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MOTHER By Vicki lee Zell
Paperback: $6.25
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Mother is a tale of family. Values. Trust. Honesty. Forgiveness. When Carly Laden marries Dorian Shiffer, more than what meets the eye is in store for everyone involved. Dorian harbors a dark secret.... More > It is a secret that hurls the Laden Family into a hell on earth. What lurks deep within those woods surrounding Laden Estate? Who is the Brunette Strangler? What happened to Carly? Whose dead body lays in Decker Laden's van? And, is Decker a killer, or just the mouse in a game of Cat and Mouse? The townsfolk of Burl believe they have the answers. They are gathering at Dorothy Mae's house to discuss what they know or think they know. So stop by and take a seat. Have a cup of coffee, or perhaps you will indulge with the others and have yourself a shot of moonshine. No matter. Sit back. Relax. Listen up to the tall tale. Decide for yourself, what is truth, what is fiction.< Less
Healing From Mother Earth By YoonOk Kim
Hardcover: $27.45
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I am a Walking Miracle! So as YOU! I believe in miracles! I am not waiting somebody to come to perform miracles! Let’s work together to heal our mother earth!
Earth Mother Funk By Carla Easterling
eBook (PDF): $5.25
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"Earth Mother Funk" is the first offering from a trilogy known as the "The Trine of One Earth Mother". A luscious collection of disceptively simple poems, original art, and... More > textured prose, "Earth Mother Funk" is a bit of serendipitous magic coalesced during Katrina & Rita, the two hurricanes which brought over-whelming tragedy to New Orleans. The Big Easy is the muse for many artists of all kinds with her carefree regard, eloquent past, and joie de vivre; a thing of beauty always. "Earth Mother Funk" is a recognition of that beauty.< Less
More Funk, Earth Mother By Carla Easterling
eBook (PDF): $5.25
Second of the Earth Mother series, "More Funk, Earth Mother" is a collection of art, poetry, and prose that reflects and illuminates the world of a dedicated Earth Mother.
Walking With Earth Mother By Kenneth Walterhouse
Paperback: $18.20
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pictures of where I go hiking to show the beauty of Mother Earth, and how we need to help her
Mother Earth 3 By Joseph Corso
Paperback: $12.30
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Climb a rainbow ladder to the Heavens.
The Mother Earth and the Vines By Alireza Boroumand
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Children are the beauties of life. Every child brings lots of grace to their parents and lots of joy and happiness to the family. But they don't know anything about this world. They have to learn... More > just about everything and perhaps the most important one is Love. It's to know the value of love and to know how to distinguish the real love and to realize that only their parents offer true love without asking anything in return. This is a great lesson of life if they know it they will take full responsibility to become fully dedicated parents in the future. The can grow healthy and strong boys and loving, kind and generous girls. This way the life has a path. The path has a meaning and of course it definitely has a purpose. A purpose which is worth to know and worth to follow and reach. This little story teaches about the real Love and it's value. It tells them a great lesson in simple words. Give it to your children as a gift and they will remember it forever.< Less
GAIA: Earth Spirit and Mother By January Sedlak
Hardcover: $50.00
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This is a photo book that guides one along on the truths in life while providing glimpses at the small things in the world around us.
Mother Earth and Her Relations By E. C. Montana
eBook (PDF): $11.19
This poem collection takes a close look at the history of Native Americans and their strive to preserve the Earth, our Mother PLEASE NOTE: The download fond is larger!
The Continuing Legends of Mother Earth By Grey Bear
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My book The Continuing Legends of Mother Earth will be a collection fictional legends that are happening throughout the universe. The first legend “The Two-Sided Mirror" is based in a time... More > when world war two historical events were happening. This legend puts the world in a state turmoil not only on earth because of the world war but in the supernatural world also. RedEagle's family along with friendly spirits fight not only on earth but in the spirit world to prevent evil humans and demons from taking over our world and plunging the human race into slavery or non-existence.< Less

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