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Workbook for Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting By Barbara Moon
eBook (PDF): $8.75
The Workbook is designed to help study Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting. The student will need the Handbook as well. The workbook can be used for individual or group study.
Workbook for Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting By Barbara Moon
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Workbook is designed to help study Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting. The student will need the Handbook as well. The workbook can be used for individual or group study.
Invisible in Israel By Ishtar Moon
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Taking on a new identity as Magdalene, Zukhra reinvents herself and becomes one of the most precious women in the brothel she is in. Being a paid sex-slave might not gain her respect and admiration... More > from people outside her world, but for those who know her good enough, Zukhra or Magdalene is an extraordinary woman who gives a new and different meaning to the brothel and those who work in it.< Less
Simple Squeezes By Anthony Moon
Paperback: $27.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the first book in a series of eight on Bridge Squeezes and introduces the subject. It is aimed at experienced players who are ready to improve their playing ability and wish to understand... More > more about these fascinating positions. Each position is shown as a diagram showing the cards remaining and how the position is played. There are then several examples taken from actual play, which are drawn from several sources – the author’s own experience, friends, books and newspaper articles. These examples show how the basic position was reached and the preparation needed to achieve it. The key requirements for a squeeze are explained in simple terms and each type of threat encountered is described and named. The five fundamental attributes and requirements for a squeeze are developed and explained and their relevance in executing a simple squeeze is developed.< Less
The Chronicles of Kin Roland Book One: Wormbright By Scott Moon
Paperback: $9.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
(4 Ratings)
Kin Roland once had the chance to save the Community Space Fleet and all humanity but he passed it up. All he had to do was follow orders and commit genocide. Now an evil Warlock from the world he... More > spared is hunting him and his friends. He would ask the Fleet for help but he is marooned on a strange planet at the mouth of a wormhole and the Fleet has not forgotten his disobedience. With the help of a young shepherd and a half human princess he must escape the most psychotic and deadly creature in the galaxy. What he does not realize is that the Warlock is in symbiosis with a creature that gives him even greater powers of stealth, strength and unquenchable hunger. Not much else could go wrong for Kin except earning the ire of a newly marooned company of Fleet troopers and learning the entire planet is doomed. No one has ever escaped Wormbright before. Now he must do it on short notice, with enemies attacking from all sides and old memories threatening to drive him insane.< Less
Water and Avenger By kenneth a moon
Paperback: $45.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
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XIN: The Veiled Genocides By Robert Moons
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
We are not alone in the Galaxy, but soon we will be. The greatest civilizations in the Galaxy are disappearing without a trace. The future history of our Galaxy has been irrevocably changed. This is... More > the world Xin wakes up to. Xin, an alien probe of immense power has been buried in the Earth’s crust for millions of years. Helping to release the science probe from its ancient tomb, it leads to one man's journey to the stars. This is their story.< Less
Alone By Jessica Moon
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Korra Marie Simmons, a sixteen-year girl born into a world ravaged by nuclear warfare, has the special gift of feeling no pain. After years of learning how to live in a simulated body and fight in a... More > world created by computer scientists, one man fights to destroy everything she has worked for. Korra is thrown into the outside world where she discovers that it is more than bunkers, doctors, and training. The Central States of America depends on her special skill set to keep them alive in World War V. But due to circumstances, they have now turned her efforts toward something much more dangerous, so dangerous that the pain alone just might kill her.< Less
Handler's Break By Ingrid Moon
Paperback: $7.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Elyon has disappeared again. Every time she runs off, Commander Boone wants to shoot her himself. He would do anything to be back in the command center where his strategies lead to victory after... More > victory for the Overlord they serve. But the Overlord has other plans for Elyon, and Boone is beginning to see that this temporary handling job could end in disaster for the entire galaxy. In the shell of an impetuous teenage girl, Elyon is a weapon of unimaginable power. When Boone realizes she should not be in the hands of this madman, he devises his riskiest strategy ever. He must deliver Elyon to the one person who can help the girl recover her humanity: the rival overlord who created her.< Less
The Criteria to Winner: Security and Risk Management for Printed Lottery By Hyejung Moon
eBook (PDF): $35.00
(1 Ratings)
The purpose of this criteria is to provide security control standards for the printed lottery system by providing detailed procedures, recommended technologies, and related examples for the lottery... More > industry. Although WLA covers such topics at a good principle level, it is my goal to break them down into further applicable details to help such lottery jurisdictions that have poor technological infrastructure and regulations to better manage their instant lottery business. This document is intended to present examples and to further assist in developing advanced security and risk management plan in order to effectively meet WLA standards. This document will offer basic and proven processes to support those instant lottery jurisdictions that have not yet matured and are sustaining technical operations via their own legacy solutions.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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