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A university creative writing class was asked to write a concise essay containing these four elements: -religion -royalty -sex - mystery The prize-winning essay read: “My God,” said the... More > Queen. “I’m pregnant. I wonder who did it?” Ever wanted to write? A short story or perhaps even a book? Is there a talent for creative writing within you? How do you know if there is? Do you have some interesting experiences to share, your life story perhaps? A brand new book (in progress - being written "on the go" *) about a writing journey: the story of the origins of the “original” Creative Writing Course (online) from1997/1998. Also including the actual lessons# (just it first appeared on the www in 1997/8, which you can do in your own time to practically improve your writing skills. “I know when a writer’s in trouble....when he resorts to writing about writing.” Doesn’t sound very exciting (or promising for me) that... does it! “Everyone has some talent.< Less
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UFO's have been a mystery, because of all the 'Cover Ups' by Government Officials around the world. UFO's have been a common experience for so many people throughout Human History and have been... More > documented over and over, yet the 'officials' keep denying this to where people are 'seeing things' which is really their Game of Kontrol. All of us are in the same Life and we can all See what is really taking place with anything or anyone. Your DreamVisions is an excellent way of Seeing what most people pay no attention to. The 'Average Person' wants to simply live their LA LA Land Life here and that's it, which is their right to do so, not knowing they will always be the Effect of everything in Creation until they learn to Become MoreAware and Recognize them-selves as a Free Being of RealLight. TapLining is something that has been very well hidden for thousands of years and is Now coming to the surface as Duane makes this known so all can See it. /< Less
Forensics: Cool Women Who Investigate By Anita Yasuda
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How do scientists solve mysteries? With forensics! Every crime scene contains forensic evidence that helps investigators discover exactly what happened. Forensics is the science of gathering and... More > examining information about a past event, usually to solve a crime or legal problem. In Forensics: Cool Women Who Investigate, children ages 9 through 12 learn about this fascinating field and meet three women who are succeeding in their chosen profession of forensics. Christine Gabig-Prebyl is a forensic scientist with Douglas County, Nebraska, Sheriff’s Office, Jessica Frances Lam is a researcher at England’s University of Leicester INTREPID Forensics Programme, and Stephanie Kristen Callian is a forensic scientist at the Orange County Crime Lab in southern California.  Nomad Press books in the Girls in Science series supply a bridge between girls’ interests and their potential futures by investigating science careers and introducing women who have succeeded in science. Ages 9-12 Guided Reading Level: X< Less
Backyard Biology: Investigate Habitats Outside Your Door with 25 Projects By Donna Latham
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Illustrated be Beth Hetland. Life is everywhere, thriving in the city and in the country, teeming in ecosystems around the planet—in deserts, oceans, and even the Arctic. And life is right... More > outside your door! BACKYARD BIOLOGY invites children ages 9 and up to investigate living things—especially in yards, parks, nature areas, and playgrounds. Trivia and fun facts bring animals, plants, and microorganisms to life, in all their wonder. Readers become Nature Detectives with activities and projects that encourage children to make discoveries. Children will construct a plankton net to collect pond samples, and they’ll grow microorganisms in a Winogradsky Column. They’ll discover what mystery plants sprout from collected soil samples and build a rolypoly habitat. When children experiment with phototropism and geotropism, they’ll discover the ways plants move. In BACKYARD BIOLOGY, children will scout out different habitats to observe and investigate—and do their part to protect them. Ages 9–12 GRL: T< Less
Planetary Science: Explore New Frontiers By Matthew Wood
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Ever since Galileo Galilee first used a telescope to explore the moons of Jupiter, we’ve known that the planets are much more than mysterious points of light in the night sky. With the creation... More > of incredible technologies such as space probes, giant ground-based telescopes, and Earth-orbiting observatories, we’ve learned that Mars once had water on its surface, that Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been churning for centuries, and that thousands of exoplanets circle distant suns. In Planetary Science: Explore New Frontiers, kids ages 12 to 15 examine the latest information on Pluto, the journey of the Mars rover Curiosity, and the incredible catalog of distant planets uncovered by the Kepler Space Telescope. They learn about how planets form and why they travel on their orbits. Planets, those pinpricks of light you might spot on a clear night, come closer through informative illustrations, links to online primary sources, illuminating sidebars, and fun facts in this astronomy book for teens.< Less
