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Don't Mention It By William F. Smith
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Although one of the main characters in this novel is a detective, Don't Mention It is not a detective story. It's a wholesome and light-hearted account of three tangled romances, each threatened by... More > unforeseen complications. WWII is over and Perry Clark has returned to civilian life to work on his suntan and make a success of his new career as a private investigator. His big opportunity comes when he's hired to find a missing heiress named Phyllis Price. Perry isn't the only one looking for the lady in question. His old buddy Fred Ryce, now a Broadway composer, has no clue who she is, but has fallen head over heels for her. The missing girl's aunt, Corrine Miles, has a few more complications in her life, too, including a fiance who is facing the threat of blackmail over past indiscretions. Of course, the detective has a beautiful secretary with a few tricks up her sleeve, not the least of which is an old family recipe for a mysterious purple potion with the power to cure hiccups -- and inhibitions.< Less
Who Am I? By Johnn Schroeder
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Found floating on the Pacific Ocean by fishermen, a man wired onto a small raft and left to die gets another chance at life. Multiple attempts to end the life of the man just make it even more... More > important to solve the mystery, for the killers have information on his location that has to have come from high government sources. Treason endangers the man, and may hurt America when an odd metal dust found on the man is found to be perfect for making high-speed missiles that could change the balance of the world’s militaries overnight. As the man recovers, a new factor arises. The man is a cyborg, powerful and deadly. The trail to recovery is difficult, as corrupt politicians, fundamentalist killers, and an Arab madman try stopping the man from recovering his memory, for he can bring their whole operation to ruin. The thing they didn't take into account was that when he gets his memory back, the cold and deadly Phoenix comes to life. They have reason to fear now.< Less
Doreen Ladoux: Patron Saint of the End of the World By D. A. Dentinger
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Doreen Ladoux, a young, analytical French-American woman, and JM, her carefree Cajun husband, adopt two dogs. She believes the dogs should be raised according to the rules; she craves clarity and... More > reason. JM readily embraces life’s uncertainty and is much more relaxed. Doreen’s passion for logical explanations is challenged by more than raising her dogs when a terrifying, mysterious rabies-like virus sweeps the country. The story focuses on the small moments of her quest to protect her husband and dogs under the specter of an apocalypse. As they head to the wilderness of northern Quebec, they meet strangers, some friendly, some dangerous, all of them struggling to adapt to this new, perilous landscape. As Doreen’s story takes twists and turns, her journey leads her to a small band of Québécois and Inuit survivors. The story chronicles her transformation from a suburban schoolteacher into a woman the Québécois call la Guérisseuse, the Healer, and whom the Inuits call Amarok, the Wolf.< Less
Fast Asleep Soft Cover By Shannon Johnson
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Roger Connors is a man that has watched his life pass him by. Following the tragic death of his wife several years before, he now finds himself relying on his job and his dog to simply get him... More > through each day. Things begin to change when he meets his new neighbor, Pat, a man involved with a mysterious group that is making plans to survive a coming disaster of apocalyptic proportions. The only kicker? Their survival plan involves a newly researched procedure that will enable them to hibernate through the disaster and its aftermath. Roger believes them to be mad, but as things begin to unravel he finds himself torn between his friendship with Pat as well as the love he has found with a beautiful member of the group. Through the trials that take place as society begins to crumble in the face of ultimate disaster, he also finds he has reawakened his faith. But will his faith prove to be enough?< Less
Reasonable Joy By Lauren Sanders-Jones
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Found on her biological father's doorstep in Raleigh, NC the morning after her birth in 1899, Rainey Clark grows up in a loving household. After her parents' deaths, Rainey moves to Washington, DC... More > with her late father's wealthy and outspoken sister, a speakeasy owner. She meets William "Step" Herndon, who is soon her ideal love match, or so she thinks. They marry, or so she thinks, she becomes pregnant, and their marriage falls apart when Step's sordid true nature is revealed to her. After her son is born, and her husband dies under mysterious circumstances, Rainey returns to Raleigh, and later marries Attorney William Davis, who adopts her son. They have two daughters, and their life is idyllic compared to many Southern blacks. Rainey and her family are devastated by a life-altering event in 1960. Will she survive this time of hideous misery? Will her deepest secrets be revealed before she can resume some semblance of her former life? Rainey is a woman who survives, thrives, and endures!< Less
