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A Slim Volume of Worse By Nitro von Borax
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Collected Poems, Correspondences & Digressions of Nitro von Borax. INGREDIENTS: Cap'n Salty's Mush Puppies, Stolen Fruits, Evil Twin, Murgatroyd's Edible Hats, the Kreekside Grille, Karp’s... More > Scoop ‘n’ Bake Frozen Gourmet Muffin Batter, Hobo Couture, Jungle Girl, a Gas Station Rose, various Pirate Poems, Mechanically Separated Humans, Exploited Action Figures, Giant Clam, and more! Noted Record Producer and Celebrity Agent Stiff Pistol says: "For the love of Mike, von Borax, let me out of your skull. I can't believe you have to live in there."< Less
Ascent Stage (Regular Print) By Michael Andaluz
Paperback: $16.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Runaway Train in Space ... a Supersonic Cyclone over the Great Plains ...Air Traffic Controllers Swilling Coffee While the Sky Falls ...A General Strike on the Moon ... a M.U.S.H. Gone Too Far... More > ...Keep-Away on a Space Station and a Loving, Toxic Touch...Short Stories of the 21st Century that will drag you back for more ||| Short-story collection, ASCENT STAGE. ||| "Fourth Edition Regular Print" Trade Softcover Only at and selected sf trade shows in USA< Less
Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Yittlin Extreme By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Just like all the books in The Rock-A-Bye Series, Yittlin Extreme is high-fantasy - designed to give you those tummyfly-inducing little feelings without any sexuality or BDSM along the way. This is... More > the age play story of Piper McCoy, a girl who asked her Daddy to give her one day of yittlin ... to the extreme. Piper begins the day apprehensive and shy. But by the end, she is a pile of mush - on the inside and the outside. This is adult material and therefore not intended for minors. (Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.)< Less
Dishes & Beverages of the Old South By Martha McCulloch-Williams
Paperback: $19.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a romantic look back at southern foods and food ways. Typical of many other such books following the Civil War, there is a touching, nostalgic (condescending) evocation of the author's Mammy... More > and her cooking. We find an underlying love and admiration for the Mammy and a feeling of loss for the "good old days." One can learn a great deal about an antebellum Southern kitchen. Every chapter contains good, solid Southern recipes. Many pages are required to discuss all the variations on the theme of the pig and pork: how to select, cure, pickle, make hams, hang hams, smoke, Render Lard, Prepare Fried Hog's Feet, Souse and Hog's Foot Oil and Jelly. We also have Barbecued Rabbit, Squirrel Smothered, Possum Roasted, Fried Chicken, Fig Pudding, Fried Pies, Sweet Potato Custard, Molasses Pie, Blackberry Mush, and Baked Peaches. There are sections on Creole Cookery, and fascinating discussions on the foods and festivities associated with special occassions.< Less
Adventures of a Runamuk Mom - The Early Years By Heather Dugdale
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a collection of lessons learned from a Runamuk mom. Heather Dugdale lives with her husband and three miniature versions of herself that she calls the Trifecta. Heather has a Juris... More > Doctor degree and is a professional certified fundraising executive. In December 2010, Heather was given the "gift" of answering to THREE bosses (aka her children), rather than continue to work full time outside the home. Very quickly Heather learned all the dirty little secrets her stay at home mom friends never told her and in June 2011 she began chronicling her journey and the "family fun" she created through her blog, This book is a compilation of the blog’s “greatest hits” as well additional tips and tricks along Heather's journey from competent, post graduate educated career mom to mush brained blundering Mommy who is NOT smarter than a 5th grader!< Less
Amazon Echo By Samuel Boyd
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Amazon Echo - Comprehensive User Guide - How To Use, Master And Get The Best Out Of Your Amazon Echo (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) This book has been designed to introduce you to the Amazon Echo. This is a... More > product which has been in development by Amazon since 2010. The Echo is a product for the future. It provides a voice activated response service, mush as Google’s Siri does. However, the voice activation software used in Echo, is known as Alexa and goes a stage further. It can search the web and provide replies to your questions; it can even play games with you. But; perhaps most importantly, it can assist you with running your home. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: What Amazon Echo is, Its Specifications, How to set it up and configure it, Uses of Echo and Alexa, Helpful tips for getting the most out of this product.< Less
The End Is Here By Thomas Baehr
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
What will happen in the Antarctic if there is a worldwide nuclear war? "The End is Here" was first serialized at ACT-I-VATE in 2008/2009 and later published as a tradeback in 2009. It is... More > based on the comic strip POLE. “Brilliant storytelling and staging.” Dean Haspiel “The Alcoholic” “VERY fun read! Wonderfully bizarre tale. VERY VERY well done.” Chip Skelton “Broken” “Great work! Bleak, powerful, unforgettable.” Joe Infurnari “Mush!Sled Dogs with Issues” “The depiction of the blizzard at the very beginning is one of my favorite sequences ever in a graphic novel. It also succinctly expresses Thomas's message: We close our eyes to the oncoming storm at our own risk. When we open them, we may just find a warhead amongst us.” (From Avi Kotzer’s Afterword) Suggested for mature readers.< Less
The Draft Dog - Past and Present By Guillaume de Lavigne
eBook (ePub): $4.57
The draft dog is a fascinating subject. In the old days it was a working dog, a beast of burden. Today it is our leisure and sport companion. In the 21st century practicing dog drafting is fun and a... More > rewarding sport activity, both for the master and for the dog(s). This book deals only with the draft dogs and their activities, commonly called dry land mushing or dog carting and not with sledge dogs. In the first part of the book we’ll approach the history of the draft dog. Then we will look at the main protagonist of the subject, the dog, at the hardware, at all sports and recreational activities and we’ll tackle some of the specific educational aspects to train the dog as a draft dog. “Use it or lose it” is a golden rule that applies to our brain, to our fitness, to our dog. Keep it active and it will live happier and longer and you, you'll have an unsuspected and unrivalled pleasure! I wish you a pleasant and instructive reading! Be it for you a sting to be ... hitched up.< Less
Competitiveness of SME in RMG industry of South Asia- A case study of Bangladesh By Faisal Kabir
Hardcover: $33.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
An overview of SME in RMG industry of South Asia to develop strategic awareness. Bangladesh has been an example of rapid success in RMG business. Mainly SME operation in various level of supply chain... More > of RMG is the area of focus. Operation excellence is the foundation of RMG industry in Bangladesh. Marketing initiative and strategies should be streamlined along with low cost and labour advantages. Integration of operation and marketing would be providing sustainable value chain process. It is important to realize whatever customer is willing to pay is the value they want to buy. Sustainable business process mush be capable of generating value for different customers. Strategic implication in establishing sustainability in RMG industry requires to bring operational excellence and marketing strategy together to get the best out of competitive advantage of RMG industry in Bangladesh.< Less
Just David By Eleanor H. Porter
eBook (PDF): $4.98
Just David is a 1916 children's novel. It tells the story of a young boy, David, who must learn to adapt to living with others after the death of his recluse father; along the way, the villagers and... More > his adoptive parents adapt as much or more to him. Though criticized by reviewers as "mush" and "too perfectly lovely,” the novel was very popular in the early half of the twentieth century in middle and high schools, and has recently seen a number of reprints. David is a ten-year old boy who plays the violin and does not know his last name. He has a deep talent for poignantly expressing his emotions and experiences through his music, and with this gift he changes the lives of many. A truly heart-wrenching story that will surely move you and teach valuable lessons to any child. Perfect for the whole family or classroom, and makes a great book to read aloud as well.< Less

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