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Becoming True Saviors of Men By Samuel Richardson
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Conventions, habits, and innocent esoteric behaviors among LDS members have been isolated from the world, having been passed on from generation to generation, thus insidiously turning into an image... More > that is often quite abrasive to others. Additionally, most have become so distant from worldly attitudes, that we seldom understand those who are not LDS. Our interactions with others, therefore – though innocent in their intent – have often offended non-LDS people, and even new members. This book will enlighten the reader on ways we can repair our relationship with the world, and with others. This book also offers new insights into addressing issues that have arisen due to member behavior, as well as those offered lately by opposers. Thus, we can help reduce the numbers of those who leave the Church, while increasing the number of truly converted souls.< Less
End of Grace By K Thomas Murphy
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It’s payback time for the decades of posthumous baptisms performed by the Mormon Church, however the two men behind the scheme may get more than they bargained for. At first, it’s a... More > curiosity. But when the campaign begins to affect their revenue stream the Mormon hierarchy reacts aggressively; sweeping their own investigator, Kay Summers up with the offenders.< Less
Have Humor Will Travail By Neven Gibbs
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An eclectic selection of humorous stories, jokes, one liners, ethnic, religious, news headlines and comments equally applied to offend, er, um, amuse everyone. A mix of original and choice humor... More > that can be used to inflict on innocent bystanders and coworkers with malice aforethought. Enjoy!< Less
The Adventures of Jesus and Chief Running Dog: Volume 1, Part 1 By Daisy Charles, Ph.D.
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The adventures of Jesus and Chief Running Dog is a parody of the Mormon story about Jesus coming to America and converting some Native American People to Christianity. The story is a tripped-out,... More > supernatural adventure involving all kinds of weird stuff - like spirits, dreams, and dimensional portals. There's also some beer. A note of caution: the drawings in this volume are raw. They're really raw. If you don't like raw stuff, then don't buy this book. But if you like weird, alternative, indie, underground-type stuff, then buy this book. Another note of caution: if you'd be offended by a story with Jesus smoking pot in it, don't buy this book. Or Jesus drinking beer. That, too.< Less

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