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The Mornings After By Ali L. Hall
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In my mind, pregnancy would be a time of reading The New Yorker aloud to my baby in utero, Bach streaming gently in through a pair of Bose headphones laid tenderly over my belly, as a doting husband... More > shopped at Dean & DeLuca’s to satisfy my every craving. Instead, I endured pregnancy with psychotherapy, Reiki, and hikes with my dog Buddy. My pregnancy came on the heels of a short marriage and a quick divorce while I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. The father of the baby wanted nothing to do with it, proclaiming that he was done with the “World Series of Pain,” his name for our relationship. The Mornings After is an account of my nine-month journey during which I prepared emotionally for motherhood, faced the mistakes of my past, and lived a life in stark contrast to that of my conservative, religious neighbors. My family and friends were thousands of miles away, but their love and support never wavered. This is how it felt to bring someone new into the world, and how it changed my life.< Less
The Morning After By Jim Johst
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This is the first published work by poet James Johst. Originally published in 1975. Other poetry collections and children's books are also available from this author.
Mornings... By Marie Winterthur
eBook (ePub): $5.62
After a first night, may a real love story start ? More or less, this is the question a man and a woman is likely to ask. Actually, early mornings are not always glamorous or could even be «... More > bluesy ». On the contrary, other mornings are bringing a lot of good or funny surprises…< Less
Night After Morning By Mark Asato
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A short story set in a post apocalyptic world where air is tainted and resources are hard to find. Three friends trying to survive against the elements, and themselves. Discover the truth and fight... More > the fear.< Less
Breakfast in Bed: The Morning After By Thom Pastor
eBook (PDF): $2.50
The morning after can extend a fantastic night or land like a thud with hangover and regret. Amarett and I set out to offer a blueprint for the former. This book contains a handful of recipes and... More > tips sure to impress your overnight companion. This book wouldn't be complete without two stunning examples of women any man would die to be cooking for.< Less
Place Setting - The Morning After By Jordan A. Marquis
eBook (ePub): $2.95
This second installment to the first short story created by Jordan Marquis entitled "Place Setting" recreates the events after the wedding. Jordan takes the reader on a short but... More > emotionally fulfilling journey into the lives of two people who are adjusting to married life in very different ways. Regardless of the situations written, there are some important lessons to take away from this.< Less
Love Story Vol. 1: The Morning After By Travis Montez
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Love Story Vol 1: The Morning After is a collection of honest, vulnerable, and raw poems about relationships.
Love Story Vol. 1: The Morning After By Travis Montez
Paperback: $20.00
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A collection of poetry about the hopeful, passionate, vulnerable, intimate moments that occur when you are falling in love.
On The Edge of Morning By Lynne Britton
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Jesse is 17 and haunted by a dream that she can't remember even though she has an eidetic memory, (she never forgets anything). Soon after she was 16, she lost everything that had kept her sane in a... More > world that rejected her, (the glade in the attic, the boy she'd found there, her friend she'd found in a dream, all of it) and started having a dream that repeated itself every night, but she couldn't remember it when she woke up. The fact that she couldn't remember it was disconcerting in itself, but the dream also made her feel apprehensive. Something was going to happen soon and it was imperative she be prepared., but for what? Who was watching her? What did they want? Why was she sleepwalking? The answers were there in her mind, in the dream she couldn't remember. The path was laid before her, but how could she follow it, how could she be prepared, when she had nothing but feelings to guide her?< Less
Adam in the Morning By Dwight Cathcart
Paperback: $25.98
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Adam in the Morning is about men and women who fought in the Stonewall riots in June and early July, 1969. They ask each other, "What's happening here?" They talk politics, they throw... More > bricks and molotov cocktails at the cops, they get bloodied, and they read The Wretched of the Earth by Franz Fanon. They have sex. They lose their fear and understand their world has profoundly changed. They discuss big issues: What can we do to change our world? Am I strong enough? Are there enough of us? They are ready for the Revolution. Bo, the carpenter, thinks of starting a home for the street kids but also something even more dramatic, and Andrew, his partner, is starting a newspaper. Joseph, the actor, has fallen in love but can fight better than any of the rest of them. One of them says after the last night's riot, "It's as if we've got more space in the city." They are committed to their cause, to each other, to all of people on the street, and their eyes look to the future.< Less

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