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The Avena Case: Prospective and Proposals on the International Justice System and the United States’ Practice of International Obligation derived from International Tribunals By Ruben Alberto Moreno Zavala
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This work refers to the 2004 Judgment of the International Court of Justice on the case pertaining Avena and other Mexican Nationals (Mexico v. United States of America). It deals mainly with the... More > throughout aftermath and carefully studied prospective of the controversy on the application and interpretation of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the current issues to assure the protection of consular rights of foreigners detained abroad. This case is, in the own interpretation of the International Court of Justice, the culmination of a trilogy of cases on consular rights presented before it. This work intends to provide the unfamiliar reader with the basic tools to understand the questions surrounding Avena and its transcendence in the topic of consular protection not only for Mexico and the United States, but for all countries party to the same Convention.< Less
The Nexus By Roberto Moreno & Gaby Becerra
Paperback: $5.14
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In this story you will learn how in an instant Hailey's life is changed. You will undestand every single bit of it starting from the beginning.
Imparare a vivere serenamente By Oscar Moreno Carollo
eBook (PDF): $4.35
L'analisi transazionale é un modo per affrontare la conoscenza dell'io, o più opportunamente, degli stati dell’io, per capire come si può educare la mente a ottenere il... More > meglio dai nostri comportamenti. La teoria dell'analisi transazionale che venne elaborata da Berne, può essere considerata un'evoluzione della psicoanalisi Freudiana. Tuttavia Berne morì lasciando aperte molte questioni, alle quali vennero apportati contributi negli anni a venire. Questo breve saggio ha lo scopo di chiarire i punti essenziali dell'A.T. e provare a farne uso imparando a conoscere quei nostri personali errori che ci rendono la vita insoddisfacente per poi modificarli.< Less
Roman Catholicism The Pagan Connection By Moreno Dal Bello
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The world is convinced that Roman Catholicism is Christianity. Yet when one examines the Bible—even the Roman Catholic Bible—one soon discovers the obvious difference, and the many... More > distinct contradictions that exist between Roman Catholicism and true Biblical Christianity. This difference reveals Roman Catholicism as nothing but old paganism clothed in a Christian veneer. This book will prove that Roman Catholicism has sustained the traditions, teachings, rites and practices of some of the darkest elements of satanically inspired paganism!< Less
That's Just Your Opinion By Moreno Dal Bello
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A Scriptural rebuttal of the unfounded claims of those who say that no one knows what the Gospel of God is and that the Gospel of God is lost. Oftentimes when in the process of declaring the... More > teachings of the Gospel of God, the doctrines of salvation by grace, one is met with the all-too-commonly heard phrase, 'That's just your opinion'. What does such an accusation really mean? What motivates the mindset of those whose reply to the Truth is, 'Well, that's just your opinion', or, 'That's just your point of view', or, 'That's just your interpretation'? What is the mindset behind them and is this way of thinking in accordance with Scripture, or does it stand in contrast to, and therefore in defiance of, Truth? This book will examine just exactly what a person is really saying and what the implications are of such comments, made after hearing the Gospel of God, as well as the consequences of such remarks.< Less
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I once asked a lady, who shared with me her firm and considered opinion that everything happens for a reason, and that there is, therefore, a purpose for everything, what such a belief might suggest... More > to her. She stood, searching in vain for an answer, and eventually conceded saying she did not know. I informed her that if there is a reason and a purpose for everything would that not strongly suggest to her that there is someone behind the reason and the purpose. Would this not only prove that there is a God, that there is a Grand Design, and, therefore, a Great Designer Who is in complete and Sovereign control over everything and everyone?< Less
God's Only Gospel By Moreno Dal Bello
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There are so many different ‘gospels’ today, each presenting significantly different views about the Messiah (Who He is and what He has done), that clearly the questions which should be... More > asked by everyone who professes to be a Christian (that is, a follower of Jesus Christ) are, "How will I know a false minister from a true one?" and "How can I know whether or not I have believed a false gospel or God’s Gospel?" How is a man saved? How can we know if we are true Christians believing in the only Gospel that saves? What is God’s only Gospel? Jesus Himself asked the religious leaders of His day, "...What think ye of Christ?..." (Matt. 22:42). These are vital questions about which every professing believer should be concerned. With all the lies that abound in our day concerning the Gospel and true salvation the question should not be whether we have faith but are we in THE Faith: "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in THE Faith..." (2 Cor. 13:5).< Less
Who Hath Believed Our Report? By Moreno Dal Bello
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A look at the questions and objections concerning the great Gospel of God, and the ramifications of not believing it, which its enemies have made. Not all the enemies of the great Gospel of God, the... More > only Gospel I might add, which Scripture calls "the power of God unto salvation" (Rom. 1:16), overtly oppose the doctrines it contains. The opposition by those of the Arminian persuasion, who do overtly oppose the great Gospel doctrines which attribute all of salvation to the God of Grace leaving no room for man to boast, are not what we shall be discussing in this booklet. The kind of opposition we will be addressing comes from those people who proudly call themselves Calvinists, or Reformed Calvinists to be precise. These Calvinists claim to believe the doctrines we teach as the very doctrines of the Gospel taught in the pages of the Bible, but they draw the line when it comes to judging saved and lost by the Gospel, by the ramifications that are part and parcel of those doctrines.< Less
God's Only Jesus By Moreno Dal Bello
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Most people believe that there is only one Jesus, and insofar as there is only one True Jesus they are correct; but the Bible warns that men would come preaching other jesuses. False gospels and... More > counterfeit christs abound in religion today like never before. Everyone from New Agers to the most conservative of ‘christian’ groups have ‘a’ jesus, but is it really THE Jesus of the Bible whom they worship? Do they believe God’s Testimony about His Son or do they listen to what man says about Him? Jesus said of those who set aside the Word of God, preferring their own traditions and man-made commandments: "But in vain do they worship Me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matt. 15:9; Mk. 7:7-13). The sobering reality is that most who profess Christianity have embraced another jesus and do not have the True Jesus Who is God’s ONLY Jesus.< Less
Who are the Lost? By Moreno Dal Bello
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Most people who are at all religious believe that invariably they are or will be saved. Most are under a fairly strong conviction that they know God and are known by Him, that God understands them... More > and how much they have suffered on this earth and how much they have tried to be a good person by doing their best to lead a decent life, obey Him and attend church etc. They draw a certain comfort and security from their good intentions. They believe that God knows their heart and because of this they feel confident that He will not cast them into Hell. Just as most people never think they will end up a murder victim or die by shark attack so, too, most are convinced that they could never actually be one of those people who end up in hell. But people do get murdered, they do get taken by sharks and real people do go to Hell.< Less

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