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When Cicadas Cry By Laura Miller
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One moment. One moment can shape our entire life. One deep breath. One slow exhale. One painted sunrise. One taste of forbidden love. One word spoken too soon. One word spoken too late. One dance... More > with a stranger. One wayward memory. One secret kept just a moment too long. That’s all it takes. But what I didn’t know when we locked eyes that first time was that every moment we shared was just another moment leading up to that one that would forever change the course of our lives. It was the moment that I knew he knew. It was just a hunch, a feeling, a soft whisper to my soul. But it was in that moment—that one, life-altering instant—that I knew I had lost him. When Omaha native Ashley Westcott suddenly shows up in Remington Jude’s small, Missouri town, she’s the talk of the town. When she leaves abruptly one day, the rumors fly. But only Rem knows why she left, and he’s not talking.< Less
Siva's Arrow By Linda Vista
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Code breaking, knife fighting, lock picking, wiretapping, digging up your new boyfriend's real identity...High School is educational! Then again, Chloe's dad is trying to kidnap her, the Principal... More > wants to make her shower with the boys, she's going to have to appear in court, and she's got a fan. But he looks cute in a uniform, and swears he's in love with her. If only he didn't seem so crazy. But he's... Chloe's never felt like this, what's going on? The girls will learn who Annie really works for, what she does for a living, and why she carries a gun. How many internets are there? One just for the hoods? Who knew? Chloe acquires a stalker, and his plans for her are direct...and final. Volume Two of "My Friend Chloe" cranks up the suspense, and turns up the heat a bit, too, in more ways than one. WHO burned those houses down? How do you get your boyfriend out of jail when you're only 14?< Less
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Queen of Sheba By Gardner Francis Fox
Paperback: $7.99
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Behold, thou art fair, my love: behold, thou art fair: thou hast doves' eyes...Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet... Thy navel is like a round goblet, which wanteth not liquor: thy belly is like a... More > heap of wheat set about with lilies. Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies... How fair and pleasant art thou, O love, for delights!" - SONG OF SOLOMON And Balkis was fair and pleasant for delights—Balkis, Queen of Sheba, queen of the land of pagan licentiousness dedicated to the worship of love. More realistically than any before him, Gardner Fox has created the story of Solomon, the handsome, restless young king of Israel, who journeyed to Sheba and fell under the spell of Balkis, goddess of the cult of love. History has told us how Solomon forgot his God in dreams of conquest and in the arms of the most sensual woman of the ages, and in this novel, a talented author has brought history to vibrant, pulsing life.< Less
Instigations By Kiki Archer
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“Instigations,” is the sequel to Kiki Archer’s best-selling lesbian fiction novel, “But She Is My Student.” Illicit affairs with happy endings. Do they really... More > exist? Miss Katherine Spicer, a well respected history teacher from Coldfield Comprehensive thinks so. Now in a committed relationship with her ex-student Freya, she feels she has it all: A thriving career, a wonderful girlfriend, and a fun-filled apartment shared with her very best friends. Previous insecurities are gently fading away and for the first time ever, she feels truly loved. But will a chain of events, triggered by the deliberate and intentional actions of Freya’s new university acquaintance, see the downfall of their relationship? Has Kat got the strength to believe when Freya’s desire to stay strong is questioned? “Instigations,” follows the ups and downs of all fast moving lesbian love affairs. From moving in, to moving on. A rollercoaster ride, full of emotion. Laugh out loud with the highs and cry in sorrow with the lows.< Less
US 50 Coast to Coast By Wulf Berg
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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For two years we planed and prepared for a trip on US Route 50 from Ocean City, Maryland, to San Francisco, California. We believe that Route 50 crosses some of the most beautiful parts of America.... More > On May the First we watched the sun rise above the Atlantic Ocean and departed on our journey to the Pacific Ocean where we observed the sunset twenty-one days later. Our trip was memorable and inspirational. As we crossed the country we met and talked with people from different backgrounds and affiliations. Everybody was proud of his or her heritage and place of residency. America the Beautiful is the greatest country on Earth. We still can see the colorful canyons in Utah. As we crossed the Green River, our thoughts went with John Powell as he explored this territory in 1869. I hope my book will encourage other to take a journey across America and see this beautiful country. Only those who have experienced the tranquility of nature will fight to preserve it Our public land is not for sale!< Less
