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a)If zodiacs are unknown in Britain, how can they be known down under? b)In a tragic act of folly, people down under never referred to superb aborigine dream astronomy; they adopted selfsame western... More > superstitions all over: they never noticed that they are being born under a different sky at all! c)If you inquire prominent astronomers about e.g. Venus in Crater or Moon in Auriga: they will flash mouth agape: not only they never overheard about zodiacs at all; or - god forbid - the precession of ascendant sets: but they also developed no interest in alchemy: something pertaining to Newton's own epoch. Newton should have known that no magical or alchemical experiment can be conducted without precession but he did not: he naively believed in one clumsy solar zodiac like the rest.< Less
Looking for the Lunar Loon By J. Carlin Bech
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Looking for the Lunar Loon is an exciting voyage of the imagination. In this captivating and entertaining story, J. Carlin Bech tells the tale of a wanderer’s search for the mystical and... More > magical Lunar Loon. On a warm summer evening, a wanderer who never wears shoes, appears in the quiet backyard of Mr. Jimmy Jones. The wanderer is a shy, mysterious fellow—but he has an incredible story that must be told. It turns out the wanderer has traveled far and wide, searching for the Lunar Loon, but it’s not a simple search. There are many secrets and tricks involved in finding the Lunar Loon, but it’s all worth it to the wise wanderer for the Loon is a wondrous creature who loves adventure. The wanderer travels to places like the Seafood Café, Bill and Bob’s garden, and of course, the moon. Filled with kooky characters like Professor Norm and Mr. Dave as well as unexpected encounters with the likes of an old toad named Mr. Ug, a very snobbish wallaroo, and a poorly behaving young space pig.< Less
The Norwegian Fairy Book By Various Authors
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Per Gynt The Isle of Udröst The Three Lemons The Neighbor Underground The Secret Church The Comrade Aspenclog The Troll Wedding The Hat of the Huldres The Child of Mary Storm Magic The... More > Four-shilling Piece The Magic Apples Self Did It The Master Girl Anent the Giant Who Did Not Have His Heart About Him The Three Princesses in Whiteland Trouble and Care Kari Woodencoat Ola Storbaekkjen The Cat Who Could Eat So Much East of the Sun and West of the Moon Murmur Goose-egg The Troll-Wife The King’s Hares Helge-Hal in the Blue Hill The Lord of the Hill and John Blessom The Young Fellow and the Devil Farther South Than South, and Farther North Than North, and in the Great Hill of Gold Lucky Andrew The Pastor and the Sexton The Skipper and Sir Urian The Youth Who Was to Serve Three Years Without Pay The Youth Who Wanted to Win the Daughter of the Mother in the Corner The Chronicle of the Pancake Soria-Moria Castle The Player on the Jew’s-harp< Less
Finding Jane By Lorrie Prescott
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For the past ten years Shawn Trimble has mastererd the art of hiding from his emotions. Drifting through his days he focuses on his job as the Sheriff of the small town of Phoenicia deep within the... More > Catskills and his dog Sarge. When a stranger is found with no recollection of who she is or how she ended up there, Sheriff Trimble is forced to face his demons as he finds himself uncharacteristically, unprofessionally and undoubtedly attracted to the stranger. Dubbed a Jane Doe, the missing woman entrusted to his care is embarrassed by the instant chemistry she has with him. A myriad of stolen glances and lingering touches don’t stand a chance against the magic of the Harvest Moon. But just as Shawn and Jane begin their time together, fate intervenes yet again, when her husband identifies her and comes to bring her home to Central Park West. In love with a man she knew for four days, can Jane forget about the passionate experience she had and remember how to love the man she’s married to?< Less
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Glimmer By Patricia Bow
