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L'Ascension Mutante - Les Investigateurs du Paranormal 8 By Éric Laliberté
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Un vieil adage prétend qu'une civilisation qui a atteint un certain niveau de connaissance technologique devra apprendre à contrôler son agressivité ou bien se... More > résigner à disparaître. Après le désastre bactérien de 2060, il semblait bien que l'humanité avait choisi la seconde de ces deux options, elle qui figure désormais sur la liste des espèces menacées de disparition. En dépit de l'existence de quelques territoires épargnés par le fléau où des gens courageux tentent de rebâtir le monde, l'Homo Sapiens est de nouveau en danger face aux nouveaux prédateurs qui ont envahi son habitat. Comme la biologie nous l'a enseigné depuis belle lurette, lorsque l'on introduit deux espèces concurrentes dans un espace clos, l'expérience se termine presque invariablement par l'extinction de la plus faible des deux…< Less
Siempre Odiaré Tu Voz y Otras Estrellas Mutantes By Luis Asenjo Robles
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Escribir un libro donde hablen en primera persona cada uno de los enamorados del mundo. Dar por terminada la partida y dejar que los créditos de la obra vayan acompañados de un cierto... More > halo lírico de ruptura. Que el mundo se acabe y todos podamos dar una pequeña versión de nuestra historia, una elegía lo más honesta y bienintencionada posible sobre la conclusión que nos sugiere nuestro paso por este atormentado planeta de expiación.< Less
The Gleema 3: Book 1 By Rod Martinez
Paperback: $2.99
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Two brothers and their best friend’s lives are about to be turned upside down by the simple witness of a meteorite falling to the earth. Ruben and Hector Rios and Mark Davidson’s... More > encounter with a fallen piece from the heavens turn them into a force to be reckoned with – The Gleema 3. They will embark on a mission unlike anything they could have ever dreamed – with dangerous results.< Less
Kari Collector's edition By CD Moulton
Paperback: $15.00
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Can Kari, a mutant in an engineered people who were engineered to be docile slaves save his people? He is their only hope.
Exiles By William McGee
eBook (ePub): $1.50
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Exiles is the story of a young mutant named Will. It is set in the year 2044 and humanity hates and fears mutants. The two have lived a shaky peace separated from one another, but now the mutants are... More > being threatened by a group called Helix, who is performing experiments on the mutants. Special thanks to: Mr. Shane Bradley, my mentor, editor, and adviser. Thank you for all of your help. Thanks also to Carl and Collin, Chris, Graham, Josh, and Nick for allowing me to use your names.< Less
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The Terzetto File By Albert S. Tukker
Paperback: $17.56
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A population mutated into a murdering, ravenous horde must be dealt with quickly and quietly. While dealing with the mutants horde, Major Neil Falcon discovers the secret behind the mutations and... More > fights to expose it.< Less
Dark Shadows By J. R. Ford
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Present day England has a secret. A government organisation is making use of a specific breeding programme, developed in order to create beings with bewildering mutant abilities; weapons that can be... More > used on the streets of England by the military or even by a clandestine department within the police force. Morgan is a man who has encountered mutants before, and has taken it upon himself to eliminate mutantkind. But it isn’t just a desire to kill mutants – it’s more than that: he is driven to eradicate what he perceives as evil. A young woman, rescued by him, becomes integral to the cause, even though she doubts its purpose. As the dangers grow, so do Morgan’s skills, and this in turn gives him cause to become uneasy. Just when he least expects it, help he does not seek or desire comes from an unexpected source. But with success, comes loss…< Less
The Last Yrim By Eric Eaklor
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Living in the far reaches of the Galactic Confederation, Dorri Verchota felt that her life couldn't be any more dull. There was little chance she would ever leave her home world, and she was resigned... More > to the fact that her future would be quite ordinary - and monotonous. That all changed when a tragic event took her mother from her, sending Dorri into profound danger. It has been over a century since the Mutant War, but now the Mutants - banished to another dimension by the ancient Yrim race - have found a way to return. Only the Yrim hold the secret to the dimensional threshold. But the Yrim have all vanished. Quiatan, leader of the Mutant invasion, realizes that Dorri poses a serious threat to their plans, and wants her found and captured at any cost. Drawn into this new conflict, Dorri learns a profound fact about her past, one that will affect not only her future, but also the future of the Confederation. She must ultimately confront Quiatan, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance.< Less
Full Moon By M.E Morales
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Catherine Holmes moves to Snohomish Washington after her mother was decapitated in a car accident, and causes trouble for the people of Snohomish Washington.

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