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Reason 4 Trance Tutorial By Robert Todd
eBook (PDF): $16.57
Begin writing competitive Trance music with Propellerhead Software’s Reason 4 program. Learn the real tricks and techniques used by professional Trance producers the world over. This eBook will... More > systematically guide you through the expert principals of modern Trance music production. A systematic tutorial taking you through the creation of two trance tracks, with loads of extras practically guiding you to confidently use all Reason 4 devices. Focusing on learning how to make the music you want to make; the Reason 4 Trance Tutorial discusses and evaluates each step along the way making sure the techniques and reasons behind them go straight into your brain and stay there. 500+ pages. 45,000 words on Trance production. Hi-Res images. Easy to follow, yet comprehensive and fun. Designed specifically for Reason 4 users.< Less
Mixcraft 6 Teacher's Guide By Parker Tichko
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Mixcraft 6 is a fun and easy-to-use program that instantly turns your computer into a fully-stocked music recording studio. Mixcraft 6 Teacher's Guide is the ideal compliment for educational... More > programs that use Mixcraft in the classroom. The book examines Mixcraft’s many capabilities including composing music, recording, mixing, adding effects, and working with video. The Teacher's Guide provides numerous examples of how to incorporate Mixcraft into both music and non-music assignments, including marketing and advertising, podcast creation, and spoken word performances. Included within this book are 13 inventive lessons designed for grade school through high school classes. Together, these lessons address all of the National Standards for Music Education (NSME). Along with the book, there is a free “Additional Materials Download” which includes helpful teaching aids, such as printable lesson plans, fun example projects, video clips, and other useful resources.< Less
All about Hauptwerk By Kenneth Spencer
Paperback: $26.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book explains just what a person planning to use Hauptwerk in the creation of a virtual pipe organ needs to know. Hauptwerk is a unique piece of computer software which enables an organist to... More > play pipe organs from all over the world, in their original acoustic, but in the home. The book details how the Hauptwerk software can be obtained and installed, and how organ sample sets can be loaded and configured in the virtual organ. It also explains how someone with minimal woodworking skills can construct a wooden console in which the keyboards other components can be housed. Drawing for a diy pedalboard are also provided. The author advises on computer resources for Hauptwerk, and describes accessories to enable stops to be drawn the organ controlled. Setting up high quality multiple channel audio and speakers is described, with details of software adjustments for voicing virtual organs. New and existing users will find what they need to get the very best out of their virtual pipe organ.< Less
Video Money By Yourtubenetwork
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Download now & get trained by a YouTube Partner. Topics covered: * How to create popular YouTube videos that can get 1 million+ views (we provide you with new ideas). * How to earn money by... More > monetizing your YouTube videos (Many YouTube partners are earning $1,000+ per month). * How to buy the right softwares/equipments for your channel (music creation software, video editing software, VFX software, green screen, 720p/1080p HD cameras, etc.) * How to attract more subscribers & viewers from around the world. * How to sell your merchandise (T-shirts, iTunes music, books, etc.) with YouTube. * How to create monetizable YouTube videos with animation softwares like Go!Animate. * How to create video campaigns for selling your products (ideal for small businesses). * How to promote your monetized videos with Google AdWords. * How to advertise your products locally or globally with Google AdWords. Download a copy today before your competitor downloads one!< Less
Doctrine of Fair Use and Copyright Law By Mr. Zubair Ahmed
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Intellectual Property (IP) is a legal field that refers to creations of the mind such as musical, literary, and artistic works; inventions; and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce,... More > including Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, and Related Rights. Under Intellectual Property Law, the holder of one of these abstract "properties" has certain exclusive rights to the creative work, commercial symbol, or invention by which it is covered. Intellectual Property Rights are a bundle of exclusive rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial. The former is covered by Copyright laws, which protect creative works such as books, movies, music, paintings, photographs, and software and gives the copyright holder exclusive right to control reproduction or adaptation of such works for a certain period of time.The second category is collectively known as "Industrial Properties", as they are typically created and used for industrial or commercial purposes.< Less