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This book is a collection of photographs of Ken doing naughty, disgusting, filthy things to other male dolls. Please DO NOT read if you are easily offended or have a nervous disposition. Ken Likes... More > Men - Photographic Typography. NB This is art.< Less
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Bill the Bird's Flying Adventure By Derek L. Davis
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Today, Bill the Bird is going to learn how to fly. His dad had sent a flying instructor to teach how how to fly, but now Bill the Bird is nervous. Reading this book, you will find out how Bill is... More > getting along with his nervousness, but first you have to give the page life. Draw and color the scenes given to you in the book. At the end of the book, there are some extra pages for your own drawing and coloring.< Less
The Neuromedecine, relieve painand cure disease, through new neuroscientific approach By Jean-François HUBER
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Neuromedicine is both an innovation and rooted in the history of medicine from the ancient practitioners.It assigns to the nervous system a rule of thumb that has not yet been alloted to it in... More > current medical thought. This nervous unit where energy is managed should become the focus of a new medicine in order to redefine the criteria for future medical care. For it is involved in all our current diseases.< Less
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PSY 402 TOPIC 2 BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM PRESENTATION Details: Create a PowerPoint presentation (9-12 slides) that outlines the basic functions of the brain and nervous system. Be sure to address the... More > following issues in your presentation: • Brain: Illustrate the major lobes of the brain as well as the areas in the sub-cortex. A brief description of the function of each component should be included.< Less
The Mind Cure By Christian Larson
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THIS book contains "The Cure of Nervousness," "The Cure of Insomnia,""Good Health for the Mind," "The Prevention and Cure of Despondency" and "How to... More > Remove Fear." Get rid of nervousness. You can. Learn to sleep well, and thus double your capacity for work. Build up a strong, clear, vigorous mind. Remove all depressing mental states. And get rid of fear, the greatest enemy of man. This book should be in every household.< Less
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The Masturbation Myth By Nick Jameson (a gadfly)
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Masturbation is not harmless, natural or healthy, and the spreading of these falsehoods within the medical community supports the continuation of suffering for affected individuals, as we rely on... More > ‘health professionals’ to know what’s best for our health. An addiction to this habit creates a gradual weakening of the utilized portion of the neurology, compromising the nervous system and, through the brain-body connection, the stability and efficacy of the mind. The detrimental impact upon the neurology is most severe in those developing daily addictions starting at a premature age when the body and mind is most susceptible to injury and imbalance. Without allowing for recovery between shocks to the nervous system, the condition will, at best, continue; at worst it will become progressively worse in its disruption of the addict's health and quality of life. There is no such thing as ‘good life’ without ‘good health.’ Learn how to rebuild and protect your nervous system and your truest, most capable self.< Less
No More Nerves : Perform Your Best Under Pressure By James Laughlin
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Have you ever felt nervous performing in public? Well, millions of people are in the same boat. Now you can finally overcome your nerves without reading those techno-babble, scientific, airy fairy... More > self-help books. World Champion, James Laughlin, has created a step-by-step book on dealing with your jitters. Whether you are a Public Speaker, Musician, Athlete or a Performer you will have felt butterflies in your tummy, those nervous sweats, memory loss and general nerves. The winners in life are the people who learn to understand and cope with this performance pressure. No More Nerves will help you become a Winner! Stage Fright, Butterflies, Performance Pressure, Performance Anxiety, it what you like - they are all the same, and can be cured. If you have ever felt nervous, or feel that your performance could be impacted by nerves in the future, read this book!< Less
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