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Abstract Musical Intervals: Group Theory for Composition and Analysis By Ming Tsao
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This book is an introduction to GIS (Generalized Interval Systems) theory that includes the major results of pitch-class theory. It provides mathematicians with applications of group theory to music... More > and music theorists with the essential connections between GIS theory and pitch-class theory. Many of the results in pitch-class theory are not addressed by David Lewin (such as power functions or the Common Tone Theorem for inversions). The book states those results and generalizes them to conform with GIS theory. Finally, it addresses recent criticisms leveled at pitch-class theory and suggests how they can be addressed in GIS theory.< Less
Pop Music Theory By Michael Johnson
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The study of popular music composition is a new field in which the standard rules of traditional music theory do not apply. Learn how to write top 40 hits in every style from alternative rock to... More > country pop. Discover the way chords are constructed and used in pop music, the Nashville numbers system and the role of scales in pop music harmony. Learn how to arrange a lead-sheet chart for a small ensemble so your entire band can learn a song in minutes. No more listening to a cd over and over to figure out a guitar riff when you can learn to recognize chord progressions and easily transcribe music from recordings. You will master the ability to play chord changes for self-accompaniment as well as composition. Finally you will learn how to use the scales for improvisation and “ad libbing” so you can become a soloist with your own unique sound.< Less
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J. G. ALBRECHTSBERGER'S COLLECTED WRITINGS ON THOROUGH-BASS, HARMONY, & COMPOSITION FOR SELF-INSTRUCTION. With explanatory examples, systematically arranged, with a short guide to full-score... More > playing, and a description of all instruments employed. (This book teaches the lost art of counterpoint known to the old masters of European composition.) Johann Georg Albrechsberger (1736-1809) was one of the most learned and skillful contrapuntalists of his age. Much admired by Mozart and Haydn, he became the teacher of Beethoven, Hummel, Joseph Eybler, Joseph Weigl, and others. He was court organist in Vienna for 20 years before becoming choirmaster at St. Stephen's Cathedral. This textbook on composition will remain a work of major importance by reason of its clarity and minuteness of detail. (Also available here: Beethoven’s Studies in Composition, Haydn’s lessons with Beethoven, Cherubini's Treatise on composition, Mozart’s Lessons with Thomas Attwood, Bach’s lessons, Handel’s lessons…)< Less
Practical Music Theory: A Guide to Music as Art, Language, and Life By Brian Dunbar
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Practical Music Theory provides the necessary tools for inspired music making, listening, and composing. Based on the holistic premise that music is both art and language, yet so much more,... More > Practical Music Theory takes the musician on a journey through historic, yet relevant common practices of composition. Through this easy-to-read text, aspiring theorists encounter numerous examples from music literature, thought-provoking questions, and practical suggestions for implementation. Practical Music Theory is both a textbook and a workbook, containing an array of exercises ranging in complexity from simple to difficult. Designed for the first one to two years of instruction, it is a comprehensive volume that begins with the basic materials of music and progresses through advanced concepts and techniques. Practical Music Theory expands horizons to new worlds of musical discovery, enhancing the enjoyment of an already delightful art form.< Less
Theory Gizmos:Fundamental Tools to Understand, Analyze, and Build Music By Jamie Henke
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A fundamentals textbook explaining the basics of music. This is a college level textbook suitable for a non-majors course Theory Gizmos explains all of the basic tools you will need to understand,... More > analyze and build your own music. Each theoretical concept is presented in a step by step format and then illustrated in music by various famous composers. Short composition assignments allow the reader to try out these tools for themselves. This is the companion text for the Theory Gizmos website at If you purchase this book, make sure you go to the website and register for your free subscription.< Less
Manuscript Paper Workbook By Primavolta Mobile Music Tuition
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A music manuscript book providing plenty of room for the learning student to get used to writing their notation. Great for music theory, composition and teachers.
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'An Elementary Course of Harmony with Emphasis Upon the Element of Melody'. Musical composition, in its creative aspect, can not be taught. It is a distinctly subjective expression of the individual;... More > it comes from within, not from without; its individuality is what gives it value. But there is a necessary medium, a technique of expression, and this technique can be taught, and must inevitably be acquired. This treatise approaches the art of composition from the viewpoint of fundamental tonal relationships.< Less
Open to Music By Chris Brown
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This book is a collection of occasional writings on a range of musical topics covering the period c. 1750 - 2000.
Open to Music By Chris Brown
eBook (PDF): $7.95
This book is a collection of occasional writings on a range of musical topics covering the period c. 1750 - 2000.
Twelve Articles on Music - 1 - How to Write Music By Clement A. Harris
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Twelve Articles on Music - Article 1 "How to Write Music"- This Article, no. 1 in a series of 12 is about writing music. The book covers all of the basic features of Music Composition with... More > a few extra bits of advice thrown in. As a standard approach to musicianship, It's relevence is still felt today, in a world of such diverse musical elements, allowing for the simplicity of Musical Balance to remain.< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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