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Bounty (Special Edition) By Harper Alexander
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Scandalously accused of murder in his hometown, Godren is compelled to flee for his innocent life, only to take up crime for survival on the streets. He knew he would have to adapt - but he never... More > meant to adapt so well. Too late, he learns he has woven a reputation into the interests of corrupt professionals - namely Mastodon, the crime queen of the city. A sorceress of sorts, she has been avoided by the law more than hunted. But bounty hunters are becoming increasingly reckless in character, unbound by the particulars of the law, and realizing their capacity to grapple with her. Due to their evolving nerve, Mastodon has put a price on their own heads. Godren faces the half-commission, half-coercion of leading a new breed of bounty hunter against the originals, when all he wants is to escape the injustice of the corrupt world he has been plunged into. Will there prove to be no honor in survival? Or does fate work in mysterious ways, and do the forsaken still shelter secret ambitions?< Less
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The Hangman's Garden By Patricia Bow
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Nora Brooke drowned last year. Her heart stopped: long enough to leave, deep inside, a shadow of death that opened her to other shadows. Coming to Holdfast Island for remedial school, Nora finds a... More > garden in the woods: an old, overgrown prison yard. She enters by a gate that then vanishes, glimpses a restless figure who is suddenly gone, and finds thousands of blue flowers like watching eyes. She finds friends, especially irrepressible Jack McKie. And Adam: seen in the prison ruin and met underwater while swimming, when Nora nearly drowns again. A local boy, they think, until they learn of an old tragedy. Three teens died here: Ursula stabbed, Graham hanged, Adam drowned. Triple suicide? Or murder? Adam says he loved Ursula but lost her. Now he’s bound here. Questions swarm. Why does Nora sleepwalk nearly to her death? Why is Jack suddenly accident-prone, like Graham? Who haunts the prison, where the warden, Adam’s grandfather, was called the Hangman? What will happen if Nora sets Adam free?< Less
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Welcome to Ambleton, a lovely coastal town full of charm, character and gratuitous violence. Dr Adam Monk has perfected his virus for the military which can reanimate the dead. Joseph Bishop was... More > diagnosed with a violent form of Delirium as a child, but even as a child he loved the sensation as the Delirium surged through his body. He never wanted it to be cured. Two local drug addicts attempt a robbery in Joseph’s store and he deals with them in his own unique way. A letter found in one of the drug addict’s pockets starts a violent series of murders and Joseph's escape from a police raid unleashes the walking dead. Joseph Bishop decides to leave his Kill Room, but first he has to deal with Carl and Simon. Bethany and Alice Meagan find themselves cornered in the alleyway behind Joseph’s store and have to fight their way back inside, only to be confronted by two more walking dead. Can Bethany and Alice get to their severely injured mother or will someone beat them to her?< Less
Afterhuman By Michael Cross
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THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS NOT WITH A BANG BUT A RERUN... What if the apocalypse had come and gone and no one noticed? What if the human race were already extinct but no one bothered to tell it?... More > What if our reality were just a program to entertain and feed those who've been here since before time began? Now a would-be pop culture messiah has arisen to liberate mankind through a new religion of nihilism, mass murder, and suicide. His latest acts of carnage threaten to destroy the carefully constructed web of deception that holds together our reality. To stop him, Caleb Darr has been sanctified as cop and executioner. A killer in his own right, Darr has no choice but to accept the assignment from an entity even more dangerous than himself. It's a mission that will lead him through a dizzying realm of Dionysian death parties, Internet human sacrifices, and the visions of a madman who seeks to bring about an apocalypse to end all apocalypses.< Less
Kapporos Then and Now: Toward a More Compassionate Tradition By Yonassan Gershom
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Every year, right before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, there is a cultural war in certain Jewish neighborhoods over a ceremony called Kapporos, in which a chicken is slaughtered just before the... More > holy day. The animal rights people show up claiming, “Meat is murder!” while the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews who practice this ceremony accuse the activists of antisemitism and violating their freedom of religion. Epithets fly and confrontations occur across the barricades, but nobody is really listening to each other. Rabbi Gershom seeks to build a bridge of understanding between these two warring camps. On the one hand, he opposes using live chickens as Kapporos, and, like many other religious Jews before him, advocates giving money to charity instead. But on the other hand, he is himself a Hasid who understands and believes in the kabbalistic principle of "raising holy sparks" so central to the ceremony. In fact, he says, it is that very mysticism that has led him not to use chickens for the ritual.< Less
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The Trey O'Hearts By Louis Joseph Vance
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THE TREY O'HEARTS (1914), starring George Larkin, Cleo Madison and Edward Sloman. Upgraded with a huge collection of now 75 original photographs, many from the personal collection of original cast... More > member and featured villain Edward Sloman -- including amazing behind-the-scenes production shots. A great serial jam-packed with action about Seneca Trine, an embittered man who vows to take revenge on Alan Law, son of his enemy who crippled him and ruined him in business. One of his twin daughters, Rose, is in love with Law, the other, Judith, sworn to kill him. The sign of death is a "trey of hearts" playing card with three bullet holes shot through it. This groundbreaking serial brought what was to be known as the cliff-hanger into full form and was the first to allow deathtraps and danger to drive it all the way through. It all builds to a wild murderous pursuit during a lightning storm, crashes, disaster, and even a shock/surprise ending. A sensation upon its original release.< Less
The Silver Secret By Sofia Leigh
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Meet Lily Silverheart. She’s a seventeen. Her mother is gone, and she's never met her father. Lily lives with her best friend and guardian, Ash, a very serious twenty-year old. Life... More > isn’t easy, but it’s good. When a mysterious stranger arrives at her work, a series of events unfold that find Lily running for her life in the dangerous, secret Underworld. The Underworld is full of Supernatural beings, the likes of which Lily has only read about in books. Whilst coming to terms with this new existent world, Lily and her friends become the subject of Dorian Midas’ attention, forcing Lily to fight for her life against his crew, the murderous Reapers. During her fight for survival, Lily meets several Supernatural and interesting friends who help her, and makes some dangerous enemies. And to top it all off, Lily is torn between her loyalty to Ash, and exciting new bad influence, Xavien. Can Lily stay alive, evade Dorian, and keep her love life in check? Being seventeen is no picnic.< Less
Daughter of the Morning By Kara Parsons
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Windsor Great Park - haunted by Herne the Hunter who calls the Yell Hounds to hunt souls, and is supposed to appear when the thoughts of man turn to murder. Cerian Pritchard - a young girl on her... More > first visit to Windsor who begins to see the spirits of the trees and the lake as her magic begins to awaken. Together these two unlikely people must battle the forces of the Dark Cerian Pritchard - a young girl on her first visit to Windsor who begins to see the spirits of the trees and the lake as her magic begins to awaken Together these two must battle the forces of the Dark - Ceri is the last of the Ancient Ones and a Guardian of the Light - and according to prophecies made over a century ago, when she came to Windsor she would be the Hunter's saviour. Their Quest takes them across time and space as they search for the key to the Hunter’s Salvation – but Dark forces are on the move, not least of whom is Morgana, half-sister to King Arthur and the greatest witch of them all.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00