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How To Have A Healthy Relationship By Roseann Lowe
Paperback: $15.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is about showing you how to understand each other love language and also how to communicate with each other without any arguments. This book is for those couples out there seeking love and... More > are fed up because their partner doesn't listen to them or support them in anyway. I've gathered information from my colleagues and also from experience to let you know that love is not a bad thing and that you shouldn't give up, just because you are having problems with your partner. I've learn that men cheat on their partners because they are not paying enough attention to him, and women are spending more time with her friends because her partner has to work late or not showing her enough love. Take time out to talk about your problems, understand each other needs and respect them. If you are coming home from work late every night at least make an effort to be home for dinner. If your partner is not spending enough time with you let him or her know how you feel and don't be judgmental about it.< Less
His Slave, His Princess By Tanya Korval
Hardcover: $28.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
He wants me as his slave...can I become his princess? This is insane. I'm the quiet one, the bookish one. I shouldn't even have been at the party. But then I run right into Prince Jagor. Gorgeous.... More > Huge. A man who can pick you up with one hand and melt your panties with a growl. Suddenly, I'm in a steamy kiss with the heir to the throne of Asteria. A country where women are slaves. But one kiss isn't enough and the Prince makes me an offer: come to Monaco with him as his aide...and secret lover. I know it's crazy but I can't resist this man. I'm thrown into a world of private jets and stolen kisses. I'm falling fast...but he lives in an utterly different world. Do I love him enough to become his slave? Danger waits for us in his home country, more than either of us can imagine. If I'm going to keep my man, I'm going to have to fight for him. Against the will of the royal family, in the glare of the media spotlight, I'm going to have to become his princess.< Less
Sunrise at Selma By John and Anita Cowart
Paperback: $25.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
“Ten,” called Edward’s second. Allan stepped and turned. The waves washed over them and the audience gave its applause. “They are applauding you, my love,” she had... More > said. Allan looked up at the painted sky and smiled. A sharp pain stabbed him, and he heard the shot go off. He looked down at his side and watched the blood flow down his sleeve. He staggered and looked at Edward. Smoke still wisped from his pistol. Once again, all was still. “Fire. Damn you,” Edward called. Allan’s his vision blurred. He took a deep breath and steadied himself. Edward’s chest was in his sights. He held the pistol, his arm rock steady, now. He put his finger around the trigger and fired. In the Antebellum South, Susanna Williams, a plantation owner’s wife, and Allan Collins, a Methodist Preacher, find love in a hopeless affair that can only end on the field of honor. Adult material. Explicit Sex.< Less
Siva's Arrow By Linda Vista
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Code breaking, knife fighting, lock picking, wiretapping, digging up your new boyfriend's real identity...High School is educational! Then again, Chloe's dad is trying to kidnap her, the Principal... More > wants to make her shower with the boys, she's going to have to appear in court, and she's got a fan. But he looks cute in a uniform, and swears he's in love with her. If only he didn't seem so crazy. But he's... Chloe's never felt like this, what's going on? The girls will learn who Annie really works for, what she does for a living, and why she carries a gun. How many internets are there? One just for the hoods? Who knew? Chloe acquires a stalker, and his plans for her are direct...and final. Volume Two of "My Friend Chloe" cranks up the suspense, and turns up the heat a bit, too, in more ways than one. WHO burned those houses down? How do you get your boyfriend out of jail when you're only 14?< Less
Without A Doubt By Sarah Flowers
Paperback: $16.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Oh no you don’t, you wait one cotton picking minute here Sunshine! Don’t go making me out the bad guy because I can’t recover and get it back up fast enough for you. Of all things... More > you run home to Daddy!” lowered his head as in defeat. Dave knew the bastards lying he’s not helping his daughter very much. He doesn’t have to she’s screaming enough for the two of them. “Out! Get out of my life!” Angel shouted. “Sorry Sunshine I can’t do that.” “Why not Step?” asked Dave. “Why can’t you do that?” “Dave I’m in love with your daughter, willing to do the honorable thing. Your daughter isn’t going to tell you her father about having sex with me. God, she might be pregnant,” added for good measure, spreading it thicker and thicker. “Oh God, I’m going to be sick! He believes these damn lies he’s spurting! The guy’s nuts!” she’s yelling, making a fist getting ready to take a shot at Step. “No Sunshine baby, nuts only about you,” gave a smile to make her melt< Less
