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Organic Pest Control for Beginners: Keep Your Garden Home & Food Bug Free Naturally By Frank Xavier
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Naturally people are concerned with using chemicals when it comes to not only consuming foods, but also controlling pests. More and more people turn to natural and DIY pest solutions everyday. We... More > are surrounded by chemicals. Pesticides are loaded with ingredients which are directly related to many long term health effects such as cancer. Chemical synthetic pesticides are often less effective than all natural solutions without the side effects. Nature gives us everything we need. So grad this hand guide today. Learn all about making your own safe and organic pest control spray at home.< Less
Organic Pest Control for Dummies: Naturally Keep Your Garden, Home & Food Bug Free By Filo Lemos
eBook (ePub): $2.99
People are concerned about using petro chemicals when it comes to controlling pests, especially in their home where their children and pets play. More and more people are turning to natural pest... More > control solutions in order to solve this age old problem. Truth is that today’s pesticides have many long term health effects, most of which are not even known, or understood yet. Not to mention chemical pesticides are far less effective in most if not all applications in gardening and home pest control. Nature provides us with everything we need, and she provides plenty. You just have to know where to look. Pick up my book today and learn everything you need to protect your home and family, as well as your garden from those nasty pests without using dangerous chemicals< Less
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Ultimate Guide to Flea Control By Luke Styles
Paperback: $10.40
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What is a flea, what does it look like and how can it impact the lives of our families and pets? Through reading this book you will discover how to identify a flea, learn about the flea’s... More > lifecycle and the importance of flea season. This book contains pictures, facts and information about different types of fleas that can be found in the house, yard, on cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets and animals. Read about topics such as flea bites, symptoms, infestations, treatments, remedies and flea removal. Learn natural ways of combating fleas without the use of harsh chemicals! Effective flea control can be achieved through the use of natural remedies and homemade treatments that could save you money and time. Understand the benefits (and dangers) of natural ingredients so you can deter, repel and kill fleas. Read our info on products such as flea traps, drops, powders, sprays, bombs, shampoos, repellents, foggers, medications and pet collars. Preparation, prevention and protection for you and your pets!< Less
Organic Gardening For Beginners By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Organic foods are not only better for the body, but they taste better and provide more nutrients to nourish us. Organic foods can be very expensive to buy in the store, however. The solution? Just... More > grow them yourself! “Organic Gardening For Beginners” is a practical guide you can download that will teach you nearly everything you need to know to start a garden without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances. Inside this 50+ page e-book you’ll learn what organic gardening is, how to prepare the soil for planting, planning your garden, making your own all-natural pesticides and fertilizers, how to make your own compost, growing plants from seeds, taking care of your garden, what the most common garden pests are and how to get them out of your garden without using chemicals, and so much more! Download “Organic Gardening For Beginners” today, discover how to grow healthy food without using harmful chemicals and start living a healthier lifestyle.< Less

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Giving Back Giving Back By James Jones & Jody Fuson
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