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Nature's Faces By Tammara Scott
Paperback: $25.00
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Mixed Media Polymer clay Nature Faces. Simple to ornate. All are fun to make at your own pace with this book.
Liquid Crystals Derived from Natural Molecules By Vasi Ahmed Ebrahim Shaikh
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The science of liquid crystals, over last 100 years, has evolved from the cocoon of curiosity to an object of scientific challenge and technological importance. The technological importance,... More > especially of liquid crystalline polymers, stems from the combination of a multitude of desirable properties such as high melting temperatures and toughness, low coefficient of thermal expansion and mold shrinkage and fibre and film forming ability. In whatever form - composites, resins, plastics - or in whichever applications - engineering, high-tech electronics, optical devices - they are used, they contribute the benefits of their special attributes. The technologists’ and scientists’ enthusiasm concerning liquid crystalline polymers is aptly divulged by Weiss & Ober thus, Captain Kirk and Mister Spock would be delighted to learn that we are finally beginning to understand and appreciate the potential of liquid crystalline polymers.< Less
Selected Topics in Chemistry By Suresh Ranganathan
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Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with the preparation, properties, structures and composition of substances. The prominence of chemistry is well known. Knowledge of chemistry will help to... More > understand the natural processes, geochemical concepts, biochemical reactions, and environment. Developments in chemistry lead the discovery of immense number of chemical compounds with great applications. Broadly, chemistry can be classified into three braches viz., inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. Inorganic chemistry deals the preparation, properties and structure of all elements and their compounds except carbon and its compounds. Organic chemistry studies the synthesis, structure and properties of organic compounds. Physical chemistry concerned the physical property of chemical compounds.< Less
Lectures on Materials Science for Architectural Conservation By Giorgio Torraca
Paperback: $10.60
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This book is based on Dr. Torraca's 2002 publication, Lezioni di scienza e tecnologia dei materiali per restauro dei monumenti. The English-language Lectures includes new and updated material. An... More > excellent resource for architectural conservators, engineers, and conservation scientists.< Less
Polystyrene By Oluwatosin Adelowo
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Polystyrene is a clear polymer that exhibits high stiffness, good dimensional stability, low specific gravity and excellent electrical properties. It offers several advantages over other polymers... More > because of its clarity and ease of processing, both of which are due to its amorphous nature.< Less
Adabel Allen : Convergence Portfolio By Adabel Allen
Hardcover: $22.95
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C O N V E R G E N C E – Solo Exhibit by Adabel Allen, 2008 Through this body of work, I reconciled my divergent upbringings, belief systems, practices and studies. I used multiple matrices,... More > mediums, messages and images inspired from the worlds of art, music, poetry, ornithology, astronomy, physics, metaphysics, and spiritual disciplines. I merge these seemingly disparate principles and languages in which we quantify the universe in the hope to find what’s the same only seen with different lights. I am the artist and the master printmaker taking each piece from start to finish in a variety of media from etchings/aquatints to collagraphs, monotypes, photo polymer gravures, color reduction woodcuts, linocuts, mixed printmaking media collage and at times mixing both relief and intaglio mediums on a single print.< Less