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Narrative Poetry Booklet By Ethen Staley
Paperback: $4.50
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This is a poetry book that was written by a 6th grade student.
Unreliable Narratives By Magdalena Ball
Paperback: $13.41
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In Unreliable Narratives, Magdalena Ball invites us to open a Pandora's box of memories. Like smoke rising from a candle and casting shadows and lights that shift and evade, the poems morph and twist... More > with the dexterity of a master poet. They will draw you in from the first to the last like peering through a telescope, reminding us of the infinite multi-verses that can exist within a single narrative.< Less
Secluded Narratives By William L. Wright, Jr
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This is a compilation of narrative poetry written between July of 2012 and November of 2013. I put together this anthology as a way of paying homage to my beloved Grandfather. He was the type of... More > person that always had a story to tell or song in his heart. I've squandered many hours daydreaming about reaching his level of storytelling. In a way i feel i have kept his tradition alive, but it is with my own flavor and flair. I prefer to write in prose and my work can become cryptic and difficult to decipher at times, but I put a lot of emphasis on imagery and emotion in my poems to ensure the reader has a connection with my work. Sure, you may have to re-read a piece a couple of times to fully absorb its message, but i assure you it is worthwhile in the end.< Less
Informative Narratives By Sayed Abdul-Hadi
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A collection of poems/poetry from the pen of Al Hajj Shaikh Sayed Abdul-Hadi that reflect his way of thinking on a variety of subject matter. Motre more to educate and stimulate than to entertain and... More > amuse.< Less
Urban Narratives By Ken Champion
eBook (ePub): $7.11
Ken Champion is a writer, novelist, poet and reviewer who is the author of 3 novels, 2 novellas, and this volume of short stories, as well as 2 poetry pamphlets and 2 full collections. His work has... More > also appeared in literary journals in the US and extensively in magazines and anthologies in the UK.< Less
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narrative (dis)continuities By Kristina Darling
Paperback: $12.95
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A book of experimental prose poetry. It contains the work of many poets.
Confluences: The Narratives Show By S. David
Paperback: $36.70
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A poet responds to artworks in "The Narratives Show," the Fall 2007 exhibition by the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.
Take Back The Narrative By jamika ajalon
Paperback: $12.00
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The concept behind 'take back the narrative' echoes the impetus of my inter-disciplinary work. As an author (wordist) that integrates text with sonic-landscape, music, visuals and a fusion of... More > these mediums, I have been exploring themes around memory and alternative narrative and the blurring of institutional/social/psychological frontiers— to subvert hegemonic narratives and unearth/re-imagine that which dominant chrono-politics tends to erase, bury and or subsume. Much of the work in this collection has been adapted and mutated into sonic/visual pieces, music, and often interwoven into a series of audio-visual anti-lectures I have given across Europe.< Less
On Daring to Eat the Pear: Heretical Narratives By Edward Simon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
"On Daring to Eat the Pear" engages narratives of a heretical nature. Ancient blasphemies, and the remnants of dead faith all commingle. Simon tells stories in a language profound and... More > enigmatic. Simon mines alike the obscure and the famous of history to write poems that are only confessional to the nature of reality. In these pages you will find stories in poetry ranging from a blues singer named Cadmon (or Kadmon) Delph who generates reality with his guitar, to the surreal and magically realist story of idol smashers being chased away from a dissolved monastery by a screaming, burning statue of Christ. Simon's work consciously doesn't imitate the staid conventions of modern lyric poetry in either intent, structure or theme. The narratives are all unified by a deep seated desire to find a new verse, one that is able to explicate the many functions of our post-faith religious condition. Simon's poems are prayers to a God who isn't there.< Less

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Cardboard Cardboard By Patrick G. Redford
Paperback: $40.00