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Modern Wedding Photography By michael allen
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Michael is an editorial photographer for Southern Bride Magazine, and has traveled all over the South, from Florida to New Orleans, and to such destinations as Mexico. His wedding photography style... More > is beautiful and keeps his studio booked year round with weddings. Michael’s commercial photography projects have also attracted a lot of attention, he shoots for major companies photographing such celebrity music stars as Lauren Alaina, Dierks Bentley, and many more. He has recently worked on a major shoot with Conde Naste for GQ magazine as an assistant photographer for Sebastion Kim, the worlds top fashion photographer. One of his recent portrait clients includes Leigh Anne Tuohy from the film “Blind Side”. This book goes into detail about shooting high end weddings, photography styles, business management, marketing and the gear needed. A perfect book for new photographers that want to gain insights into the editorial side of wedding photography & what it takes to be a successful photographer.(Revised Edition)< Less
The “People Power” Makin’ Money Superbook: Book 12. Artist - Craftsperson Business - Jobs - Career (Includes Graphic Arts, Museum Jobs) By Tony Kelbrat
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This book is a mix of jobs and self-employment opportunities. In order to sell your products, refer to internet auctions and flea markets. Many people have a delusional idea of an artist's life... More > they got from TV and movies. The coolest people are always artists and they're always making lots of money. The mass media picks a few people and showcases them as star artists while thousands of artists just as good or better at their craft than these stars get nothing. That's the way it is in arts. There are very few true geniuses out there. A painting is a subjective experience. An actor spews out rehearsed lines. A thousand actors can easily do any role as well as anyone else. The only way to detect a true artist is through a literary work or music that moves you. Everything else is opinion. I've known plenty of talented, middle-aged poor artists. That's the way most artists live. Most eventually take on another job. Schoolteachers make up a big percentage of artists with day jobs.< Less
The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing less By Asbjorn Lonvig
eBook (ePub): $7.00
Some years ago a French Art Magazine predicted that the art market would revolutionize due to the internet. On the spot I started using computer and internet in any context possible. During the first... More > years I was sincerely mocked by art people from all over the world. Time passed by. I was granted Art Awards in London, in Rome and in Montreal. Critics compared my work to Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky, and Warhol. A French author even compared my art to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach's music. Digital art now was kind of trendy. This book is about 10 Dogmas to pursue the ultimate goal "The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing Less". In the past I never have had a print without color conversion. Decades of frustration. However. Follow my 10 Dogmas and you will get a divined result. 100 % precise color match, sharp edges, a paper, color and aftercare combination, that gives you unprecedented 200 - 400 years of laboratory guaranteed sustainability. Ya-Bi-Da-Bi-Doooooo.< Less
Journal of Daoist Studies, vol 12 By JDS Editors
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The Journal of Daoist Studies (JDS) is an annual publication dedicated to the scholarly exploration of Daoism in all its different dimensions. Vol. 12 Contents:::Shen Ming-Chang—Laozi and... More > Community Policing; Tang Man-To—Ji Kang’s Theory of Music; Livia Kohn—Armored Gods: Generals, Guardians, Killers, and Protectors; William T. Sanders—Echoes of Esoteric Buddhism in Manuals of Internal Alchemy; Scott Park Phillips—The Zhang Sanfeng Conundrum: Taiji quan as Enlightenment Theater; LiChien Hung—Ritual Healing in Taiwan; Herve Louchouarn—Daoist Medicine: Human Nature and Physiology; Denise Meyer—The Taiji Path to Non-Duality; Helene Bloch— From Daoist Asceticism to Longevity Market? “Nourishing Life” on Mount Qingcheng; Ron Catabia—Blue Mountain: A 20th-Century Korean Daoist Master; Mateus Oliva Da Costa—Daoism in Latin America; David Jeffrey—Zhuangzi in the Classroom: A Teacher Diary Study; Peter Deadman— The Black Pearl and the White Pearl; Monk Yun Rou—The Mad Monk Manifesto: A Daoist Cry for a Paradigm Shift< Less
Call Me Crazy By Kip Garvey
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Step By Step Process For Calling And Teaching Modern Western Square Dances. if you've ever thought you might like to be a square dance caller, this is the place to start. As a prerequisite, you... More > should have considerable experience with modern western square dancing and be a fluent dancer through the Plus dancing program. This book is packed with valuable information and detailed lesson plans for conducting One Night Stands and new dancer learning programs. The author Kip Garvey is a world class square dance caller with over 55 years experience teaching square dancing and teaching aspiring square dance callers. In addition to learning how to deliver calls and mentally follow dancers, write interesting choreography including Zero, Equivalent, Transition, Conversion and Getout modules, and teaching new dancers, this book reveals all aspects of conducting your square dance business including marketing, business and tax reporting information, selecting sound equipment, and setting up and playing your music files.< Less
Promozione Musicale (dispensa gratuita) By Stefano Calicchio
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Benvenuti nella prima dispensa gratuita di marketing musicale dedicata ai musicisti indipendenti. Internet offre molteplici opportunità a chi desidera monetizzare il proprio talento... More > distribuendo in prima persona la propria musica. Questa dispensa aiuta i musicisti emergenti fornendo una prima esposizione dei concetti chiave presi dal Manuale del Musicista 2.0!< Less