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Duane The Great Writer, has taken the risk and is doing all he can to promote what Rebazar and Paul are doing on The RealSide, and for those who can Recognize THE NUMAN NOW. I am simply here to... More > provide RealGuidance and a RealEducation, so that everyone has an opportunity for RealFreedom and RealTruth during this lifetime. I am not here as a master or guru with a spiritual path to the Gods of Man. I always suggest to anyone to test what I am presenting and watch Your DreamVisions, because as you put your body to rest, Rebazar Tarzs will work with you to help you solve the mysteries of yourself, and then The Greatest Adventure of ALL, what lies beyond the PsycRealms and the Invented Gods. This world is on a radical course with the Authoritarian Deceptors, and there are few people who are aware of this and can do anything about it. So, I am taking the risk to expose so much so that others can See for themselves where they are really at what what is really taking place. www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
Coupons are for Crazy People (and other truths revealed) By Monika Bourgeois Moore
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Learn the Art of Saving. ALOT. Welcome to your crash course into the not-so mysterious WORLD OF COUPONS! Failed math? So did the author, but that may have been the best thing that ever happened to... More > you. From $.50 cent cases of diapers, to Christmas on $20 bucks, every thing you wish you knew, but couldn't figure out, is right here. You don't need to buy 200 bags of Dog Food to get a gallon of milk for a quarter. All you need is 1 coupon and 1 quarter. This "How-to-tell-all" will take you from rocky start to photo finish as you follow the path to pocket protecting. You'll realize that not only are suggested retail prices JUST a suggestion, you have ALWAYS had the option of saying "NO"! Includes tips for :Christmas Couponing ! :EBT/Fixed Income SUPER Savings ! :Save 80% on Everyday Groceries without breaking a sweat :Secrets on how to throw a Major event on $200! Limit 500 books per Person. (Just kidding, buy all you want)< Less
Eddie the Elf By James F. Park
eBook (PDF): $3.12
Behind Santa’s workshop was where Eddie the Elf had his very own secret hiding place where he’d play, for what seemed to him like hours on end, with his fairy and elf figurines, and have... More > wonderful adventures where he and his very best figurine friend would visit faraway planets but would always be back in plenty time for Santa’s world famous extra crispy homemade Christmas pie with all the trimmings but to-day wasn’t just any old ordinary day because to-day was his very best figurine’s birthday and he had a special surprise in store for his very best figurine friend that was until he heard a kind of rustling coming from under a heap of newly fallen snow and when what came out came out, steadied herself with the help of an old stick she said, ‘hello Eddie, how are you today?’ So what was this mysterious being and what did she want with Eddie?< Less
SEDUCTION By Jennifer Loiske
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A dark and mysterious shadow flickered on the man’s face and Clarissa wanted to step back. Her legs, however, seemed glued to the ground and she just stood there like some stupid lamb about to... More > be sacrificed. He brushed her temple, making her tremble. She was so scared, yet while she stared at him as if paralyzed, she felt something other than fear growing slowly inside her. He intrigued her, she couldn’t deny that. Not anymore. She seemed to know where he was, always, and her heart screamed for him. How crazy was that? He was just a huge, dark guy with a body like a dream. He wasn’t just gorgeous. He was more. Totally more! He was like a girl’s worst nightmare and a dream that you didn’t want to wake up from. Someone you wanted to touch and taste. A devil with wings. Oh, she was so stupid and she was in so much deeper than she had thought…< Less
Doboro the Bottlenecker: Drew's Story By Kevin M. Kraft
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Twelve year old Drew Holiday knows only what she’s been told—that when she was seven, an explosion destroyed her house, killed her parents and injured her so that she cannot recall her... More > life before that fateful night. Adopted into another family, she enjoys life as a classical guitar prodigy, of which great accomplishments are expected. But the appearance of a blind street singer named Doboro, introduces her to the blues and the infectious sound of bottleneck guitar. Inexplicably drawn to the sound and the cigar box guitar he plays, it isn’t long before she, against all good sense, asks the enigmatic drifter to teach her his method. After a rough and tense introduction, he agrees and thus begins her daily lessons. But as they begin to build together her own cigar box guitar, and their familiarity grows, so does the mystery and danger that surrounds Doboro, drawing out of the shadows assassins bent on his destruction. And hers.< Less

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