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Ultimate Muscle Building Program By Muscle Guru
eBook (PDF): $15.61
The Ultimate Muscle Building Program is a simple yet highly effective program for building muscle quickly. The book will lay out a proven routine for you to follow and give you the number of sets and... More > reps to preform. The book is short and to the point so you can get started as quickly as possible.< Less
The maxi-mum program: Muscle Building By Dan Has
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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The maxi-mum program: Muscle Building By Dan Has
Paperback: $4.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Mass Muscle Building In Minutes By Sven Hyltén-Cavallius
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Looking To Pack On Muscle Quickly? Exposed! Build Shirt Busting Muscle Like You Never Thought Possible In Mere Minutes! Discover how you too can build mass muscle in only minutes Six day a week gym... More > sessions lifting weights lasting nearly two hours followed by marathon cardio. Complicated split training programs, twice a day training, Olympic lifts, German Volume Training. I've had the pleasure (and sometimes the misfortune) of trying them all in my quest for the perfect workout plan. What if I told you against tradition and what may seem like common sense, that the best way to get big fast is to actually train much, much less, but with total effort and focus? That this method has been developed and followed since the late 1960's, is more akin to a science than an art form and some of the top bodybuilders of all time have been its advocates?< Less
Muscle Sculpting By Cherry Lyngaas
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Have you been wasting a lot of time and effort doing inappropriate exercise techniques? “It’s not how often you exercise - but how you perform the exercises that matters!" This will... More > show you the facts, and secrets to become a bodybuilding wonder. This book will help you achieve a muscular body easily and effectively. No trial and error process, or wasting time and money on workouts that don’t work. Its' step-by-step illistrated procedures are simple - no guesswork. So, you’ll have more time to do whatever you want, and save money. This report is for everyone - employee, businessman, or student - tight schedule or plenty of time- you can attain the body of your dreams! “You don’t have to buy expensive equipment - or buy supplements and steroids!” All you need is proper training and the right diet. Some supplements have side effects, harm your health and are expensive. If you’ve had it with the results from your exercise program - now is the perfect time to get this report.< Less
Gain Muscle NOW! The Book of Muscle By Otis Lee
Paperback: $19.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Based on years of experience and trial and error, The Gain Muscle NOW Program features: * Weight lifting secrets for gaining size and shedding fat * Three cutting-edge full-body muscle plans * Step... More > by step guidance * Almost 100 exercises with detailed instructions and pictures to ensure you do the exercises with maximum muscle gain and minimal chance of injury.< Less
Build Flat Abs Home - Lean & Strong Muscles By Katherine Y. Henderson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Discipline is what’s lucking in your daily workout routine, good start with lots of energy but lose courage before results are obtained. Well you are not alone, almost every person whose had... More > results you are trying to obtained had challenges with little help alone the way. Looking at your role model, you wonder if they spend a night in the gym. There’s only so much a woman can do, achieve more from home with these simple moves at your free time, no gym equipments required. The workout moves are also recommended for pregnant women and new mothers and only takes 28 minutes to complete all moves. You are required to spend not less than 3.5 minutes on each move, gradually adjust time to improve your results. If you wish not to follow pre-time, rep count is added to all moves which you may also increase with ease. Patience and discipline are very vital to the success of the entire program. Working out often helps you control junk food cravings especially if you have a sweat-tooth.< Less
Take Advantage of Muscle Building - Read These 16 Tips By Michael Davis
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Maybe you want to build up your muscles for your health, or maybe you just want to look good - there's nothing wrong with that. Whatever your reason, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about... More > it. The truth is, any kind of mass building program is beneficial to your heart as well as to your muscles. But if you're trying to build up your muscles, there are particular muscle building workouts that are designed specifically to help you.< Less
The 30 Day Muscle Building Training Program: The Solution to Increasing Muscle Mass for Bodybuilders, Athletes, and People Who Just Want to Have a Better Body By Joseph Correa
eBook (ePub): $14.99
The 30 Day Muscle Building Training Program: The Solution to Increasing Muscle Mass for Bodybuilders, Athletes, and People Who Just Want To Have a Better Body This training program will change how... More > you look and how you feel. If you follow the program you should see great results within 30 days but you don’t have to stop there. Both a NORMAL and an INTENSE version of this training program are included to make sure you are challenged enough to make a significant change to your body. The recipes included are specific to each time of the day but you can and should add a meal here and there depending on what your body needs. This training program comes with a warm session and exercise routine so make sure you don’t skip the first to stay injury free to be able to complete the program. Additionally, this training program solves the eating dilemma by giving many options in terms of nutrition. It comes with delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes so you can satisfy hunger and still eat healthy.< Less
Fast Muscle Growth By Dennis Weis
Paperback: $37.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Fast muscle growth program, learn how to build 5 to 6 pounds of muscle in only two week, full workouts and diet.

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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