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Payback By Ross Lindsay Barber
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Johnny Feltham is a SAS soldier who loves the life. Unfortunately, he is badly injured in battle. The Army discharges him because it does not accept less than 100%... Disillusioned that he cannot put... More > his SAS skills to good use, he travels to America where he finds employment as a gun for hire. Feltham is on the run from the NYPD and FBI, but eludes them and flees to Australia. In Sydney, he lives a life of ease, working for a mysterious Mr. Smith, again as a gun for hire. Unbeknown to Feltham. Special FBI Agent, Chuck Harigan has been relentlessly after him. He teams up with the AFP and they track him down to Bondi Beach where the former SAS ace has been living. Feltham aware that Harigan and the AFP are after him decides to flee to sunny Queensland. However, they intercept him at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which he endeavours to cross at the top. A struggle against the elements and each other ensues during which some tragic truths are revealed about them. There is a tragic twist at the end of the story.< Less
Sonny Liston's Eyes & Collected Plays By Keith G. Laufenberg
eBook (ePub): $1.09
THE SIX PLAYS SUMMARIZED: In “Sonny Liston's Eyes” we see a former boxer who knew Liston personally, fly to New York where a mafia hit-man would convince him that he had not only been... More > hired to eliminate Liston but also JFK and was responsible, or knew who was responsible for every other high-profile assassination of the second half of the 20th Century. In “Bad Medicine” we see why America's health care system is not only broken but the actual cause for innumerable unneeded deaths. In “Big Sugar” we see a Jamaican giant who is a living savior to the homeless in the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, while in “The Sheik Is Dead” we see a realtor who is also a comedian, use his many voices and disguises to pull off a $12 million dollar real estate swindle; in “Mr. Payback” we see a nightclub comedian who insults audience members and paid the ultimate price for doing so to the wrong person and in “The Gun” we see why as long as we have so many guns in America we will have too many killings.< Less
Street Life By Keith G. Laufenberg
eBook (ePub): $1.09
Streetlife is a collection of stories that focuses on, and vividly reveals the harsh realities of life on the streets in America. It shows the edges of those streets and how we can easily fall... More > through the cracks in the Capitalist system to end up there with little more than one unfortunate circumstance. In “Liberty City,” the longest of these stories, we see that there is much more poverty and hopelessness than liberty in Liberty City, a Miami ghetto, as we are taken inside the lives of many of the residents, the majority of whom live hand-to-mouth daily existences to move further up the ladder and out of the neighborhood. In “Mr. Payback” we see an aspiring comedian attack the wrong audience members, and the horrific conclusion to that unforeseen casual confrontation. These offerings, as well as the rest will keep the reader on edge until the story, and book, are finished.< Less
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