Lions of the Grail By Tim Hodkinson
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Historical Fiction (medieval). New Edited Edition. It is 1315 AD. Rotting in prison, condemned as a heretic, Knight Templar Richard Savage is given a chance of reprieve if he returns to his homeland... More > of Ireland. There is a catch: He must work as a spy for King Edward of England. Scotland and England are at war. The Scots intend to invade Ireland and someone in Ireland is helping them. Savage returns to a land where he cannot be sure who to trust. Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, is said to possess a mysterious treasure, and many are flocking to his cause. Efficient, brutal killers are on the loose and in the middle of it all is Alys de Logan, Savage's former love who he abandoned to join the Templars, who some say has become a witch. Amid feasts, tournaments and war, Savage discovers he left more than just memories behind in Ireland. Can he decide whose side he in on, where Bruce's secret treasure is and above all, stay alive?< Less
Obscene Gestures of an Invisible Hand: Financial Doom and the Death of Culture - The Lighter Side By Jeffrey Trester
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Jack Klein is a young theoretical physicist turned Wall Street wizard, using chaos theory to beat markets and questioning why he left the life of the mind. Then a flammable hairpiece and irate... More > commuters trigger a bizarre chain of events, collapsing a foreign currency and raising him to the pinnacle of finance. Soon, Jack finds the fluke that brought him stardom sets in motion a crisis that could destroy both him and the global economy. To stave off disaster, the trader must move in realms of money, power and conspiracy, where a media mogul dreams of turning classic literature into video games, Japanese bankers defend samurai legacies and a hedge fund titan thinks he’s a Bond villain. Yet it's a brilliant, seductive ex-ballet dancer turned music producer who makes Jack see salvation lies in understanding the choices he’s made. But she’s made secret and shocking accommodations of her own, and her mystery just adds to a conundrum he can solve only by deciphering... Obscene Gestures of an Invisible Hand.< Less
Black Body Radiation and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe By Brown, Jefffrey P.
eBook (PDF): $3.75
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A fifteen year old boy, gifted in science, with parents who give him everything except affection, goes from a normal, everyday earth-boy existence to encountering a mysterious being, druid priest,... More > monk/historian, the beautiful and matronly Queen Ogaboom, extraterrestrials, a black hole named Fudge, and war-gone Wargons. In the process, he discovers himself, comes to the aid of an embattled extraterrestrial race, and sets right the wrongs he’s inflicted on his dimension, thus curing a portion of general, all around, universal angst . . . or does he? Is there more to the story? Will the boy come to the aid of the Queen and her planet Doufear and the universe by stopping the Wargons in their plight to take out thousands of years of built up anger? Will earth survive? Will Doufear? Beta Bot? where the great Augur resides--spiritual healer of the universe. Lots of questions. Little time. Get the book! Before it's too late! Please visit my blog:< Less
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Portrait of the Artist, With Spoon By M. G. Meile
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Star-building otters whose flesh is incandescent plasma . . . dancing yaks who fight demons with TV screen eyes . . . telepathic kangaroos who sail across the sky . . . rainbow-maned Lions who sing... More > with the voices of men. . . . These were only a few of the creations of the artist they called "the Maker." Author, scholar, CGI wizard, the Maker was loved by millions, hated by millions more--millions who knew nothing about him. For the Maker was a man of mystery. No one knew anything about his past, or what he looked like, or where he lived . . . or of his secret plan to turn the middle of North America into a desert. But to a lonely girl without a home, the Maker was the goal of a life-long quest. And neither world-wide disaster nor death itself would keep her from finding him at last--or from asking him a single, simple question. The answer she would receive would change her life forever--and change as well, perhaps, the course of history. . . .< Less

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