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Recovering from a Narcissist By Yasmin Inquieti
eBook (ePub): $1.22
This is a short epublication intended to provide support and comfort for those of us affected by our relationships with a Narcissist. Written by the Author as a source of help and advice for others,... More > and taken from her own experiences and research, it provides an insight in to the dark, manipulative and controlling world of the Narcissist, how you are seen by them and how you can and will recover.< Less
Can a Narcissist be cured? By Yasmin Inquieti
eBook (ePub): $1.23
This is a short epublication written to explore the traits of a Narcissist and to question whether they can be cured. Written as a source of help for anyone who has been involved with a Narcissist,... More > its intent is to help you realise the type of person you have been involved with and to aid your healing.< Less
The Truth About Elderly Narcissists By Cynthia Bailey-Rug
Paperback: $13.00
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Contrary to popular belief, narcissists often do change. As they age, they frequently become even more difficult and abusive. "The Truth About Elderly Narcissists" was created to help... More > those who are faced with the unique challenges of dealing with or caring for elderly narcissists.< Less
Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders By Sam Vaknin
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Narcissistic and psychopathic leaders come in all shapes and degrees of virulence. Learn to recognize them in various settings (the workplace, religion, politics) and to cope with the toxic fallout... More > of their "leadership".< Less
When a Narcissistic Parent Dies By Cynthia Bailey-Rug
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Losing a parent is an incredibly painful and difficult experience under the best of circumstances. Losing a narcissistic parent is not only painful and difficult, but also filled with complicated... More > emotions and circumstances. "When a Narcissistic Parent Dies" is designed to help the reader find ways to cope during this challenging time, create ways to deal with people who do not understand, as well as help the reader make difficult decisions such as whether or not to visit a dying parent or attend the funeral.< Less
How To Drive A Narcissist Nuts! By Catherine Ann Sutton
Paperback: $7.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
A booklet of humor discribing how to deal with pesty or difficult people. Fiction
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Believe Me: The Story of a Narcissist By Lady Tracilyn George
eBook (ePub): $15.32
Kennedy Karl Kilpatrick grew up in a world of privilege. As an only child, he believed he was entitled to everything and anything he wanted. His parents found themselves too late in their attempts to... More > discipline their son.Ken loved being in the spotlight and often bragged how great he was. His family, on the other hand, preferred to be left alone. When he decided to run for president, his wife and children feared the worst.< Less
The Renaissance Narcissist & The Golden Blank By Johnny Noir
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Self-mythologizing philosophical Narcissism and Ego worship combining Spirituality and sexually decadent love into an intimate Existential aesthetic of being and identity.
Narcissist Storytime: An unfortunate, but true, story about a household full of narcissists By Mary Ann Rhodes
Paperback: $18.99
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Many books exist that educate people about the nature of narcissists. There are less that tell the actual story of what happens in a narcissistic family unit. When you read about things which take... More > place, patterns over the long term take shape and shed light on the subject. In this book about these characters, subtle nuances in behavior comes into focus. After living away for years, Anna returns home. Her sister is still living at Mom’s, however, but she exhibits strange, crazy-making behavior. When Dad starts to visit from far away and attempts to join the sister in stirring drama, Anna knows it’s time to put distance between herself and these family members. When you don’t see or understand someone’s behavior, it’s essentially hiding in plain sight. You’ll be astounded to find that when you thought you knew someone, you didn’t really know them. This is because with the narcissist, what you’re seeing is usually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their nefarious behavior.< Less

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