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Best eBook on how to Choose Your MP3 Player By
eBook (PDF): $4.69
How to choose your MP3 Player Ebook and Where to get 750 000 MP3 Music Downloads Club Quarterly Magazine... This e-book covers all the topics below: Table of Contents: Introduction History of MP3... More > What are my choices of MP3 player What kind of MP3 user are you? What features do I need? MP3 players for Exercise MP3 Players for travel Compatibility of MP3 players and track formats Where do I get MP3 music free? Accessories that work with my MP3 player How many tracks can I get on my MP3 player? Useful websites< Less
How to Create and Manage Mp3 Songs By Jeff Palmer
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Our e-book will show you how to get the best software to rip, edit, normalise, convert, verify, play, organize and backup your audio files. We will let you know about the best software programs,... More > where to download them and what they do for you to accomplish each step.< Less
Each Book's Description, CD's and MP3's. By John Holland
eBook (PDF): $0.00
These are descriptions of Books, Music, MP's that are purchasable in Lulu or direct by me which describe and allow you to experience a world where there is a base that is existential but shows you a... More > way to find your creative and sharing as a self aware person just for yourself. There are Workshops for everyone in Creative Management and Sensitivity. Books 6 to 9 are in fact theme based descriptions that work into real science but seen from a real modelling that is noramlly blocked, even for the scientist. Book 10 which is still in 2 Parts is a reduced description with exercises and roleplaying of Book 2 + 3... Further information is also in the German and English languages in See also You Tude Channel:< Less
User Manual for Generic MP3/MP4 Players By Sean Snyder
eBook (PDF): $5.00
”User Manual for Generic MP3 and MP4 Players” Is an interactive user manual with the World Wide Web, with easy to follow instructions. Learn how to use iTunes with your Generic MP4... More > player. All the software you need for Music and Video conversion are included. Learn how to extend the battery life How to adjust the settings, what programs are best for music management. Learn how to convert and load those eBooks you have. You will learn troubleshooting techniques including how to fix problems, like "Disk error" "Disk Empty"..Songs only playing for a few seconds e.t.c. Record and save voice recordings. Learn how to get the device from turning itself off when you don't want it to. With my easy to follow instructions you will be loading and watching videos, listening to music, using the voice recorder, reading eBooks, even recording music from your favorite radio stations. * This product saved my life. I was ready to throw my MP4 against the wall. A+++++< Less
Codificación de Audio Escalable MP3 By Jose Antonio García Sánchez
eBook (PDF): $18.90
Técnica de codificación de audio escalable, a partir del formato MP3.
Codificación de Audio Escalable MP3 By Jose Antonio García Sánchez
Paperback: $33.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
Técnica de codificación de audio escalable, a partir del formato MP3.
The “People Power” Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 10. Music Knowledge - Resources, Internet Music, Free Mp3s By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $5.00
My music appreciation is primal. It's about what the music makes me feel when I hear it for the first time and succeeding times after that. Does it instill any powerful feelings within me or is it... More > just more of that generic pablum that's going across the mainstream airwaves all the time as a matter of marketing course? Does it have some melody or purity of sound to it? Does it take me away to some transcendent place? Does it move my emotions? Does it have great lyrics? Was there a lot of secondary mixing in the background to make it a truly extraordinary, sophisticated masterpiece? Music to me either stands on its own or doesn't. I don't particularly care who the artist is. Just because it's put out by a so-called pop star doesn't mean that it's good music. All the technology in the world can't give music soul or passion.< Less
What? A simple Method to Understand English: Handbook for Improving Listening Skills with Podcast MP3s By Jade Mitchell
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Many learners of English find the English language difficult to understand and they cannot understand native speakers. Are you looking to improve your listening skills in English by yourself, but... More > don't know how or where to begin? 30 days and 10 minutes a day is all it takes to understand English at a higher level. Discover the method to use free podcast MP3s effectively to improve your understanding of English wherever you are, as part of a busy day.< Less
Learn/Listen to Haitian Creole MP3 Dialogues, Phrases, Words + Audio Expressions, Sayings for Everyone Everywhere - Aprann/Koute Dyalòg MP3, Fraz, Pwovèb, Mo + Odyo Ekspresyon Kreyòl Pou Tout Moun Toupatou By Urban Books Press / Joseph J. Charles
eBook (ePub): $9.99
"Learn/Listen to Haitian Creole MP3 Dialogues, Phrases, Words + Audio Expressions, Sayings for Everyone Everywhere - Aprann/Koute Dyalòg MP3, Fraz, Pwovèb, Mo + Odyo Ekspresyon... More > Kreyòl Pou Tout Moun..." is a podcast-compatible ( series of MP3 dialogues, phrases, words, and audio expressions whose focus is to get you to speak and understand Haitian Creole in a short time. The lessons are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and place you into various Haitian locales where you will most likely hear and practice the language. Each lesson is designed to help you build your vocabulary and increase your cultural knowledge. If you like "Learn Haitian Creole in One Week..." and other similar titles, you will like this ebook too. Go to to get the accompanying audio or MP3 files.< Less
Downloading Music Today By D Lawson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
If you listen to Internet radio stations or any other kind of music playing on the Internet, you can use a program to record what you hear. The drawback is that the resulting music will be... More > low-quality in comparison to what you can get from a CD or paid download.< Less