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GET REAL! Fighting the Mythic Woman Finding Your Authentic Self By Ananya S Rajan
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Get Real! is a book for all women, from all walks of life. It's basic premise is that women are more than just the roles they play. However the myths and messages passed on to us by our families, the... More > institutions we are involved in, and society often restrict us from thinking for ourselves, finding out who we are, and living a more fulfilling life. By maintaining certain standards for women, society continues to promote the perfect woman, otherwise known as the Mythic Woman and unknowingly we follow the Mythic Woman pattern because we know nothing else. This book offers a new way to look at the life we live and the messages we follow. It also provides insightful exercises to help women start their journey toward discovering their Authentic Self.< Less
Araminta's Message - A Communique from the Enchanted World of Faries By Charmiene Maxwell-Batten
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'Araminta's Message' is funny, enlightening, perceptive and above all, thought-provoking.The author has captured the enchanting quality and playful charm of a fairytale while at the same time... More > enriching it with topical issues and futuristic interplanetry travel.'Araminta's Message' is a fairytale and an allegory. A fairy soul is re-born in the mortal world so that she may communicate insightful information about her fairy dimension. Charmiene weaves the purity of a fairy's viewpoint into the fabric of the human outlook and gives us a lucid opportuity to look within ourselves< Less
Tresbon Medal By Dennis O. Hendry
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The love of a grandmother for her only granddaughter brings Ida into the fast paced world of computers, the Internet, and geocaching. Unbeknownst to her granddaughter Elisabeth, Ida has hatched a... More > secret plan all her own: a tried and true scheme to bring forth a secret of the ancient world to the modern world of today. Set against the lush backdrop of Indiana’s historic Kankakee River, “Tres Bon Medal” is a tale of hidden cache, cryptic messages, mythical places, and daring adventure seekers, told as swift as the magical waters that will forever bind them all.< Less
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This is a series of verse-performance works written as incantations that might or might not be accompanied by extra media. They are meant to be read aloud. The places span over 40,000 miles in the... More > air and on the ground. The accompany banal routine and the very specific events that accompany banal routine. These works dedicated to paper do assume that there might be some sort of implicit agreement of work and play between the emitter, message, and receiver.< Less
Dowse This... Dowse for Your Animal Totem and Other Animal Guides By Juanita Ott
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Have you ever wondered how to determine your Totem Animal? This was a question I heard so often I decided to create a dowsing chart to simplify the process. A few years ago I began to collect lists... More > of animals and soon my list became too large for a simple chart. This book consists of 27 dowsing charts and 1 blank chart to assist you in discovering your totem, power, message, guide, and/or medicine animal to name but a few. This book also contains Dinosaurs and Mythical Creatures. For More Information on this title visit< Less
Haunted Happenings By Haley Thellman
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Diary of a Mortal Series: Book 5--- It’s time for cheats, lies, and new mythical creatures! After Molly receives the invitation for Jay Howard and Thomas’s father, James’s wedding,... More > she is totally freaked out. When Thomas comes back to Missouri knowing their worries about the party are over, the truth about the wedding is revealed. As unhappy as he is, he and Molly decide to show at the wedding with a plan to hopefully stop it. Along the way, Molly keeps receiving mysterious text messages from a blocked number, asking her to meet them at a haunted mansion. Thinking it’s Jay Howard’s plan to trick her, Molly goes with a strong desire to kill her once and for all. But is it really Jay? Maybe not. And if it’s not, Molly has an idea of who else it could be—someone she never even thought to mistrust.< Less