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Trangression and Provocation: Industrial Music By Harris Hustedt
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Transgression and Provocation covers the history of industrial music as well as the contemporary incarnations and subgenres.
Music Industry Pimping By Ja War
eBook (PDF): $4.97
Industry Pimping gives you real information about the music business and how some people make money while most continue to struggle. You'll read accounts of industry insiders batteling it out about... More > sharks in the business.< Less
The Real Music Industry By Stephen Gladstone
eBook (PDF): $2.00
The book follows my sabotaged adventures in the music industry and shows in great detail how secret societies control music.
The Evolution Of The Online Music Industry By Pat Dinizio et al.
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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Ben Silverman and Martha Irvine discuss the emerging issues in online music distribution through their articles, "Music Industry Meets It's Future" and "Web Music: Sharing or... More > Stealing". These articles are part of the PATRONS & ARTISTS TOGETHER promotional materials found at Since these items are free, you can obtain the full version simply by clicking the Preview icon.< Less
Shadows of the Music Industry By Michael Hur
Paperback: $39.97
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Shadows of the Music Industry is an account of the untold history regarding artists, and events of the music industry. The book explores the hidden stories of Satanism, the occult, mind-control,... More > cover ups, and the death of various artists from the 1930’s to the 2000s. Shadows of the Music Industry takes the reader into an exploration of the aspects that surrounded the lives of some of the most successful artists in music industry history. The chapters presented here are the unauthorized stories that are based upon testimony, case-files, and law enforcement records.< Less
Legal Issues in the Music Industry By Mark J. Davis
Paperback: $30.36
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Do you know the answers to these questions? (You had better, if you want to survive in the music business.) * What can I copyright? * Why will a Poor Man copyright keep me poor? * Can I sell my... More > copyright? Give it to my kids? * What is infringement? * What is Fair Use? (it is not what you think it is) * How do songwriters get paid? * What does a music publisher do? Do I need one? * Who are ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC? * How do cover songs work? * What is the difference between a parody and infringement? * What is in a record deal? * We are putting out our own album, what do we do? * What do all those legal terms mean? * How do recording artists get paid? * Am I recouped yet? Mark J. Davis is an attorney, university lecturer, and former arbitrator for the US Copyright Office. His students have gone on to careers in the music industry after taking his classes. Rely on his 30 years of experience in entertainment law.< Less
Digitalization in the Music Industry By Christian Kocik
Paperback: $4.60
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This is the book I made for our final project in my English 201 class.
The Music Products Industry: A Textbook for Music Business Students By Carl Anderson
Paperback: $24.95
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Finally there is a textbook that analyzes the other half of the music industry. With a valuation of nearly $17 billion dollars, the music products industry is often overlooked by music business... More > students searching for a career.< Less
Music Industry: IRS Audit Techniques Guide By Internal Revenue Service
Paperback: $17.49
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This music industry handbook will give the user an overview of the music industry. It generally will show: 1. How the industry is structured. 2. What is involved in making and marketing a record,... More > tape, or compact disk. 3. How income is generated by artists and their operations. 4. Books and records that should be available in each industry segment. 5. Common industry terminology. 6. Accounting practices used in the industry versus proper tax treatment of various issues. 7. Suggested audit techniques regarding specific issues or accounts. This handbook is a general overview of the industry; it is not all-inclusive. Examiners should exercise their own initiative, consistent with applicable statutes, regulations, administrative pronouncements, and case law. No interpretation of the law discussed in this handbook is to be cited as authority to taxpayers or used in the disposition of any case. Interpretation of the law should be made by the individual examiner working the case.< Less
A fist full of lies. Copyrights in the music industry. By B. Jacobs
eBook (PDF): $4.41
This book contains a criminological research into the music industry. Mainly, it focusses on the question wether the registered copyrights in it are right. Many companies and institutions at home and... More > abroad in the music industry were approached for this. Think of record companies, Buma Stemra (similar to the FIAA in the USA), media, internet, lawyers and even tattoo shops in LA. Also, a public survey was conducted. By maintaining a critical standpoint, an interesting conclusion is achieved.< Less

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