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The International Regulation of Monetary System By Giacinto Auriti
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The Monetary System of the Romans By Ian Sellars
eBook (PDF): $23.98
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"The Monetary System of the Romans" provides a comprehensive and visual portrayal of the evolution of the Roman monetary system from its inception in the late fifth century BC to the bronze... More > reform of Anastasius in 498AD. It chronologically traces the key developments in the coinage of the Roman world, covering topics such as denominations, metrology, alloys, mints, monetary edicts and more. For every issuing authority, whether it be the Senate, imperator, usurper or emperor, exemplary specimens of each denomination are discussed and clearly illustrated. With 820 pages and over 2000 full colour high resolution photographs from the world's most esteemed auction houses, this novel format provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject of Roman numismatics and will be useful to both students of history and collectors alike.< Less
A New Monetary System and Why You Need It By Stefan B Sigfried
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Was 2008 just a foreshock and something more terrrible is awaiting us? What will happen to your job, savings, pension, and the future of your children? Are any investments safe? In this book you will... More > find out why fiat money is a dishonest type of money and why economic theories fail us. How the US government, banks and smart people make money out of thin air. Money bubbles, the flaw in the gold standard. Deeper underlying problems with economic theories will be revealed. Understanding will give you an important edge to protect yourself, your family from the consequences of the coming crisis. But, to get real protection we need a new monetary system that is safe and beneficial for everyone, and for this we need to get politicians into power who think and act differently; today an engineering attitude is essential, simply because people with an engineering attitude know how to make things work. Stakes are high. Time is running out. This book is easy to read. Can you afford not to read it?< Less
Money, Banking and Monetary Policy By Thomas Bishop
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This textbook was written for undergraduate university students and discusses the traditional and evolving roles of money, non-monetary assets, banks and central banks in the financial system.
The Moorish Diarium: A Diary of a Moor - The Great Maze of an International Monetary System By Amaanah Taqwaamani
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Do you think you really know money? Well, most of us would be more than likely to agree upon such an inquiry, and with all confidence and certainty. However, unbelievably, every nine out of ten... More > people I have asked in the past to currently, have absolutely no clue how to differentiate real money (lawful currency) from the fiat form of currencies circulating presently throughout today’s seas of commerce. There are a few sayings that I’ve heard more than a few time in my past, which were.. “Money Talks….Walks” ”Money Rules the World… and “Whoever makes the rules may break the rules”, as well as “Money is the root of all evil” amongst others. Upon completion of this Diarium, you may feel you have become more educated and informed about money and the great maze of the monetary system, than before. Continue if you will, as I embark a remarkable journey through the veins of what I would like to introduce as “The Greatest Maze of an International Monetary System”.< Less
The Twilight of the Monetary System: And Dawn of a New Era of Economic Democracy By Richard J. Wilson J.D.
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The scientific advance of intelligent robots is steadily exiling more and more human beings from the workplace and pushing the monetary system into its twilight. The author shows us that, if we... More > create a new Econoscience, it could easily develop a new economic system and create a new era of economic democracy where everyone shares in the prosperity created by man and machine.< Less
Banking System In India By Dr. Venkatesh S. Katke
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In India, given the comparatively underdeveloped capital market and with very little internal resources, corporations and economic entities rely, largely, on monetary intermediaries to fulfill their... More > fund necessities. In terms of offer of credit, monetary intermediaries will loosely be categorized as institutional and non-institutional.< Less
Indian Financial System By Dr. Shrirang D. Kuduk
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The monetary advancement of a country is reflected by the advancement of the different financial units, extensively characterized into corporate part, government and family division. There are... More > regions or individuals with surplus stores and there are those with a shortage. A money related framework or budgetary area works as a middle person and encourages the stream of trusts from the regions of surplus to the zones of deficiency. A Financial System is an arrangement of different foundations, markets, regulations and laws, hones, cash supervisor, experts, exchanges and cases and liabilities. Monetary framework involves set of subsystems of budgetary foundations, money related markets, money related instruments and administrations which help in the arrangement of capital. It gives an instrument by which investment funds are changed to venture.< Less
The Federal Reserve System: Its Purposes And Functions By Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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This is the ninth edition of The Federal Reserve System: Purposes and Functions. It has been revised by staff members of the Federal Reserve Board to reflect the changes that have taken place in the... More > monetary, regulatory, and other policy areas since publication of the eighth edition in 1994. It incorporates major changes in the law and in the structure of the financial system that have occurred over the past decade.< Less
The Federal Reserve System: Purposes & Functions (Tenth Edition, October 2016) By Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. It performs five general functions to promote the effective operation of the U.S. economy and, more generally, the public... More > interest. The Federal Reserve •conducts the nation’s monetary policy to promote maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates in the U.S. economy; •promotes the stability of the financial system and seeks to minimize and contain systemic risks through active monitoring and engagement in the U.S. and abroad; •promotes the safety and soundness of individual financial institutions and monitors their impact on the financial system as a whole;< Less