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Eruptions and Explosions: Real Tales of Violent Outbursts By Judy Dodge Cummings
eBook (PDF): $7.99
The energy released when volcanoes erupt, engines combust, or bombs explode is impressive. But this power also kills. Eruptions and Explosions: Real Tales of Violent Outbursts recounts the history... More > of five blowups that continued to rattle the world long after the smoke had cleared. From a mountaintop in Indonesia to an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the explosions explored here caused widespread peril and destruction. The Mystery & Mayhem series delves into fascinating tidbits of history to provide kids with a jumping-off point into a lifelong habit of appreciating history.< Less
Story of Prophet Noah (Nuh) In Islam Faith By Muham Sakura Dragon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Prophet Nuḥ ibn Lamech ibn Methuselah known as Prophet Noah in the Old Testament, is recognized in Islam as a prophet and apostle of God (Arabic: الله‎ Allah). He is... More > a highly important figure in Islamic tradition, as he is counted amongst the earliest prophets sent by God to mankind. According to Islam, Noah's mission was to save a wicked world, plunged in depravity and sin. God charged Noah with the duty of preaching to his people to make them abandon idolatry and to worship only the One Creator and to live good and pure lives. Although he preached the Message of God with immense zeal, his people refused to mend their ways, leading to his building of the Ark and the famous event of the Deluge, the Great Flood in which all the evil people of his time perished. The influence of Noah's preaching and prophet-hood spanned 950 years according to Quran.< Less

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Giving Back Giving Back By James Jones & Jody Fuson
Paperback: $12.95
Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00
Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
Paperback: $10.00