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Man: Whence, How and Whither By Annie Besant & Charles Leadbeater
Paperback: $11.90
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A theosophical classic about the origins of the world and the future of mankind in this book is described: The First and Second Chains Early Times on the Moon Chain The Sixth Round on the Moon... More > Chain The Seventh Round on the Moon Chain Early Times on the Earth Chain Early Stages of the Fourth Round The Fourth RootRace Beginnings of the Fifth RootRace The Building of the Great City Early Aryan Civilization and Empire The Second subrace the Arabian The Third subrace the Iranian The Fourth subrace the Keltic The Fifth subrace the Teutonic The RootStock and its descent into India Black Magic in Atlantis The Civilisation of Atlantis Two Atlantean CivilizationsPeru Chaldaea The Vision of King Ashoka The Beginnings of the Sixth RootRace< Less
Cutting the Ties By Patricia Watters
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THE SAGA OF THE DANCING MOON RANCH CONTINUES with CUTTING THE TIES, VOLUME III in the Dancing Moon Ranch series. Before reading, it is strongly recommended that you read Volume I, LIVING WITH LIES... More > and Volume II, THE LIES UNCOVERED, as the books in the series are intended to be read in sequence. CUTTING THE TIES includes Books 7, 8 and 9 (Cross Purposes, Dancing With Danger and Bucking the Odds). BOUND BY LOVE (Volume IV of the series), contains Books 10, 11 and 12 (Forbidden Spirits, Imperfect Magic and Finding Justice) the final books in the series.< Less
Flash Tales: A Collection of Short Stories for Children By Chess Desalls
Paperback: $7.99
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A collection of flash fiction and short stories by the award-winning author of The Call to Search Everywhen time travel books. Discover the magic of music, sail with a feisty pirate, and view the... More > stars and moon in a whole new light. Stories range from middle grade adventures to tales that can be enjoyed by teen readers.< Less
How to Become a Witch By Kim K. Brown
eBook (ePub): $6.95
Many wonder, and lots dabble in the craft, but how do you really become a witch? To be a Witch is to know the ways of the old, to see beyond the barriers and follow the moon. Here is a step by step... More > guide to start you on your path of magical knowledge. Get your copy now!!< Less
Dragon Lore: Summons By Octavia Knight
Paperback: $20.00
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Entangled in a world of dragons, immortals and magic where nothing and no one is what they seem, seventeen year-old Toni Avaria, must embark on a life-changing journey to save both the dragon and... More > human race from a demon goddess and an impossible prophecy that could swallow the world in darkness. Toni has always dreamed of living among the Viaxi dragons of the legendary Zalwa Realm. And after barely escaping an unforeseen danger, arriving at the Imarie Palace of dragons and meeting Bane Stormwing, a Moon Dragon, she believes her dreams have finally come true. But there is an impending war looming over the dragons as the demon goddess, Siamai, threatens to destroy both the Zalwa Realm and the human world. Soon, Toni finds herself at the center of a century-old prophecy and discovers that only she, the Viaxi priestess, can redeem the dragon race. Now she must find the power to save herself and her companions from a world of death and chaos and deliver them to salvation before her own soul is damned.< Less
Liquid Sky Book 1: The Child of Centuries By C. E. Dorsett
Paperback: $7.99
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Just beyond the view of the average person, dangers haunt the Chian'niu, the galactic underworld. Assassins stalk their prey, mercenaries sell their services, and ancient factions move governments,... More > people, and armies across the stars for reasons known only to them. Ianus' parents died in one of these unseen wars. Adopted by two of the leading voices in the Jade Moon, they raised him in the awareness of the constant threat. But on his Day of Ascension, a nightmarish vision steals Ianus' sight: his adopted father would soon be killed. Now, Ianus wrestles with the prophecy, doubting his faith. Desperately, he searches for a way to save him, but will he learn the most important fact before it is too late... Nothing in the Chian'niu is exactly what it seems to be. Can Ianus slice through all of the illusions and subterfuge to discern the truth behind what is going on? Will his friends help him adapt to his new powers before they drive him mad?< Less
