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Morrigan By Charles Morgan
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A collection of Celtic poems on the themes of life, love and death as represented by the Celtic goddess The Morrigan.
The Morrigan By Lyz Russo
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(The Solar Wind V): “Actually, interesting fact of bygone eras,” said Federi, “in prior centuries pirates chose their captains democratically.” ... Radomir Lascek is in... More > trouble. Of all the forces that are trying to take the Solar Wind out of his hands, Federi is still the most benign... at the end of the trip there may be a treasure, or there may not. Is it worth risking the crew's lives?...(Cover picture and back cover picture by< Less
Convictions By Julie Morrigan
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An abducted child. A family destroyed by grief and guilt. A man of God. When 12-year-old Tina Snowdon and her little sister Annie gratefully accept a lift from a helpful stranger, she has no way of... More > knowing that only one of them will make it home. As Tina’s life is torn apart by pain and recrimination, the only evidence the police have points to George Cotter, a pillar of the local church. But as the investigation continues, it seems that perhaps a deeper and more disturbing truth may lie behind little Annie’s abduction … ‘Convictions’ is the first novel by Julie Morrigan, the critically-acclaimed author of short story collection ‘Gone Bad’.< Less
Fire Among the Stars : A collection of Art, Poetry, and Zen Expression By Morrigan Oran
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A collection of poems inspired by zen and spiritual practice, including interpretive artwork by the author, accompanying each poem!
Of Brilliance and Failure By William Morrigan
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This is a brief story of an incident that has happened only once in the entirety of the universe. There were two witnesses and one victim. This is the version written by the victim.
Rise to power a vampire 's story. By Morrigan wells
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this is about a condemn warlock that fakes his own death . at one time he was a great doctor but he becomes mad with power and becomes something that no one has ever seen before . his lust for blood... More > and souls makes him a new kind of breed. and this is the story of the vampire breed.< Less
Hitler and the War By William Morrigan
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This is a quick outline of information I prepared for a college history course on Hitler and more specific points of the war, some seldom addressed (References included in text)
Heartbreaker By Julie Morrigan
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All Johnny Burns ever wanted was to be in a band. When he and his best friend Tom Watson founded Heartbreaker, they realised their wildest dreams a hundred times over. When Alex Weston is hired to... More > ghostwrite a book about the life of Johnny Burns and his band — from playing down-and-dirty pubs and clubs in the sixties, through the excesses of seventies stadium rock to eighties meltdown — even she isn’t prepared for the depths of excess, betrayal and guilt that she uncovers. At the heart of the Heartbreaker story lies the tragic deaths of two members of a band at the very summit of its success — deaths wrapped in a web of secrets and lies. As Alex sets out to learn more and digs deeper into the past, she is forced to realise that she may have to confront Johnny’s part in the devastating events of all those years ago …< Less
Gone Bad By Julie Morrigan
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This short story collection features a rare cast of characters: flawed, foul-mouthed, misguided and downtrodden, all of whom might be said to have, in one way or another, ‘gone bad’. This... More > is strong stuff, no holds barred and no punches pulled. You wouldn’t want to be sharing the last bus home with these people! Gone Bad has the distinctive flavour of north east England and gathers together 18 titles, mixing ‘flash fiction’ pieces with longer reads. Within the pages you can meet a murderous little boy, a psychotic Scouse backing singer, and a wannabe crime fiction writer with a penchant for hands-on research. Add to that a dishonest lottery winner, predatory girlfriend, long-suffering private detective and would-be rapist and you’re starting to get the lie of the land. Gone Bad is this prize-winning UK writer’s first collection of short stories< Less
The Filianic Scriptures: New Celestial Union Version, Revised Second Edition (Hardcover) By Sarah Morrigan
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The Filianic Scriptures express a Mythos that is very ancient, appearing in, for example, the Pelasgian creation myth and in the earliest and feminine form of the Mythos of the descent to the... More > underworld Other texts provide a clear exposition of major themes in the Sophia Perennis.< Less