suffer.< Less
exclusion of a monad By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $9.29
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An auto biograpy about the processes of a monad during his development till this moment he truly became one.
The Science of Monads By Mike Hockney
eBook (ePub): $6.19
Scientific materialism isn’t the only type of science. Leibniz, the great German genius, was a champion of scientific idealism. The atoms in his system weren’t physical, but mental, and... More > he named them monads. A present-day Leibniz might say, “All things are made from mental atoms, which are simple mathematical substances from which all compounds are mathematically derived via the laws of ontological mathematics. Monads are expressed through constant motion, and that mental motion is what we call thinking. Pure thinking takes place in an immaterial, mathematical frequency domain outside space and time. By virtue of Fourier mathematics, frequency functions can be represented in a spacetime domain, and this domain is what is known as the physical world of matter. It is just a certain mode of mental functionality. There is no such thing as scientific matter. There is only mind. A mind is a monad, and monads are all there are. Everything is an expression of monadic, mental mathematics.”< Less
Monas Hieroglyphica: The Hieroglyphic Monad By John Dee, J. W. Hamilton-Jones
eBook (ePub): $9.26
The Monas Hieroglyphica (or Hieroglyphic Monad) is an esoteric symbol invented and designed by John Dee, the Elizabethan Magus and Court Astrologer of Elizabeth I of England. It is also the title of... More > the 1564 book in which Dee expounds the meaning of his symbol. The Hieroglyphic embodies Dee's vision of the unity of the Cosmos and is a composite of various esoteric and astrological symbols. Dee wrote a commentary on it which serves as a primer of its mysteries.< Less
Van Nomade tot Monade By Wilfred Bastiani
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Consciousness & Intelligence Wat heeft de reis van de mens met de boektitel te maken en wat heeft de subtitel hier mee van doen ? Als we voorop stellen dat de monade de hoogst haalbare status is... More > van de mens, dan bedoel ik daarmee dat dit individu zeer dicht diens bron benadert, diens creator of voorbeeld. Immers elk individu is daar een fractalisatie van. Een deel dat grote congruentie vertoont met die bron, echter als fractaal een pad te gaan om daarin op gelijksoortige wijze diens verantwoordelijkheden te kunnen bepalen en te nemen. Dit traject kun je bewustwording noemen met als ultiem middel het gehele spectrum van intelligentie. De mens wordt daarmee deelgenoot en getuige van de schepping van zichzelf, anderen, de natuur en het hele universum. Hoe dat er allemaal uitziet, welke andere aspecten daarbij van invloed zijn, waarvoor je zelf weer de initiator kunt zijn lees je in dit boek. Weet jij hoe ver jij bent op het traject na het lezen van dit boek ?< Less
The Last Man Who Knew Everything By Mike Hockney
eBook (ePub): $5.79
Three hundred years ago, it was possible to have read all of the important books in the world. Most intelligent people of the time believed the world was a living organism. Matter was alive... More > (hylozoism), or mind was everywhere (panpsychism), or God was everywhere (theism), or God and Nature were one (pantheism). A hundred years later, the world was viewed as a vast, purposeless machine. Either there was no God (atheism), or he was a remote God of Laws (deism) and not of revelation and salvation. Leibniz was the last genius to know everything and to accept that the universe was an organism – a mathematical organism. Leibniz was the secret author of the Illuminati’s Grand Unified Theory of Everything based on “nothing”. He created an entire universe out of a “Big Bang” singularity comprising infinite “monads” (zeros), each with infinite energy capacity. This is the story of the first mathematical Theory of Everything. Leibniz’s monads have one last, incredible secret to reveal: they are souls!< Less
The War of the Ghosts and Machines By Mike Hockney
eBook (ePub): $6.23
Are you a ghost or a machine? You don’t need to be a superstitious believer to support the side of the ghosts. Machine people reduce everything to lifeless, mindless, purposeless atoms of... More > matter: the ultimate little machines. For “ghost” people, reality reduces to dimensionless, mathematical singularities, which are none other than the hyperrational monadic souls posited by Pythagoras and Leibniz. Ghost people subscribe to atoms (minds) with atomic number zero, i.e. minds/souls are made of massless, dimensionless photons. Machine people start with hydrogen atoms, with atomic number one. All “ghost” entities are associated with zero and infinity. All machine people deny the existence of zero and infinity. Mathematically, these are the two numbers where the ghosts and the machines collide head on. This book is all about demonstrating that there are indeed ghosts in the machines.< Less
Magic, Matter and Qualia By Mike Hockney
eBook (ePub): $6.25
Magic illusions are all about misdirection: making sure that the audience is looking away from what’s really going on. For humanity, both religious faith and scientific materialism misdirect us... More > away from truth and reality. Magicians claim to pull rabbits out of empty hats. The God of Abraham pulls a whole universe out of nothing whatsoever, while scientific materialism performs the greatest magic trick of all by abolishing God and pulling the entirety of existence out of its opposite – non-existence – through nothing other than a random accident, with no conceivable explanation or sufficient reason. Scientific materialism puts all magicians to shame. It manages to magic life out of lifeless atoms, and mind out of mindless atoms. That’s some trick!< Less
The Forbidden History of Science By Mike Hockney
eBook (ePub): $6.23
“The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer.” – Terence McKenna At school, you are taught “science”. You are not taught the history of... More > science, so you have no idea how science came to be the institution it now is. You are never taught the secret history of science whereby scientific idealism (based on the mind) could have become the orthodoxy, rather than scientific materialism (based on the body). In this book, we will show you how easily science could have taken an entirely different route from the one it did take. The heroes of this tale are Immanuel Kant (in his younger, Leibnizian years), and the Jesuit Roger Boscovich. Their system embraced mind in its own right, i.e. mind considered as something that does not owe its existence to matter. Read for yourself the astounding rival history of science. You will soon discover why it’s so terrified of drawing any attention to the secret history of science ... the forbidden history.< Less