more than flying in the air By channel ventry
eBook (PDF): $0.00
If a child has a friend who is imaginary we encourage them - but when an adult has one we get scared and do our utmost to drive them away - unless, that is, it's God - because it's perfectly... More > acceptable to talk to him. Is it any wonder children get confused? When Yuri's dad starts talking to himself, Yuri makes out that his dad is a spy, and is whispering into the walkie-talkie hidden in the fur hat he constantly wears. And even when his dad completely ignores him, and spends the whole time laughing to himself, Yuri still refuses to accept the truth, and insists that his real dad has been kidnapped by the Lord of the Zlinkers and has been taken away to Ventry. Set in the sixties, Yuri is influenced by the stories his dad has told him about Kasha - the trainee angel from the disappearing moon - whose help he enlists, as he descends deep into the heart of his dream world, to try and rescue his dad - where the only weapon he requires is his imagination.< Less
The Big Book of Balloons Create Almost Anything for Every Party and Holiday By Captain Visual
Paperback: $24.95
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This is the how-to book that celebrates the holidays with balloon art! The easy-to-follow diagrams in The Big Book of Balloons simplify the twists and turns of designs suitable for just about every... More > holiday or celebration the year has to offer. Regardless of your skill or experience-even if you've never blown up a balloon in your life-you're sure to find fun in these pages. This comprehensive volume offers more than 100 new sculptures that suit holidays, festivals, and just plain happy days throughout the year including: Party Hats, Groundhog, Hearts, Shamrocks, Flowers, Easter Bunnies, Easter Basket, Golf Club and Ball, Rod Reel and Fish, Patriotic Braids, Balloon Burst, Rainbow, All 26 Letters of the Alphabet and 10 Numerals, Pom-Poms, Football Helmet, Jack-o'-Lantern, Black Cat on Full Moon, Bats, Skeleton, Witch, Turkey, Cornucopia, Menorahs, Star of David, Rudolph, Reindeer Hat, Santa, Candy Canes, Wreaths, Bridal and Baby Shower Umbrella, Stork With Special Delivery...and more!< Less
SHADES By Michael P. Morin
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
FOR THE MOON A magic fills the hollow air A wondrous beam of phantom light Is shining in her raven hair In her eyes a solemn stare At the moon that stills the night Her form is stricken she... More > perceives in awe The tempest face that hovers high & skirts the boundaries of the sky In its wake the sphere shall draw From deep within her soul a sigh I long to see her look at me In such a silent gazing trance Yet know that this will never be As long as there seems little chance The moon will falter in its dance Though I look on I bide my time I feel the moonlight on my back I see her an angel so divine I'd give her all the things we lack Yet for the moon she will be mine< Less
Demoniacal Possession, Dreams, Ghosts, Lucky & Unlucky Days, Horoscopes, Prognostications, Transformations, & the Worship of Animals In Egyptian Magick By E. A. Wallis Budge
eBook (ePub): $0.99
To procure prophetic dreams, take a clean linen bag and write upon it the names given below. Fold it up and make it into a lamp-wick, and set it alight, pouring pure oil over it. The word to be... More > written is this: 'Armiuth, Lailamchoüch, Arsenophrephren, Phtha, Archentechtha.' Then in the evening, when you are going to bed, which you must do without touching food [or, pure from all defilement], do thus. Approach the lamp and repeat seven times the formula given below: then extinguish it and lie down to sleep. The formula is this: Sachmu . . . epaëma Ligotereënch: the Aeon, the Thunderer, Thou that hast swallowed the snake and dost exhaust the moon, and dost raise up the orb of the sun in his season, Chthetho is thy name; I require, O lords of the gods, Seth, Chreps, give me the information that I desire...< Less

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