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All You Need to Know About Muscle Myths By Cindy Washington
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As long as we could think of body building as a cloistered subculture, we are entirely pounded with just training and healthy suggestions from resources significantly removed from squat shelves and... More > posturing daises. So it is with just this axiom, which is such an everywhere function of the sort of diets Oprah hypes that great deals of starting bodybuilders dare not breach it, and it reproduces confusion about what and when to eat to get merely muscle and not fat. When you rest, you're on a quick. During that rapidly, your physique is required to rely on your very own muscle protein for fuel, shifting those amino acids into glucose. In shorts, while you're in dreamland, you're experiencing the ordeal of cannibalizing your personal muscles.< Less
Simply In Shape: How to Lose Fat and Look Sexier the Easy Way By Tommy Chang
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Do you believe that eating less fat makes you less fat? Are you tired of the commercial diets that only give you short-term results? To truly achieve lasting results you need to understand what... More > really matters when it comes to nutrition and exercising. Get all the really success-proven methods for losing weight and getting fit, easy to read and understand within 1 hour! ✔ Get more results from your workouts ✔ Burn more fat, even while sleeping ✔ More energy, more confidence ✔ Enjoy the foods you love! Save time and save money and achieve lasting results without the yoyo-effect. The Simply In Shape ebook teaches you the most important nutrition principles and explains how you can burn more fat in less time. Success-proven concepts made easy, without confusing you with scientific details. Finally, you can take control of your life, enjoy food again and feel more confident in your own body!< Less
Do It Right Health & Fitness: Exercise Manual By Dr. Michael Sardone
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This exercise manual is designed to provide the user (beginner to advanced) a simple yet complete guide to cross-training. Each uniquely designed exercise Phase (1-5)and concurrent circuit routines... More > (1-6) incorporate interval aerobic exercise with total body resistance (weightlifting) training based on the Do It Right Health & Fitness principles developed by Dr. Sardone author of The Naked Truth: Overweight, Overwhelmed and Confused. These principles are centered on well-timed and gradual progression of exercise intensity, duration and sequencing designed to prevent adaptation and "burnout," and to continually challenge the cardiovascular, muscular and metabolic systems to improve.< Less
The Cobra Pit Match Up Defense By Larry Dean Jackson
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The Cobra Pit Match Up is named after one of the deadliest snakes in the world. The cobra's venom blocks the synaptic communication between the victim's neurons and muscles, thus stopping movement... More > and muscle control. Our Cobra Pit Match Up defense blocks communication by confusing the opponents thus most teams tend to stand (stopping movement) and make turnovers (stopping muscle control). And Cobra Pit because there are five attackers in the defense, coming from all angles.< Less
Health Total Medifast Recipes : Lose Weight Deliciously & Conveniently By Julia Ford
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Medifast Diet is a healthy & simple to follow with the 5 & 1 Plan, there is no calorie counting, no points system, no diet pills and no confusion. 5 & 1 plan means six meals a day, five... More > of them 100-calorie Medifast meal- shake, bar, oatmeal, soup, or even cheese puffs. The sixth meal, which you can have at any time, is a “lean-and-green” built around 5 to 7 ounces (about 300 calories) of lean protein and three servings of non-starchy veggies. The sole purpose of Medifast diet is to create a calorie deficit, that allows a person to burn fat and lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. The Medifast diet is most suited for those persons who need to lose a significant amount of weight and have had difficulty losing weight with other diets. To maintain the weight loss, the use of a fitness routine is recommended to increase metabolism and lean muscle mass. Enjoy 200 Plus Flavourful Tasty Recipes< Less
The Knee, Ankle and Foot Protocols By Dr Bruce Dewe, Joan Dewe
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The knee joint is an unstable, complex joint. Because there is no deep depression on the top of the tibia it is relatively easy for the tibia to slip out of the normal articular position. Shinsplints... More > is a colloquial term. People complaining of ‘shinsplints’ may have been given this ‘diagnosis’ for a range of conditions including tibial fracture, muscle tears and inflammation of the shin fascia. The energy model of K-Power® avoids this confusion. We balance the energy in this situation by using our reflex points and by attending to the emotions involved. Rupture of the achilles tendon is another common athletic injury. Complete rupture is usually treated with surgery followed by a long recovery period. By using K-Power® reflexes and attending to the emotional component of the injury (both before and after surgery) recovery time can be significantly reduced.< Less
Posture Assessment 2013 By Melanie Collie
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My done for you printable posture assessment sheets so you can go straight into an assessment of your clients and know immediately whats going in in their body. Static and movement assessment sheets... More > to print off in this easy to use format. So, if you are a Pilates Instructor who is confused about posture assessments and wonder what muscles are weak, strong need stretching or strengthening for your clients? What questions to ask your clients to find out about their injuries, their history of trauma that may have affected their imbalances and what those imbalances mean? Whats involved in a static and a movement assessment and how can you piece it all together? What is Fascia? Do you know how to stretch it, work it? What does inhibited actually mean? Now you will find out and assess, not guess...for quicker results in your training programme.< Less
The Strange Incident of The Lisping Maid By Kozmikfish publication
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The First Cockshot Adventure. Follow the antics and adventures of our Late Victorian amateur detective as he attempts to solve baffling crimes with his faithful friend Dr Dimsdale. Best described as... More > schoolboy humour for adults these books have more innuendo than you can imagine: "Like an explosion in a double-entendre factory." Yet they also work as a well written "who done it" which will entertain and, possibly, get the little grey cells working alongside the laughter muscles. When Lord Sidney is found on his knees, sprawled across his bed with a garden spade near him..foul play is suspected. The local police call in the famous amateur detective but, unfortunately, he is busy so they are stuck with Cockshot, instead. Why are all the names so confusing, what terrible thing will be found in Dirty Gertie's Crack, and who has been tampering with the lovely Miss Violet's jugs? All this and much, much more in..The Strange Incident of The Lisping Maid.< Less
Alkaline Body: How Potassium-Sodium Destroy Body Acid By Christopher Teller
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Can you imagine how important potassium and sodium are for your body? These minerals are what are keeping you alive. Do you know anything about them? If you don’t keep them at normal blood... More > levels and stored in your body, this is what happens. Acid Body Appetite loss Muscle cramps A state of confusion Mild to severe constipation Excretion of calcium in urine Sickness Do you have any of these symptoms? Both sodium and potassium are active in your body neutralizing body acids. It is these acids that are responsible for your pain and sickness. To start to improve your health, you should be concentrating on reducing your body acid. This book shows you exactly how you can get more potassium and sodium into your body, so you can start having a life. You will also discover how these minerals lead to disease and illness and how you can avoid all of this misery. Now is the time to click on the order button. Order your book now.< Less
Not Another Fat Summer By Patricia Dillon
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I am a 55-year-old wife and mother of four. This is my story of how we have beaten weight problems of 10 years ( I never gave up). I listened to my body and to my amazement, cured many other... More > conditions along the way. I haven't listened to the learned ones and have achieved all of the following on a gluten-free, higher-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Sounds confusing? It's easy! You can adapt it to your life - for life as we have. Just good healthy eating. My family trusted me. It could be your answer too. Treat the cause, not the symptom: Food cravings Obesity, Overweight High Cholesterol High blood pressure Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne Indigestion, digestive problems, Irritable bowel Tiredness, fatigue, muscle fatigue Arthritis Migraines Depression - includes testimonials - suggested menus, recipes included to guide you.< Less