We Take Care of Our Own By Sarah Flowers
Paperback: $16.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In walked a handsome young man, sized up Gia and Ron. His Dad said Gia’s beautiful he’s crazy she’s damn gorgeous! He’s been sent to keep an eye out for the two,... More > can’t tell them yet. His Dad said, take it nice and easy. This is a big favor to the big guy, Matteo De Ventino, seeing Gia it will be easy. a double wow and him a confirmed bachelor. Then went into his act, “May I ask what the hell you’re doing in my lodge?” Whew! What a grouch thought Gia, answered honestly. “We have permission from Scott Curtis- Jones, Sr.! Here’s his key! May I ask who the hell are you?” He grinned, she’s a spunky one, dangled his key, “I’m Scott Curtis-Jones, Jr.!” “Ron lets get our bags, hit the road quick! He’s trouble seeing he doesn’t know about us!” Scott stopped them. “Wait a minute! Not Ron Ronchetti and Gia DeVentino?” “Let’s get the hell out of here Ron, quick!” Gia yelled. “Stop this minute!” Scot shouted. “I won’t harm you. Dad and Matt told me about< Less
Diary of a Slave in Training (BDSM Sex Slave Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
She once had a normal life. Then the man she knows only as Master took her away, and forced her into a dark world of pleasure, pain, and discovery as she slowly bends to his will. Now Master has... More > demanded she record her trials, and so she writes, reliving the ecstasy of her days as a slave in training, where, captive in his dungeon, she began to break at his expert hands. Excerpt: I was taken seven days ago. I had been jogging through the park when his car pulled up, a Rolls Royce, long and sleek. I didn’t even have time to scream before he dragged me away. He was stronger than me, and he wanted it more than I had power to resist. I’d struggled inside the silence as his driver guided us away from my old life, but no one could hear. No one could see past the tinted windows to the man holding down his reluctant prey, caught in the snare his passion had wrought. I call him Master now.< Less
Memories of Alias in Aquarius By Daniel James DiGabriele
Paperback: $13.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
It's been a long road, so many souls sold. Living for possessions in a world of obsessions. I heard Sirius craves Spirit, and the Gods crave her. Shiva gave disaster, Nut to laughter. Most still... More > scared to drink the potion of Kali. Contemplate, actually fantasize commotion. Strange devotion to a world solely killing loudly and proudly. Big deals, cheap thrills. Dreams of living civilly in Sicily. Sirius the sky goddess knew how the gods loved the pitter patter of her laughter over the hermit Shiva! Kali struck a deal with Thoth so that when doomsday came Shiva and Kali could live together forever in peace. The age of Kali will come to and end and the golden age will begin with the advent of an artificially intelligent immortal dictator. Free will! The demons have hedged their bets against humanity! The fourth dimension bleeds and the secrets of higher order sacred geometries take the invading elite alien class by storm! They Live! I would die for the goddess Sirius to take my soul into eternity! Bloody Mary!< Less
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Yours Mine Ours By Bridgitte Lesley
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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In so many families there is a ‘yours’ and a ‘mine’ scenario. Your children. My children. And sometimes ‘ours’. Dawn and Dutch had both had it rough. Their... More > partners had both moved on. Leaving them both thinking that they were pretty useless. In everything including the bedroom duties. Which really was not the case. It was a Sunday afternoon when Dawn had taken her family out to lunch that she met Dutch. Dutch was with his family doing the karaoke. At a little pub come restaurant. Dawn became the star performer but soon had to run off. Soon enough Dutch and Dawn started dating. They weren’t youngsters. But the feelings coursing through their bodies were both new and strange. They hadn’t lived their lives when they should have. They had one tiny little tiff which provoked the little jealous monster. But it soon blew over. Dutch’ family soon became Dawn’s. Dawn’s family admired Dutch. It ended up as ours. A chuckle awaits you! Enjoy!< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00
Paperback: $6.20