Big Red By Kathryn Hartman
Paperback: $17.50
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When I was seventeen, it was a very good year… Does Frank Sinatra’s song bring back memories of your seventeen? The year of your life when the decisions that you made then affected your... More > entire future; an age when we were to become independent of our parents’ nests; learn to spread our wings and fly out into the unknown abyss like fledging birds trying to survive amongst the waiting, gaping mouths of ravenous cats. Henry David Thoreau wrote “I am a part of all that I have met.” We are a mosaic, pieces of places, experiences; people who have come and gone, we have known and loved. What about the animals in our lives? They, too, are precious stones that make up our hearts and souls. How was your seventeen? Was it a very good year of adventure and excitement, or one of memories you would rather hide deep in a storm cellar with the steel door bolted shut. My seventeen was a year that I will never forget.< Less
We Came Before You and Other Poems By Venkatesh Govindarajan
eBook (ePub): $10.00
This manuscript of 31 self-illustrated poems having animals/birds/insects/reptiles as the leitmotif has manifold objectives. • Firstly, as the title suggests, it is to remind readers that we... More > humans are effectively tenants in this world which is owned and let out to us by other living creatures – animals, birds etc. We thereby have our duties and responsibilities towards them and must be indebted to them for their kindness. Secondly, there is a lot we can learn from animals, birds and insects. Remember King Bruce and the spider which taught him a valuable lesson? And we have a host of animal similes – as brave as a lion, as busy as a bee, as free as a bird, as gentle as a lamb, as wise as an owl, and so on. Thirdly, while a lot of work is being done by dedicated individuals and organisations for animal/bird welfare, this is a product of the inspiration which all these people have provided – to contribute a little in my own way. All the sketches have been made by the poet himself.< Less
Paperback: $10.08
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This book has been written for all the people that would like to improve their life, their personality and their future. Would you like to be a better friend, sibling or marriage mate? I did and... More > now I want to share my successful ongoing journey with you. Do you ever forget to stand up straight or breathe deeply or take the time to stretch? Have you ever found yourself living your life based on pleasing others or trying to fit in? This book of excellent reminders, along with an interesting twist, will encompass all of this and much more. Everybody will be concerned about their own well-being at some point in their life. Information overload has sadly bogged down the senses of so many people that they simply give up thinking that help is available. Others leave it to a 'professional' or on beliefs that were taught to them in childhood. This book should enlighten you with new hope outside that 'box'. Are you ready to take a very fulfilling journey of self improvement?< Less
How to Buy Your First Cryptocurrency & What You Need to Know: The Greatest World Changing Technology of the Digital Age By Jonathan Kerin
eBook (PDF): $3.99
We live in an increasingly digital world. Every single day, the cryptocurrency space is growing more and more robust, while solving more problems than we could ever imagine. Crypto is still in its... More > 1st stages of evolution. This short 43 page e-book/guide will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and how to easily get started. Broken down into many, easily readable, sections: 1) Introduction: The Bitcoin Whitepaper & Thorough Explanation by a Programmer 2) Requirements of Hard, Sound Money & How Central Banks Have Ripped Off the World 3) How to Buy & Send Crypto Step-by-Step, and the Many Exchanges You Can Use To Do So 4) Best Exchanges to Swap Bitcoin for Altcoins 5) How to Safely Protect Your Crypto with a Hardware Wallet And much more!! 2 BONUS Sections: --> My Top 4 Transformational Cryptocurrencies & Why --> How to Successfully Buy Physical Gold and Silver with Dollars, & How to Buy them with Bitcoin!< Less

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