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Hubbub and Fiddle By Thomas DeFreitas
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HUBBUB AND FIDDLE contains eight sonnets, fifteen ghazals, four villanelles, and two sestinas. Among them, you will find poems in praise of nature, God, Boston and its quieter suburbs, '80s music,... More > good books, cool weather, conviviality, and many other things--there are poems both serious and comic, with a bias toward the lighthearted. HUBBUB AND FIDDLE takes its title from the beautiful poem "Prologue" by Dylan Thomas.< Less
The Stopped Clock By Thomas DeFreitas
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The poems in THE STOPPED CLOCK were written between 2008 and 2013. Among them can be found sonnets (the title poem) and villanelles, a rondeau and a ballade, several ghazals and a few poems in free... More > verse -- ranging in mood from the serious to the lighthearted. It is the author's hope that among these poems, there will be found something to delight even the most exacting of readers.< Less
Socially Distant By Megan Boswell
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Since the mid-20th century, architecture has stopped responding to formal conventions and rather emphasized the technological world we live in. Architecture evolves as we progress and in the last 60... More > years, it has adopted the expanding technology that we rely on. This has induced an abandonment of conventional means of social interaction to the new preferable digital exchange. Architecture, therefore, needs to focus on the reemphis of formal structure that will foster a positive social environment where people will not live through technology but use technology to enhance their lives.< Less
Where Have You Gone, Great Goddess? and Other Poems of Nature & the Spirit (Second Edition, Revised) By T. W. King
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Pacific Northwest writer T. W. King invites the reader to enjoy, through the poet's eyes, the physical and spiritual wonders of life. Examining the world around us and within us, these poems touch... More > upon such topics as seasons, elements, deity, the sky above and the earth below. This edition contains 24 poems instead of the first edition's 25 and includes substantial revision to much of the poetry.< Less
SUEÑO, SIGNIFICADO & PARADOJA (versión "white") By Sergio Mura Rossi
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Ensayo Extenso (2000 - 2011): Antes de saber "qué significan los sueños", suponiendo lo hagan, hay que entender "de qué están hechos, en qué... More > consisten, cómo son realizados". El misterio de la consistencia material de los Sueños resuelto. Crítica al neo-materialismo "cerebralista" y una tesis que explica la ley formal de la "realidad": El Modelo Paradójico. Integrando Ontología, Fenomenología y Fenoménica. Onirología: nueva hipótesis sobre la consistencia de lo real y de los sueños. Alternativa al psicologismo clásico, al fisiologismo cerebralista y al esoterismo. Una nueva propuesta para entender la clave consistencial de la Realidad. El ensayo comienza con una revisión crítica a los modelos tradicionales de la "memoria" haciendo un descubrimiento sorprendente, que conducirá a la hipótesis significacional primero (cap. 3.3) y a la tesis del Modelo Paradójico (cap. 5). Este libro es también una autobiografía crítica.< Less