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Best Dog Food Recipes: Natural & Healthy Homemade Recipes for Your Dog By Mariel Rhetta
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Do you want to learn how to give your dog proper nutrition and healthy diet? Do you want to give your the best nutrition possible? Hi, my name is Mariel Rhetta and I am a happy dog owner for over... More > ten years. I'm about to give you my system to improve your dog nutrition. Inside you'll discover: -what you must know about canine nutrition -how to gradually introduce different kinds of food to your dog -why many dog owner failed to shift from store bought to homemade dog food -how to prevent your dog to go back to his old bad eating patterns -how to prepare unique and tasty meal for your dog -where to go find excellent wholesome ingredients for homemade dog food -tons of dog food recipes to help kickstart your journey -and many more If you want to give your dog a much better nutrition, this is for you If you want your dog to live a long and happy life with minimal health issues, this is for you. So go ahead and click that button to make your dog happy< Less
Healthy Homemade Dog Food By Bill Hill
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Choosing the right kind of dog food you provide is probably the most critical decision you'll ever make for your dog- puppy or senior. Dog food nutrition without delay impacts every facet of your... More > dog's life. Aspects such as how pups grow, their behavior practices, health, overall well-being and physical appearance are all tightly linked to the nutrition dog owners provide. Needless to say, this is an enormous responsibility. From this ebook, you will learn the followings: The Key Benefits of a Healthy, Well-balanced and Nutritious Dog Food Plan - A nutritious well-balanced dog food diet plan encourages: - Healthy skin and coat - Strong muscles and well developed bones - Bright, clear eyes - More solid stool - Good dental health - Less digestive upsets - Burst of energy - Few (if any) behavior problems - Great dog lifestyle - Long life< Less
Healthy Dog Food, Health and Training By John Smith
eBook (ePub): $9.85
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This book is divided into three parts: 1. homemade healthy dog food 2. natural remedies for dog healing, especially cancer 3. training with commands
Natural Feeding for Dogs and Cats: A Brief Introduction By Christopher Day
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FREE! This eBook is produced in order to introduce the subject of more natural feeding of dogs and cats, as a viable and (in the author's opinion) preferable alternative to manufactured pet food. It... More > is designed mainly with the beginner in mind. Seeking to mimic Nature as closely as possible and practical seems more logical, since dogs and cats have evolved with natural feeding over millions of years. Modern manufactured foods are the product of a profit-driven industry and have only been with us for just over half a century. Those who feed a fresh and species-appropriate diet that is close to Nature claim great health and welfare benefits for their animals.< Less
Give Your Dog a Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet! By Krystal Lee Beers
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There is an increasing amount of material available on feeding carnivores a Species Appropriate Raw Food diet (SARF). Some of it is fairly clear and some is about as clear as mud! This book is based... More > on the everyday experiences of the author. The no-nonsense information is presented in a practical, concise manner to help you transition your puppy or dog to a SARF diet, and then continue for the rest of its life. With real life suggestions on how to make SARF cost-effective, suitable toys and treats for raw fed dogs, and much more.< Less
The Dog's Breakfast By Jayne Strutt
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A varied tragic/comedic view of life in diverse moods. From the depths of despair to the heights of delight. Something to appeal to everyone who will resonate in sympathy with life's ups and downs.... More > Most moods portrayed in poetic mode with matching illustrations to add colour and meaning. What a mix! It could be called a 'Dog's Breakfast' of verse and positively 'food for thought!'< Less
Feed Your Dog the Natural Way : The Platform Upon Which to Build Health By Christopher Day
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Christopher Day MRCVS advocates a relaxed, common-sense and simple-to-follow approach to providing your dog with a species-suitable, fresh and wholesome diet, which has brought health and welfare... More > benefits to so many of his patients. He draws on more than 43 years of experience in holistic veterinary practice. In the author's opinion, expensive and vigorously-marketed manufactured dog foods are not the best way to feed your dog for tooth, musculo-skeletal and immune health and for a long, happy and active life. Fresh food is best for us and for our dogs. The dog's omnivorous adaptation makes him an easy animal to feed, which means that dietary advice needs to be neither complex nor strictly regulated. If wished a raw diet or prey-model diet can be fed. This book provides a simple guide to taking your dog's health and well-being into your own hands. Your dog will thank you for it, every day. 3rd Edition< Less
Making Pet Food At Home By Best Publications
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Now Find Out Secrets Of Making Interesting Pet Food For Your Loving Pets!! Learn Making Varieties Of Pet Food Through Simple Technique… Technique of making pet food at home Precautions to... More > take when preparing pet food at home for first time Techniques of making natural pet food Homemade pet food for various pets like dog, cats and more What is Dry Pet Food and How It can be Prepared Saving money by making pet food at Home Essential nutrients to be supplied to pets Tips to Make Best Quality Pet Food at Home with Ease< Less
Homemade Pet Food Secrets - Secrets of Making Pet Food At Home By Lucifer Heart
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Pets need natural healthy food just as humans do. If you own a pet but do not know how to prepare simple and wholesome food for them then you are at the right place. Your pet requires balanced diet... More > for choicest nutrition. The commercially made pet food is sometimes toxic, contains preservatives and chemicals, so you have a just reason to become paranoid. Making simple yet healthy homemade pet food is not a cumbrous task, but this e book is the best solution. What You'll Learn In this eBook : 1. Homemade Pet Food – Why it is so beneficial. 2. Making Pet Food for First Time – What Precautions to Take. 3. Natural Pet Food Making Techniques. 4. Home made Pet Food for Dogs. 5. Homemade Pet Food for Cat. 6. Making Homemade Dry Pet Food. 7. Great Way to Save Money Spent on Pet Food. 8. What Kind of Food Animals Love. 9. Nutrients to Supply Pets with Food Made at Homes. 10. Tips to Make Excellent Quality food..< Less
Yummy for Dogs: A Cook Book for Canines By Veronica Noechel
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I’ve read every dog cook book I could get my hands on. So many had almost the exact same recipes, using the same few ingredients all the other books used—stereotypical dog food... More > ingredients. I wanted to create something more encompassing of the diversity of foods we have available now at grocery stores, farmer’s markets, natural foods stores, and international grocers. I wanted to create a book for dog people like myself who are interested in offering a wide variety of foods in my dogs’ snacks, so that the snacks make a contribution to their varied diet: a book for people who want to spoil their dogs without spoiling their dog’s health or well-being, a book for people who want to make treats for special occasions as well as everyday. All of the author's royalty profits from the sale of this book will be donated to animal rescue and advocacy organizations.< Less