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The Murders By Edgar Allan Poe
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"The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe published in Graham's Magazine in 1841. It has been claimed as the first detective story; Poe referred to it as one of... More > his "tales of ratiocination". Similar works predate Poe's stories, including Das Fräulein von Scuderi (1819) by E.T.A. Hoffmann and Zadig (1748) by Voltaire. C. Auguste Dupin is a man in Paris who solves the mysterious brutal murder of two women. Numerous witnesses heard a suspect, though no one agrees on what language was spoken. At the murder scene, Dupin finds a hair that does not appear to be human. As the first true detective in fiction, the Dupin character established many literary devices which would be used in future fictional detectives including Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Many later characters, for example, follow Poe's model of the brilliant detective, his personal friend who serves as narrator, and the final revelation being presented before the reasoning that leads up to it.< Less
Murder By Tracey Stewart
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Murder Murder 1: The Perfect Murder, George Surrounded by the reminders of how social networking is changing relationships, George is left to make a decision which is life changing. In his sixties... More > and tired of the way that people bury themselves in a false world, behind the anonymity of computer screens, George decides to take action. Will the murder be the perfect murder? Will he leave no trace of his actions? This is a case of unplanned victory. As his wife, Vera, finds her end, George has to live with what he has done. A perfect murder leaves to real trace. A perfect murder leaves no regrets. How will a man in his senior years fight back against the perils of Facebook? George Stringer is confronted by choices, put there by chance, and commits the perfect murder, a murder with few consequences and little regret. Will this gentle soul be suspected? Or does he have the answer to committing the perfect crime? Three more murders inside...< Less
Murder By Tracey Stewart
Hardcover: $32.18
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MURDER: Death in Sandton - Themba Malope Investigates When Themba Malope’s career fast-tracks its way to promotion, this Alexandra resident cannot resist the temptation, although painfully... More > aware of why the promotion is being offered. He wants to make a difference to his world. However, will his career move give him the satisfaction he craves? Moving to nearby Sandton, the world in which he is now expected to live is a vast contrast to his home in the black township. There are no slums, there are no problems of sanitation. It’s a whole different world. However, the reminders of the fragility of life await him on his first major case. With obvious connections to a young Afrikaans boy, the death of a Zulu woman must be investigated, regardless of political sensibilities. Warned about involving questioning of the Dekker family, Themba Malope must solve the murder. Will he be able to find the answers? Are they as obvious as they seem on the surface? Find out other three murders......< Less
Murder By Kjiva
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Murder the gangster rhymes book is written by Kjiva who is Marathi rapper. This book is poetry form of Kjiva lifestyle, his experience about his street life, friends who turn to be a thug, drugs... More > addicted friends and some of this book poems are the part of his upcoming album 'Murder'. Letters from his friend who were in prison and love letters from his lover were written in deep grief.< Less
Murderers By Yolandie Mostert
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this is a true story about a bunch of criminals go look on my facebook they have blue ribons around their neck the once on the outside are the murderers they treid to kill me and also killed 2 of my... More > family members but they might still be pooping in churches, carefull they are dangerous criminals tha ar not yet in jail< Less
The Murder By Naga Prashanth
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This book will be liked by the people who like horror stories and films.This book is about a murder of a woman.How the dead woman takes her revenge.
Murdered By Cassie Wallace
Hardcover: $19.99
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After 17 year- old Katie's 6 year- old brother is murdered, she falls hopelessly in love with Alex, but when his phsyco killer uncle comes along, things take a short detour. Will they both find their... More > way back or will one end up crazy?< Less
Murder By Rex Feral
Paperback: $10.98
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The book portrays itself as a how-to manual on starting a career as a hit man, fulfilling contracts.
Murder By Rex Feral
eBook (PDF): $2.71
The book portrays itself as a how-to manual on starting a career as a hit man, fulfilling contracts.
The Fortune of the Bourbons By Murder and Mystery Game
Paperback: $18.46
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The police didn’t succeed in solving the mystery of the murder of Paul Schoeman, the producer of the semi-historical documentary serial Mysterious Belgium. The Flemish writer of historical... More > mysteries Patrick Bernauw started an investigation of his own… Who has killed Paul Schoeman? How was this done? And where can you find his murderer(s) and/or the Treasure of Orval?< Less

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