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Michel Lassalle livre dans ce recueil de poèmes des pièces écrites au cours des quinze dernières années de son existence ; il évoque son enfance dans un... More > village du Sud-Ouest de la France, ses départs, ses exils et son amour profond pour cette région et ses paysages.< Less
Natural Selection: The Struggle for Existence By Charles Darwin
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Excerpts from Charles Darwin's On Origin of Species
Natural Selection: The Struggle for Existence By Charles Darwin
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Excerpts from Charles Darwin's On Origin of Species
Love Is The Nature Of Existence By Nigel Shindler
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Love is the nature of existence. It can expand then contract, it is also circular; our lives should operate in much the same manner. My book explores why so much has become stagnant, and human... More > civilization is encounting the same problems that are becoming progressively worse. There is a solution, and you`ll discover it for yourself in my book.< Less
Love Is the Nature of Existence By Nigel Shindler
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Love is a generating force that creates life. A person that loves, produces something that nourishes others, and by doing so connects with the life force of the other person, enabling both, as a... More > consequence, to love more generously. This, actually, is what the nature of love, the order of the cosmos, the Ten Commandments, is all about, and what I call the "Law of One". Erich Fromm described such a person as a “Be more”; ultimately such a person will be complete, fully in touch the cosmologically life force, and can be described as a singular entity connected to everything else, which would necessarily mean he is everything, and can be thought of as God.< Less
Concerning the Nature of Existence By N.H. Thomas-Brown
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This exposition aims at sketching a systematic philosophy which, will include solutions to questions found within disciplines ranging from metaphysics and epistemology to psychology and theology. Of... More > all the philosophic problems answered within this book, the most important is that of the relationship between consciousness and the body. Herein I solve the aforesaid problem through an endorsement and defense of ontological idealism. Specifically, I expound upon a position of personalistic, absolute idealism. It is a viewpoint which is much in line with that of Mary Calkins; and, its demonstration is inspired by the work of the 19th century philosopher J.F. Ferrier.< Less
The Origin of Existence By Jon Harris eq
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What is the origin of everything?
The Existence of Others By Leonard Flama
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To write about anything is to write about what is happening around one, and that is reflected in the people one has encountered in life. Some are good, some bad, and any of them could claim the... More > status of a celebrity – whether that status is deserved or not. The author has drawn on the experiences of friends and acquaintances and his interaction with them to reveal human nature. These ‘others’ do not claim celebrity status but their lives are real, and the observer is left to draw his own conclusion as to the merits of those lives. The central character, Aesop Fitzgerald, is a young lawyer on his own voyage of discovery as he tries to link those characters in resonance with the morals of Aesop’s Fables. He possesses a mentor who influences the soul, and never gives up in his efforts to achieve a justifiable existence in society.< Less
Hato: A Poetic Reflection on Nature, Existence and Being By Ái (皚)
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This literary arts contribution reflects on relevant events that are universally affecting human life and its future in a poetic form. The events of nature, such as the recently passed typhoon Hato,... More > from which this poem gains its designation, Ái (皚) the poet, considers as being an essential part of the context, within which the human existence and being are present. Consequently, they serve as the motivation for this poetic contribution and its expression. The co-existence of the human existence and being with the nature, its events and surroundings, is revealed as being a part of what may be coined as the continuing sophisticated communication of complex information that universally reveals the most essential aspects concerning the realm of creation, the source and origin of all existence and being.< Less
Using Logical Positivism to Prove the Existence of Natural Rights and Natural Law By Anthony J. Fejfar
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This Tract Book Article Proves the Existence of the Natural Right of Liberty based upon the Natural Law of Reason.

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