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The North American Quails, Partridges, and Pheasants By Paul Johnsgard
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This book documents the biology of six species of New World quails that are native to North America north of Mexico (mountain, scaled, Gambel’s, California, and Montezuma quails, and the... More > northern bobwhite), three introduced Old World partridges (chukar, Himalayan snowcock, and gray partridge), and the introduced common (ring-necked) pheasant. Collectively, quails, partridges, and pheasants range throughout all of the continental United States and the Canadian provinces. Two of the species, the northern bobwhite and ring-necked pheasant, are the most economically important of all North American upland game birds. All of the species are hunted extensively for sport and are highly popular with naturalists, birders, and other outdoor enthusiasts.< Less
The Albany Landfill By Theodore Gustafson
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This project explores addresses urban systems, landscape Systems and how they cohabit within the realm of Architecture. Similarly this project represents the weak publics that are often ignored or... More > undesigned for. This project integrates migrating birds, endangered species, native plants, exotic vegetation in an intimate way that is integrated within the built environment. Thinking through plant’s and animal’s eyes, how can architects design for different species to cohabit in the landscape? How can we recondition the landscape and architecture to serve these diverse set of characters? As designers what can we learn from these species and how can we develop a site with plants animals and humans considered equally?< Less
The Braw Trees of Coldstream By Antony Chessell
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This book describes some of the ancient, veteran and notable trees in Coldstream and the surrounding area, selected by the author for their age, historical connections, location or appearance and... More > gives information on their setting within the Scottish Borders. It is not a botanical guide although it lists scientific names throughout and gives information on native and non-native species and the usefulness of the selected trees for ornamental and practical purposes. Above all, it is a 'potterer's' guide for people interested in their surroundings. Foreword by Lady Caroline Douglas-Home, MBE< Less
The Secret of Twmbarlwm By Bernard Palfrey
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As they had done for the past hour the long legs that formed part of a well-proportioned body seemed to glide effortlessly over the changing terrain. This consisted of canal towpaths, meadows,... More > clusters of wooded areas and the pathways that negotiated the winding River Afon Llwyd, which was the Welsh name for the river, with the English translation of Grey River. Like the deceptively apparent calm of the fast flowing river, Robin's leisurely looking gait belied his speed of travel. The river appears crystal clean and seemingly posing no threat to any water species, but for the native white-clawed crayfish there lurks a danger. Carrying a disease that is deadly to the native crayfish is the American signal crayfish. The American cousin at 8in in size is double that of the endangered native crayfish. Having mysteriously found their way into the river, the aliens are threatening to wipe out the native crayfish.< Less
Quu-as Tips for Drying and Smoking Salmon By Uu-a-thluk (Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council Fisheries Department)
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In earlier times, Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations on Canada’s west coast depended on salmon more than any other species. With no freezers or canners available, Nuu-chah-nulth people devised ways... More > to dry fish to ensure food for the coming winters. Though some methods of preserving fish have changed, many Nuu-chah-nulth people still smoke and dry fish today. In this booklet, (part of a series about traditional, foods) learn what types of salmon are best for preserving, and how to preserve them by smoking and drying. The booklet also includes a traditional story and teachings for the community and classroom, along with selections from the Nuu-chah-nulth language. The Nuu-chah-nulth Traditional Foods Toolkit promotes the wisdom of Nuu-chah-nulth elders by recording and sharing their experiences, language, and knowledge regarding traditional foods. Proceeds from the sale of this booklet go towards education and training programs for children and others in Nuu-chah-nulth communities.< Less
Black Walnut in a New Century - Proceedings of the 6th Walnut Council Research Symposium - Lafayette, Indiana - July 25-28, 2004 By USDA Forest Service
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Eastern black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) is an economically and ecologically important hardwood species that has been used throughout the history of settlement in North America. It was a resource that... More > helped Native Americans in their everyday life, it helped European settlers carve a living out of the wilderness, and it has helped rural farmers and private landowners subsist and invest in the future. Described here is a brief history of black walnut breeding and molecular genetics research. Current genetic research may ultimately lead to the domestication of black walnut, an event that would be a hallmark for forest tree species.< Less
Wildlife of Florida: Lizards By Fiona Sunquist
eBook (PDF): $2.49
Wildlife of Florida Lizards is the premier guide to Florida's native and non-native lizards, with large, beautiful photographs showing each lizard in detail. Descriptions are brief, with enough... More > information to learn about each species without being overwhelming. With this guide you'll finally be able to identify those long-tailed, scaly creatures you've seen scurrying about in your backyard and around Florida. And discover how one snake look-a-like is actually a legless lizard! Download the book and start exploring. Please be sure to visit the companion site at< Less
Birds and Birding in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains Region By Paul A. Johnsgard et al.
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This book is an authorized updated and expanded edition of Helen Downing’s Birds of North-Central Wyoming and the Bighorn National Forest (1990). The Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming are more than... More > 100 miles in length with a maximum elevation of 13,167 feet. Flanked to the west by the Bighorn River basin and to the east by the Powder River basin, they have produced a wide variation of vegetation types and ecosystems, including native grasslands and coniferous forest. At least 327 bird species have been reported from the region, and breeding has been confirmed for 190 species. Species descriptions indicate relative abundance, breeding status by latilong, and locality/date records. Regional birding areas are described and mapped, and results of recent regional breeding bird surveys and seasonal bird counts are summarized. Line drawings illustrate representatives of each of the 53 avian families documented for the region, and there are 7 maps and more than 60 literature citations.< Less
Generation 7 By Ross Richdale
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On the planet of Delpe, eighty light years from Earth, 1300 human settlers, descended from a stranded starship crew, have been at war with the crucnon, the native intelligent species of insect... More > creatures, for seven generations. When a flying female named Jaddig Qarte crashes in human territory she is befriended by human, Holly Jurjevics, Generation 7 Leader. Holly finds the clicker a compassionate creature with high moral values, not the ruthless killer expected. Later, it is discovered that Jaddig is genetically related to Holly but how can this be so? And why has this information been suppressed by earlier human generations? Who are the crucks, a new species who attack both the human settlement and the Crucnons? How will the humans survive? Will the long lost Earth bases and shuttle craft, their one hope of leaving the planet be found? And what of Jaddig and the thousands of her hybrid species? Where do they belong?< Less

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