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In the late seventies, Donato, a man growing up in rural Oregon becomes obsessed with finding the intangible by climbing mountain peaks. This quest for cosmic knowledge borders on the twilight zone... More > and is driven by karma floating on a river of nostalgia. His spirit guide, a knee-high cane toad accompanies him in a surreal journey around the world until he accidentally finds what he is looking for in the deepest gorge in North America. “A witty, Rabelaisian road story about one man’s search for what matters.” - Kirkus Reviews< Less
The First Day of School: The Playground By Carly Glantz
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This book is designed to help children who will be playing on the playground for the first time. It is a social story that portrays experiences when playing on the playground. The illustrations are... More > photographs of children in these situations.< Less
Améliorer une Terre lourde By Nicolas Larzillière
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Ce guide pratique vous montrera étape par étape comment améliorer durablement une terre argileuse grâce aux engrais verts, composts et paillis.
Making a Garden of Perennials By W.C. Egan
eBook (PDF): $2.05
Making a Garden of Perennials by W.C. Egan. Published in 1912. Care for the garden the old fashioned way, with tips including Preparing the beds; Winter mulching; Summer mulching; Plant combinations;... More > Weeding; Dependable perennials etc. Contains some illustrations.< Less
Organic Gardening and Almanac By Gordon O'Neil
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An easy to follow guide into organic gardening for all. Pictures and identification of pests and diseases, complete with organic methods of elimination. Also includes an in-depth section on... More > companion planting which shows which plants are beneficial and not beneficial for each other.< Less
Guide to Organic Gardening By Eric Waggoner
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A guide to basic organic (natural) gardening. From planning your garden, how to pick the right plants, setting up a woodchip (mulch) garden, how to plant, garden maintenance and what is the... More > difference between organic and natural gardening.< Less
Garden Supplies: IRS Audit Techniques Guide By Internal Revenue Service
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The types of taxpayers that are found in the garden supplies market segment are varied. Many taxpayers have both wholesale and retail aspects to their businesses. They include garden centers,... More > greenhouses, nurseries, equipment dealers, mulch companies, lawn services, and landscapers. Occasionally taxpayers use garden supplies PIA codes when other codes are more appropriate. Examples of this include florists, feed mills, and service providers. This ATG concentrates on the retail and wholesale aspects of garden supplies rather than the service aspect (such as lawn service and landscaping). Following the general background information, the ATG will be divided into chapters focusing separately on garden centers and equipment dealers, greenhouses, nurseries, and mulch companies. Some of the information in these chapters may overlap, since some of the characteristics are similar. However, the separate chapters were designed for the convenience of the examining officer.< Less
Gardening: Developing the Perfect Garden By Tosa Silviu Razvan
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This e-book include next chapters: 1.Developing the perfect garden: Utilize the zone gardening method 2.Five-Minute gardening 3.Invest in a good set of gardening tools 4.Growing a healthy... More > garden 5.Cultivate a perfectly volely garden spot: Mulch your flowerbeds regularly 6.Houseplants 101 7. 21 Gardening Tips< Less
"How to Create a Worm Farm That Works!" By Lynda Ford
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A simple, straight forward 'How-To' Guide to establishing a successful and productive Worm Farm using compost worms, to recycle your family's organic household waste.Due to compost worms preference... More > for manures,kitchen waste, mulch, leaf litter and other decomposing organic material to live in, they are our perfect waste converter companions and best harnessed to do this job by being placed into a ‘managed’ worm farm, rather than released directly into the soil.The benefits of creating a worm farm will be felt not only by your own household, but also by your garden productivity and our natural environment. Why not start one today?< Less
Organic Gardening Tips By Zahid Digi Books
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Are You Willing To Learn About Organics gardening And make Your Life Better Today? Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics To Start Your Own Organic Garden! Over the last few years, home gardening has gotten... More > to be an increasingly popular past-time and hobby. As a matter of fact, studies demonstrate that home gardening is at an all time high in America today. In the U.S. 8 out of 10 households take part in some sort of home gardening activity. Obviously, from the number of individuals that are doing it, home gardening is among the most popular recreational activities in the nation and organic gardening is also on the rise. Get all the info you need here. This is what you're getting from this ultimate guide to organic gardening: + Container Gardening + Growing Herbs + Organic Mulching For Free + The Location + Green Watering + and much more< Less

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