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No one now living can tell you what it was like to dance in the old Glimmer Lake pavilion. You will only hear what the survivors told their children: how on a warm summer evening it was a magical... More > place, lilting with music and laughter. But that was long ago, before the pavilion’s collapse took so many young lives. Now it stands derelict. Ice crusts its broken arches. On some clear nights (it’s said), you can see the faces of the dead beneath the ice of the lake, their eyes glimmering up at the moon. Stella, a sceptic to her core, laughs at such stories. Until she finds herself saddled with a mission: to free three souls trapped by the events of that solstice night in 1926, when a Faustian bargain went awry. It doesn’t help that her backup team are a beloved but impulsive sister and two new friends, brothers who may both be vulnerable to the effects of that Faustian bargain. And that her chief advisor only comes to her in dreams.< Less
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COMIC BOOK WEDDING COVERS FROM THE 1960's & 1970's just what it sez. DELTA D GICLEE' GALLERIE AND DESIGN ATELIER PUBLIC DOMAIN, LUXXXCORP,... More > LLD.@77SILICONSTRIP, a div. of monsanto, starlight, the moon E PRO-PASS {RESTRICTED EXCLUSIVITY} (MAGIC INVISIBLE SECRETS) NOT 4 U, GO AWAY, PLEASE Adults Only, please. You must be 18 years of age, ... LI'L LOU'S POKER PARTY (GRRRLZ WELCOMEN) shit 'n' stuff Swipe File: Part II > The other Luxxxcorp blog got 2 full - H U G E download So I added an x and started over. 2 many pix my swipe file< Less
Harding's Luck By E. [Edith] Nesbit
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This story tells of brave Dickie Harding, the engaging little lame boy who lived at New Cross and spent a year with a tramp, besides having many other wonderful adventures. It tells, too, how Dickie... More > nearly was made to be a burglar, of his great moon-flower, and the magic of its seeds, and how he slipped back in history five hundred years and became Master Richard Arden, who was not lame and poor, and how and why he came back again; of the Mouldiwarp, the Mouldierwarp, and the great Mouldiestwarp and what they did; of the buried treasure and how Dick and his friends found it, and so on to the end of the book. Edith Nesbit (1858–1924) was an English author and poet; she published her books for children under the name of E. Nesbit. She wrote or collaborated on more than 60 books of fiction for children. She was also a political activist and co-founded the Fabian Society, a socialist organisation later affiliated to the Labour Party.< Less
Rey de Noches By Sean Torres
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Becoming king of a world where no sun exists is never simple, even after 3 years of proving yourself as a worthy candidate. Since the night Ruiz left to begin his journey like his brother before him,... More > he vows to prove himself a worthy candidate, in order to obtain said 'holy grail' of Noches itself by earning the title: Rey de Noches. Even when receiving the strangest task: Prevent Chaos that will come to Noches. Seems like a mockery to Ruiz, although he begins to learn the truth as the events unfold. Discovery of these new 'beings', coming face to face with the world's most wanted man, the Moon goddess Luna ending relations with Hispania and the nations that succeeded from it, a current 20 year inactive King of Noches, leads Ruiz into a series of events threatening the existence of magic itself. Ruiz soon learns the truth of what happened to his brother not only changing his life, but to his belief over his life's purpose if he's to become the most important being in Noches, or nothing but a sacrifice.< Less
Palos of the Dog Star Pack By J U Giesy
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What if ...? These are the magic words that lie behind all good science fiction What if such-and-such, which today seems impossible, or hardly likely at best, could really happen? Thirty-five years... More > ago, when today's rocketry was no more than a dream, an impractical toy in the minds of most people, science-fiction authors were writing romances which assumed that rockets to the moon and beyond might be built. Such stories formed much of the backbone of the early science-fiction magazines. But wonderful stories of other worlds beyond the sky, even beyond our solar system, had been written long before this. The first World War was till raging when, early in July 1918, readers of Munsey's All-Story Magazine opened the latest issue to start reading a serial novel of such adventure. The author had not invented a rocket ship, or some means of defying gravity, or entering hyperspace. How, then, could Jason Croft travel to Palos, a planet of the great star Sirius?< Less

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