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How to Make a Recreational Vehicle Your Home By Morion Webster
eBook (ePub): $1.84
Who wants to live in an RV? There are lots of answers to that question. People who are renting who want to keep their animals. People who want to live close to Nature and live lightly on the Earth.... More > Solar and wind power kits are even available for RVs. People who want low rent, privacy, a garden and animals. People who want their dwelling to be portable. Contractors working away from their home for months at a time. People whose main home is being built, rebuilt or extensively renovated. Relatives or caregivers who need to be near the person who requires care. People like my in-laws who would go to their RV on the lake instead of a summer cottage on the lake. RVs can be a solution for all of these living situations and more. But if they don’t know much about RVs, people might not realize RVs could be a their answer. So this ebook is written to tell people about how to live in an RV. This is not meant to be a technical users manual but rather to share information about the RV lifestyle< Less
Sharing Your Home With Feral Cats By Morion Webster
eBook (ePub): $2.01
You’ve noticed a shy cat hanging around, apparently homeless, but it runs from you when you try to approach it even though it wolfs down the food you leave. Or maybe you’ve noticed a... More > colony of cats living on their own in a vacant bush area, contending with cars, predators and insensitive people. And you wonder about how you could make their lives easier. Maybe you’ve fostered or adopted tame strays and now you wonder about having a feral cat or cats in your home... or in a barn... or on an acreage. But how to manage them if you can’t touch them? This cat rescuer with 30+ years experience shares her experiences and her solutions. Lots of photos.< Less
A Witch's Eco-Erotica By Morion Webster
eBook (ePub): $1.79
When you are sensually merged with Nature and open to the possibilities of Magic all connection becomes erotic. Time and space become irrelevant in love spells, in an ocean water rebirth ritual... More > during love making, in a Halloween blessing of ice and fire. Love making with Pan brings the cosmos into the body. And shamans tumble through time-space laughing and loving in different eras and genders. Have a care though, branches in the wood become creatures, a black widow practices earth healing and arbutus trees meld themselves into human body shapes. Erotic won’t be the same for you after these adventures....< Less
How to Get the Best Protection from Your Monitored Alarm System By Morion Webster
eBook (ePub): $2.03
Over the course of 18 years working in various positions in the security industry, this author has monitored alarm systems in both business and government settings, responding to both residential and... More > commercial alarms. While the technology has evolved in many innovative ways, she has seen the lack of communication between users and the industry increase. The result? Users are sometimes fined by emergency responders for false alarms and frustrated by an alarm system they don’t know how to control. Even worse, they are sometimes not protected when they think they are, due to central station and dealer practices. This ebook aims to inform the user about how alarm monitoring works and how to evaluate the level of protection provided.< Less
Online Work: What's In It for You? By Morion Webster
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Have you wondered if online work could be the solution you are looking for? --extra income for retirement or disability... --or enough income to change your lifestyle? This ebook was written in... More > plain language by an online explorer looking for income for her disability. It gives an overview of what kinds of work you can find online. It also gives a list of online opportunities you can try out for free and where to look for more opportunities. If you've been wondering whether online work is for you, you owe it to yourself to read this ebook.< Less
A Guide to Audio Frequencies for Healing Rescue Animals, Pets & People By Morion Webster
eBook (ePub): $2.78
Are you struggling to medicate a resistant child or pet? Or maybe you’re concerned about taking too many pills yourself? There’s an easier, safer way. Listen to your medicine! Audio... More > frequencies can help you, your child and your pet, feel better, sleep better, relieve pain, relieve stress, enhance mood and lose weight. And you don’t have to keep returning to the store for a refill. You purchase an audio frequency once and then listen to it whenever you need it. The author of this book, an animal rescuer, began using an audio frequency to help a wild rescue cat with jaw cancer. The frequency helped the cat dramatically so the author began exploring audio frequencies for her rescue cats and herself and found a whole new world of natural remedies.This ebook describes what she learned about the different types of audio frequencies, the different ways in which they work and where they may be purchased.< Less
Dvoye dlya tragedii. Tom I By Anna Morion
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
АННА МОРИОН ДВОЕ ДЛЯ ТРАГЕДИИ.... More > ТОМ I Начало XXI века. Чехия. Прага. Вампир Седрик Морган давно устал от жизни и разочаровался в мире. Но, после встречи со странной девушкой Вайпер Владинович, его жизнь круто меняется. Вайпер, наслышанная о дурной славе Седрика, совершенно не рада знакомству с ним и не знает о том, что за его холодностью стоит ужасная тайна. Но и Седрик не рад этой встрече, потому что начинает чувствовать незнакомые ему чувства и пытается убить их, ведь Вайпер – всего лишь человек и всегда им будет: бессмертие не передается смертным. [CODE-ART]< Less
Dvoye dlya tragedii. Tom II By Anna Morion
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
АННА МОРИОН ДВОЕ ДЛЯ... More > ТРАГЕДИИ Том II Попрощавшись в пражском аэропорту с возлюбленной, Седрик даже не подозревает о том, что самолет, уносящий Вайпер в Бразилию, стал для нее тюрьмой. Теперь влюбленных разделяют не только тысячи километров, но и вампир, осведомленный об их тайне, и он сделает все, чтобы избавить мир от единственного свидетелеля, знающего о существовании вампиров. [CODE-ART]< Less
Moy ledyanoy printz By Anna Morion
Paperback: $38.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
АННА МОРИОН МОЙ ЛЕДЯНОЙ... More > ПРИНЦ Юная вампирша Миша Мрочек решительно настроена начать самостоятельную жизнь и поступить в Оксфордский университет. Успешно преодолев сопротивление семьи, она улетает в Оксфорд, полная надежд и мечтаний. Но взрослая жизнь оказалась совсем не такой радужной, как представляла себе Миша, никогда ранее не бывавшая в человеческом обществе. Люди, правила, по которым они живут… Все это ново и незнакомо. И страшно. И как только эта юная скромная вампирша сможет влиться в человеческое общество? А тут еще и Фредрик Харальдсон – вампир, с которым Мише запретили общаться, и, как назло, свалившийся как снег на ее голову… [CODE-ART]< Less
ARMS & ARMOUR of Archduke Eugen, 1927 Auction Catalog By Ron Ruble
Paperback: $27.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a reprint of the 1927 auction catalog that sold the Arms and Armour collection of the Archduke Eugen from the armory at Fortress Hohenwerfen near Salzburg, Austria. The entire content... More > from the armory (over 2000 individual items) was sold in 1155 auction lots on March 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, 1927 in New York. The catalog has over 102 photographs showing 290 of the items in the sale including 10 suits of armor. Original copies of the 1927 Archduke Eugen Arms and Armour auction catalog are almost impossible to find and they are greatly desired by arms and armor collectors for its historical significance and valued reference of early weapons and armour from the 15th to 19 century. Original title of the 1927 auction catalog, sale number 2140 by The Anderson Galleries, New York, was “The Great Historical collection of Arms & Armour, the entire contents of the Armoury, Fortress Hohenwerfen near Salzburg, Austria, Inherited & Augmented by H. I. & R. H. Archduke Eugen, F. M.”.< Less

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