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Mother Goose Murder By Madison Green
Paperback: $6.99
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Rosemary Gabriels walks right into a murder scene at a high school party. After that, bodies pop up all over town and the murderer enjoys tauntinh Rosemary with all the details. Rosemary must find... More > the murderer and prove her innocence.< Less
Mother$%#@ed! By Ronaldo Rincione
Hardcover: $35.88
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Eavesdrop on a maniac who, weary of his mother's constant physical, emotional and psychological abuse ends her evil existence by his own hand. Learn what drove him to the heinous act, and more... More > horribly, how he disposes of her body. Throughout you'll be exposed to the product of his matron's evil, catch him unawares as he tries to lend logic and reason to his horrible acts. You'll come to understand the power of her insidious words, her copious physical torment, wrought daily upon an innocent soul, who becomes warped beyond measure by her soulless treatment. Witness the cruelties laid upon him by an unfriendly world, his peers who despised him for being the only fat kid in their midst. Comprehend, perhaps for the first time, what vile, putrid fantasies such continual rejection, torment and relentless scorn are produced. See how it warps the narrator into the monster he ultimately becomes. Read on, courageous auditor, if you dare...< Less
A Mother's Lies By Mark Connolly
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Ed Walker Mysteries #5 Ed gets a mysterious call to meet a nervous woman on a stormy night. She needs him to find something from her past. Perhaps it was better left buried in yesterday, because it... More > has opened up a door that can't be closed again. "Misdirection, cover up, dirty deeds and deals. Keeps you guessing." DLF Review "Another fine Walker Mystery!" Reviews by Edgar< Less
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Mother's Day By Reyna Young
Paperback: $5.04
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Forgotten Tales is a series of short horror stories written by Miss Misery. Art Work by Mike Hampton.
A Mother's Silence By Mark Connolly
eBook (ePub): $1.29
Ed Walker Mysteries #3 A mother won't talk even after one of her children is killed. Walker has to try and break her down, while dealing with the murder of an old friend. Another winner! Both... More > somber and entertaining. DLF Review< Less
Mother's Helper By Lisamarie Lamb
Paperback: $9.41
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A woman is plagued by nightmares and soon begins to sleepwalk during which time she is chased by an unknown and invisible predator. She also begins to see visions, which start to make sense of her... More > life, but which she can't bring herself to believe. How can she save herself, and the world, when she doesn't believe the danger is real?< Less
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Mary Mother By Thelma Grace LAYT
Hardcover: $30.00
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"Mary Mother" is a unique novel, partly based on fact, about life, romance, and mystery in Australia in the 1920's and 1930's. Written in 1957 but not published until 2013, ten years after... More > the death of the authoress, "Mary Mother" recounts the circumstances that beset Mary Adler as she seeks to expunge her guilty past caused by the ancient curse of the albatross. Helped by her good friends, the Clarke family and others, she survives many challenges after she meets the enigmatic Tom Jones and becomes reluctantly involved in seeking a solution to a dual murder. However, not even her loyal friends and lover can best the curse. Finally, she must take an action alone which she hopes will nullify the curse before it destroys the man she desires and those few who are left from among the other people she loves.< Less
Mother's Marmalade By Steve Adamczyk
Paperback: $7.50
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STAGE PLAY Sonny Snuffin holds financial sway over a small community theater. He fancies himself a playwright and demands that the theater produces his play... or he will pull all financial backing... More > and even kick them out of the building. His play, Mother's Marmalade, is, to put it mildly, atrocious. Word of just how bad this play is gets out fast and the only actors who show up for the audition are a bunch of misfits, including a recently paroled axe-murderer, Earl Roy Rooter. Director Tommy Bilco and his assistant Amanda do everything they can to make things work but it's an uphill battle. When Sonny insists on adding additional acts and extending the run the cast and crew makes a decision that impacts the future of the theater. Mother's Marmalade is decidedly adult in content, with a delightfully zany cast. Production costs for this quirky comedy are low with virtually no set and few props. Contact the playwright directly at for the very reasonable production rights.< Less