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Bowel Movements By DS Blake
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The history of modern art can be a confusing series of movements and -isms, seemingly almost designed to confuse and alienate the layperson. Bowel Movements cuts through the confusion, offering a... More > guide to the currents and trends, arranged in chronological order, explaining each with reference to one of the most universal of human experiences: taking a dump. This humorous cartoon book contains rude words and pictures. A perfect gift for anyone who loves art, poo jokes or perhaps even both.< Less
The Ouroboros Movement By Joe Garber
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A group of adolescents sneak into a museum after hours to destroy the art.
Fleeting Movement By Melissa Robbins
Paperback: $11.10
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Catalog of BA Senior Exhibition in Photography. Sequential photography of human action in black and white archival pigment prints.
Own the Walls: A Study of the Graffiti and Street Art Movements By Abigail Schwab
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A study of the graffiti and street art movements from their ancient roots to today. Exploring the differences and similarities between the movements, this study also takes into account the effect of... More > graffiti on such disciplines as architecture and urban planning.< Less
Cabaret Mechanical Movement: Understanding Movement and Making Automata By Gary Alexander
Paperback: $16.28
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"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Cabaret Mechanical Movement book - it explained some complex ideas around Newtonian mechanics in an erudite and highly readable way without spraining my... More > mind." - Ben Russell (Curator of Mechanical Engineering - Science Museum London). This book takes the would be maker from light mechanical theory through the basic mechanisms to tips on constructing simple moving toys, sculpture or automata. Examples come from the world famous collection of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, with over 200 B&W Illustrations but no detailed plans - you need to use your own imagination! Sold over 12,000 copies since 1998. Chapters: Who, What, Why?, Some Principles, Levers, Shafts, Cranks, Cams, Springs, Linkages, Ratchets, Drives & Gearing, Control, The Checklist, Bibliography, Index. Published by Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, a museum that pops-up globally to delight its visitors with witty examples of the automata makers art. Find out more about CMT here:< Less
"Enter MOVEMENT 5" By Stanley Martin
Paperback: $16.33
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MOVEMENT 5 is derived from the "Art of Science/Science of Art" in Stanley Alexander Martin's THEORY OF EVERYTHING...
Movements of Blue - Selection of Works By Jacob-Aaron Knowles
eBook (PDF): $6.48
Jake Knowles is a registered Artist of Abstract Expressionism. He started painting in March 2004 and since then he has sold over 130 pieces of work with commission going to local Charities and other... More > Worldly Organisations. He is becoming more popular in the Art world with his unique style. This book contains a small collection of his work from 2004 to 2008. Each book sold, a percentage will go to his favourite Charity helping those who are suffering with Cancer. Jake Knowles, or more recent, known as Jacob-Aaron has announced a new book which will be published during 2013. This new projects explores recent Works of his Art and Photography.< Less
Nanba Flow Movements By William Reed
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Nanba is the Japanese Art of Physical Finesse. It has applications in sports, music, the performing and martial arts. This visual guide to the 7 basic movements of Nanba Flow provides illustrations... More > and tips on how to perform the movements and get into Flow.< Less
Architectural Movement Notation By Corissa Leveille
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This thesis looks to question the preexisting singular notational systems and tries to merge them together to create a comprehensive analytical tool for gauging the interactions between architecture... More > and the human body. By studying the basic principles of dance notations by Ecole de Beaux Arts trained Rudolf Van Laban to the post-modern experiencial architectural notations by Halprin, Lynch and Theil, this work will explore how and why a current notation has not previously existed as well as find a break through in a new architectural method of thought.< Less
Esprit: The Third Movement By Alvin Conway
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What awakens the soul to knowledge of the divine: Love, art, beauty, tribulation, music, light, nature, God? Perhaps all of these facets are part of the human experience, and consequently, all are... More > essential components of the concept of what comprises spirituality. What is it that moves upon the soul? Can the light of it be told? Where does it start? In the mind, or in the heart? Take a poetic journey through the luminous gateway of Romanticism, as we explore the essence of being, being aware, and becoming.< Less