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Killer Press Kits: The 29 Most Important Elements in Creating Sizzling Music Publicity Materials By Bob Baker
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Are Your Press Kits Going Straight Into the Trash? Make sure your publicity materials are actually read by editors, writers, booking agents, program directors and other industry people! Sometimes... More > it's called a press kit. Other times it's referred to as a promo package or media kit. Whatever you call it, this collection of music marketing tools will help you get more gigs, media exposure, radio airplay, industry attention and more. However, more than 95 percent of the press kits sent out by artists, publicists and record labels end up in the trashcan. Why? Most of the promo packages clogging up the postal system are lackluster attempts at marketing. They are hastily thrown together without much thought or purpose behind them. To make sure a lot more of your press kits are actually read and acted upon, I created this new special report featuring what I consider to be the 29 most important aspects of a successful music promo package.< Less
Sell Info-Products Online - Trade software, games, music, images, ebooks… By Nigel Woodhead
eBook (PDF): $5.99
How to sell all "intangible" digital goods or info-products - such as software, games, shareware, ebooks, images or MP3 files - via the net. An independent, expert review of the available... More > options, it provides easy-to-read advice to help you: - Select the online payment service(s) you need - PayPal, credit card merchant accounts... - Set up instant online Buy Now and Shopping Cart buttons - Leverage “Plug-and-Pay” digital download services such as ClickBank, PayLoadz and TradeBit - Exploit powerful marketing tools provided with your new services - Self-publish your own digital content - Create and grow your own digital product catalog via affiliate marketing and resell rights - Boost your sales by offering your clients instant purchases 24x7 Using this manual as a jumping-off point it's possible to set up an account with an online payment provider and to start receiving payments via the internet in a matter of hours, at low or even no cost! ** Updated & Extended, February 2007 ***< Less
How the record industry got it so wrong (and how their mistakes point to your glorious musical future) Ebook By Dr Huge
eBook (ePub): $13.99
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Unlearn what you know about how the music industry works! This ebook presents challenging concepts that will help you build a music business foundation aimed at achieving your goals and enabling a... More > satisfying music career rather than a frustrating quest to "get signed" and "break through". This concise introductory ebook shows you: 1. The real reason for the massive decline in CD sales since 2000; 2. Why digital sales will never make up the difference; 3. The true value of music in society; 4. The four types of value your music career should generate; 5. The three sources of value for your music career; 6. How to capture that value in your music business; 7. How to structure your musical activities to best make a living from your music; 8. The missing ingredient in most music marketing plans; 9. When giving your music away adds value to your music career; and 10. What life as an Independent musician will be like into the future.< Less
Showbiz, Entertainment, Cabaret, Music And Superstars Around The World. Vol1. 4th Edition. By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $27.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Divas, Superstars and Legends, History, Pioneers, Chanteuses, Dancers, Musicians, Artists, Composers, Entertainers. It includes: 1.History of cabaret acts and shows. 2.Early songwriters and composers... More > of the French cabaret 3.The bizarre cabarets of Paris. 4.Le Moulin Rouge: The formula of a typical French cabaret. 5.La Belle Epoque Socio-historical rétrospective. 6.The Parisian cabaret’s exotic sex market, bohemia and fantasy. 7.The French cabaret, then and now: The performers, the follies. 8.Les années folles: Gay Paris in the 20s and 30s; background, cabaret, music, people, places, personalities, pleasure, style, fashion, arts, poetry, women and adventure. 9.Famous people of the era: The who's who of Gay Paris, and giants of the era. 10.The art of the nude in cabaret: When cabaret flirts with burlesque. 11.The rise and fall of Louise Weber, creator of the French Can Can, and queen of Parisian cabarets. 12.Cabaret shameful women, but delightful and loyal friends.< Less
Affiliate Programs for Lulu Creators - How to create your own affiliate program to sell more of your Lulu books, music, and digital media By Kay Stoner
Paperback: $13.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
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If you're a Lulu creator and you've published books or artwork or music or digital media on, chances are you're looking for ways to sell more of your products. Getting your words into print... More > or putting out a CD of your music is great, but you need to get it into the hands of people who will buy it. Online businesses have increasingly turned to affiliate programs, to create a virtual "sales staff" of individuals who can promote, market and sell their products. Now, with the power of Lulu and the step-by-step instructions in this guide, you can, too!< Less
Stehouwer Productions By Julie Stehouwer
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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My name is Julie Stehouwer and I am the President of Stehouwer Productions. Brett Stehouwer Jr. President.
5 Minutes 2 Show Time! How to Effectively Promote You By RonSher Brooks
eBook (PDF): $16.00
Stepping out to bring your vision to pass can be frightening enough, and not knowing how to bring it to pass can stop forward motion all together. 5 MINUTES 2 SHOWTIME will help you chart your path... More > and bring you dreams to reality. You will know how to most effectively market your book or CD by using the same techniques the Majors use and best of all; you will do this with a shoestring budget. 5 Minutes 2 Show Time demonstrates how to combine maximum ROI (return on investment) skills and your creativity together to produce a power packed campaign that’s sure to get you audience attention. More than an instruction manual, 5 Minutes 2 Show Time unfolds a literary work that engages heart and soul, delving deep into the character traits that will help you stand the test of fame. Readers will find themselves contemplating the power of knowledge and wisdom, as they seek notoriety.< Less
Your Band Is A Virus - Expanded Edition By James Moore
eBook (ePub): $7.99
As featured on,, I Am Entertainment Magazine,, and recommended by countless music publications, "Your Band Is A Virus! Expanded Edition" is the... More > ultimate music marketing guide for serious independent musicians and bands. "Bottom Line: This book can really change your life." - Indie Music Digest "Inspiring, relevant and informative." - "We can safely highly recommend Your Band Is A Virus." - Aarti Kelapure, "Something for everyone, regardless of your specific role within the music industry." - "5 out of 5." - Rebecca Hosking, SKOPE Magazine "One of the premiere promotional tools available to independent musicians." - I Am Entertainment Magazine "This book has meat." - Heather Jacks, The Noise Beneath The Apple "If you're an Independent band, then this book is a MUST read." - The Mosh Pit Music "A complete marketing guide for musicians." - "Highly recommended." - All What's Rock< Less
Grow Your Band's Audience By Joe Taylor Jr.
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Your audience is the MOST important part of your future success. It doesn't matter what label you're on, how many music industry pros love your band, how well your album's been mixed, or how much... More > money it took to get your song on the radio. Simply put, without an AUDIENCE that's willing to come out and watch you perform, you have no future in the entertainment industry. This book includes: Three PROVEN ways to make money without a label OR a manager! The magic words that MAKE club owners book your band... Booking agents' REAL secrets for getting more shows... The reasons why getting radio airplay will HURT your career... The plan that successul artists use to go from twenty-five friends to one hundred new PAYING audience members in three gigs or less...< Less
More Gigs Now: Concert Booking Secrets of Successful Musicians By Joe Taylor Jr.
eBook (PDF): $7.00
The author of Grow Your Band's Audience reveals a strategy that successful working musicians use to play better paying gigs more often. Learn how to schedule shows that grow your audience without... More > forcing you to spend time and money on frustrating tours.< Less

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